Confuse A Cat


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Summary: Leon tracks Kera to her house to ask her about the dead zone and winds up getting more explanation than he can handle.

June 9, 2009

Confuse a Cat

Rating: G

Savalion Estate

This room holds the predominate amount of living space in the estate by the looks of it. The room, hewn of stratified stone lain in long, wide slabs, ride up the walls a good 20 feet up in almost seamless line and fit. They lead to a wood trussed roof which arches over the room almost like in a cathedral, several pilings flowing up against the wall to support the beams of wood firmly.
The furnishings are sparse, but elegant. A living room is set up, with plush couches set across from coffee tables, lit by warm candles on stands perched on lamptables. A small library sits ensconced in one corner, several windows reflecting a warm glow on the area, grand fireplace nearby to lend the spot a cozy warmth to enjoy a book or a chat. An open-ended kitchen stands ready for use by anyone, pots, pans and utensils waiting for the touch of a cook. Adjacent to this, by a set of full-length windows that stands out incongruously to the stone wall slabs is the dining area, a simple wooden table of sizable dimension, places already set. A small hallway down the center of the far wall leads onwards into the estate, while a stairwell winds it's way up one wall, leading to a balcony level that travels to another room raised above the greatroom floor.

The lines of people have died down as evening approches, Kera with a few of her devoted fan club members are behind a table set up in the front courtyard of her with a bunch of boxes and so forth behind them, handing them over to families and so forth that come up. As the line comes to a close, Kera looks over to her fans, who are a group of teenagers. "Okay, thank you guys sooo much for today. You guys are total troopers. You can all head up and use my room, it's probably the most comfortable, even though there isn't any electricity, so." she smiles, sending them off.

Leon arrives on the courtyard now escorted by two army soldiers. He walks up towards the tables and all of that and steers clear of most of the other people in the area. His ears are perked up and his tail stays still behind him while he's moving. When he's closer he signals the soldiers to stop and approaches you alone. "Umm… Excuse me. I need to speak to you and it's rather urgent. Do you have the time?" Now that he's stopped while he addresses you his tail swishes back and forth behind him."

Kera too has reached a stage of near exhaustion. She has been handing out stuff since she got back at a non-stop pace. She looks a little tired. The girl sighs, running her hands back through her hair, smoothing it back in a stressed gesture. It is then that she finds herself addressed, blinking and looking up. "Hm?" she looks at him, "Awww! How cute! Of course it's urgent, you're hungry too. I was just about to close up the relief for today, but I'll make an exception this one time because you're so adorable." she is obviously behaving like a modern day girl about his feline appearance. "Here, have just the thing. Let me find it.." she turns and starts rummaging through boxes.

Leon shakes his head with a sigh. "I'm actually not here for food or anything." He probably should get some though… but oh well. "You obviously don't remember me from the park." The mention of the park is said in a quieter tone though. "It was dark and I suppose you were a little busy at the time… trying to keep something from getting bigger than it already was."

Kera scoots one box off of the next and almost falls as it is so heavy. She grunts and starts to lift up another box of canned goods. Turning and plopping a box full of cans of various brands and types of tuna. "There.." she sighs, "I knew there was one left somewhere." she nods, and then seems to catch what he says, "Huh? The park? You mean with the incident? Oh.. Alright well, what can I do for you then?" she then notices the soldiers, and tosses them a wave.

One of the Soldiers waves back and Leon says, "I am Leon McKinnley. I have been asked to try and fix whatever's messing with the electronics here. I know that your power did it and… I'm just wondering if you can tell me more about it. And I told the soldiers that I know you from college and need your help so you remain annonymous if you want."

Kera tilts her head to one side, "Fix it?" she blinks, "Are you able to control cosmic instances too?" she questions, looking him over, "What we're dealing with is a regional geomagnetic storm, the likes of which that have never occured before." she tells him, giving a short shake of her head, sighing at all of the work she has put in trying to figure it all out. "See, a geomagnetic storm is usually just a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere caused by a disturbance in space weather. When a solar wind or some other spacial weather anomally strikes the earth it modifies the electric currents in the ionosphere. Normal they just last about 24 - 48 hours and aren't this concentrated into one area. But the blackhole bypassed all of the Earth's natural shielding, this was something that should never have happened. The results are… well as you can see, they are pretty drastic." she seems quite knowledgable about the subject, "It would take something as strong as the black hole that created it to reverse the effects, at least."

Leon… nods. "Yes… well… no. I can control molecules and the constituants that make them up." He moves over to look at the boxes you were messing with. "I don't know much about geomagnetics but I have some understanding of regular magnetics and I know that ionization and extreme magnetic fields can affect other fields. Perhaps we could use that to reverse it… or something. I don't know. Unless you think you can control another black hole well enough to end this?"

Kera bites on her bottom lip a little, "Mm mm. Another black hole would only intensify the existing problem. It is a highly controversial theory but.. the opposite of a black hole would be a white hole." She lightly raps her fingers on the table infront of her, "Theorically it is the time reversal of a black hole. While a black hole acts as a vacuum, drawing in any matter that crosses the event horizon, a white hole acts as a source that ejects matter from its event horizon. The sign of the acceleration is invariant under time reversal, so both black and white holes attract matter. The only potential difference between them is in the behavior at the horizon." she looks around for a moment, reaching to grab a piece of paper and a pen, starting to mark out some very complex equations. "Black hole event horizons can only "suck up" matter, while white hole horizons ostensibly recede from any incoming matter at the local speed of light, so that the infalling matter never crosses. The infalling matter is then scattered and reemitted at the death of the white hole, receding to infinity after having come close to the final singular point where the white hole is destroyed. So you can see that this is just as dangerous as the former. However, I believe that reversing it at the exact place the black hole was opened, for the exact time and exact size will reverse the geomagnetic storm."

Leon nods now and asks, "Alright, I won't pretend that I understood most of that but I will say this. It sounds like a plan. After all it sounds like this isn't something that will reverse itself with time and something needs to be done. So tell me what you need and I will help you however I can. If you don't want to deal with the army I will deal with them for you and lets get this thing fixed."

"Well.." she begins, and already her face would indicate that there is a major issue. "It will reverse itself, eventually. In aproximatly 1024 years by my calculations. So.. reversing it is really the only fair option. Only problem is.. I can't just open up black holes on a whim. I really wasn't supposed to be able to do that… Well no, I am able to do it, I just don't have that kind of control over my powers. If I am to do anything to fix this, using my theory then I have to get stronger somehow. Until then I'll need to take measurements and draw up some other equations to get an idea of just how large the black hole was.. all things considered, I think it couldn't have been even the size of a pea. A black hole the size of a pea would consume the mass of this entire planet." the girl sighs and drops down into a chair, "Timespace is so touchy.. I have so many calculations to make before that theory even becomes plausable."

Leon always thought of himself as smart… and yet he isn't even coming close to understanding a lot of what she's saying. He brings up a problem though, "Um… I do admit that I was focusing more on clinging on for my life at the time but I thought I saw the black hole get a whole lot bigger before is disappeared? Will that be a problem?" He isn't worried about her ability to make them though. If it comes down to it, he can see to it that she's properly motivated to make another black hole.

Kera shakes her head, "Nope! It only looked bigger, that was just the light around it being sucked into the distortion. No, a black hole THAT big would swallow up the whole galaxy and possibly half of an adjacent one. It was probably no bigger than the head of a pin actually." she takes the paper and the pen, and starts jotting stuff down, "I need measurements of the point of the singularity. Just how big of a crater, look for where drag marks start and get me some exact measurements if you can. I'm also writing down the details of what I just explained to you so you can explain it to other people if they ask. Just show them this, and they should understand." she lifts out the piece of paper.

Kera purses her lips tightly, "I cannot say for sure. As I said, I would need to be stronger to even begin to contain such a singularity. Let alone open one up. I wish I had better news, or more confidence but.. These are all untested theories." She gives a small shrug of her shoulders.

Leon nods then, "Very well. Thankyou for your time… umm… It's Kera isn't it?" He turns towards the soldiers, "Have more confidence and try to not worry. You can do this and people will help you." One of his ears swivels slightly to listen to what somebody is saying in the distance, "I'm going to be working either at the crater or downtown with the army base if you need anything not listed here."

"Yep! Kera Savalion." she smiles, "I'll do what I can. I'll be pretty busy with the organization of the relief, so there is alot on my plate right now. I'll be here at home of you need me." mostly because now that she has made it a source of supplies, no doubt she will wind up getting attacked there, and will have to defend it. "Be careful out there, especially at night like this. People get really angry and blind in the dark."

Leon nods. "Yes, I know. That's why I brought these two soldier boys with me. They haven't told me their names yet so I have named them Bob 1 and Bob 2. Thankyou Kera." He turns, his tail flicking as he does, and calls out, "Alright Bobs. Let's go!" "My names Jason!" "What was that Bob2?" "…Nothing." They start to walk off.

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