City Lizard


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Summary: Dax meets Leon at a bar. William shows up and they go on a quest for food and booze. Dax walks the drunken lizard home and they discuss various things.

Date: May 6, 2009

City Lizard

Rating: R

Warning: The later part of this scene involves a discussion between Dax and William regarding Dax’s religious views. If you think you may be offended you may not wish to read this log.

Fox & Hound

A quaint little English themed bar on a street corner. The interior mostly wood, with red wood paneling and a matching bar and tables. There are paintings of fox hunts hanging on the wall and a few articles of riding gear is mounted up above the bar.

The “Fox & Hound” isn’t too crowded tonight. Some of the regulars probably didn’t want to brave the light rain to come out and drink the slightly overpriced beverages here. Dax wanders in and flips down the collar of his coat, shaking off the small amount of rainwater he’d managed to accumulate during his walk. He looks around and grins. “Perfect.”

Sure Dax loves the rhythmic thumping of the woofers at his club, but occasionally he just needs to get away from all that and come to a quaint little corner bar like this one. The walls are paneled in red wood and the tables are of a matching hue. The room is bathed in faint light from the green lamps on the walls. Dax walks up to the bar and has a seat on a stool, ordering a vodka-sprite from the bartender and looking around some more. He is currently wearing blue jeans, a brown shirt, and a green jacket. His sunglasses are still on, as ever, which might seem odd since it’s pretty dark and rainy out.

Leon walks into the bar shortly after you, taking the hood off of his head, though a baseball cap is still in place. He looks around for a moment, checking to see if somebody in specific is around before moving to the counter to order a drink. His drink… well it's a mixed girly drink. Hurrah! He pulls out his PDA and starts to play around with it.

The bartender arrives with Dax’s drink. She looks to be in her late twenties, skinny and blonde. “Six Fifty” is all she says to him. Dax frowns. Six fifty? What a rip. He’d never charge that much. He makes to reach for his wallet with his left hand while his right hand moves toward his sunglasses. He lifts them for a second and looks the bartender in the eye “How much d’ja say?” The bartender just stares at him for a few moments like she’s in a trance before shaking her head and moving on to the next customer. He ordered something fruity it seems. Dax looks at the man, Leon, and ponders for a moment. “You know, that drink is great with an extra shot of Chambord…if they carry it here.” He quickly scans the liquor shelf. “Which they do.”

Leon looks down at his drink then over to this strange man, then to the strange man's glasses, then to the strange man again. "Oh really? I'm not really that brave I think." He ponders you for a moment longer before saying, "You should be a bartender."

Dax takes a swig of his drink and shakes his head. “Ah it’s a black raspberry liquor. Really amazing, doesn’t even taste alcoholic.” He smirks “And yeah, don’t tell Bones McGee over here,” he points a thumb at the skinny bartender, “But I actually am a bartender. Down at…a club downtown.” He takes another swig of his drink. Most people sip their mixed drinks, but Dax seems to prefer chugging his vodka-mix.

Leon drinks his mixed drink a little bit slower, preferring to not waste it. "Well, that's good. Why are you here though? Seems like you would just drink over there? Or is there some regulation against it or something?"

Dax shrugs “Eh, I like it there and all, but the music’s a bit loud. Sometimes I like to escape to quieter places.” He looks around the quaint little bar with paintings of English Foxhunts all over the walls and cricket playing on the TV. “I had no idea this place even existed…Though it’s a bit pricey.” If you pay for your drinks, which Dax seems to have found a way around. He likes to think no one ever notices his little eye trick, though.

Dax laughs and finishes the last of his drink. “Yeah, I work for one of those really noisy ones. In fact, I not only bartend there, I DJ too.” He shrugs and makes to take another drink, but realizes his glass is empty. He pushes his glass back to the tender and points to it. Not exactly the friendliest way to order another, but he’s used to not being able to hear the customer. “But yeah. My club is…erm…Well it’s ‘Club Seal’, ever heard?” Club Seal is one of the more popular clubs among the young and liberal. It is known for having a mostly gay clientele.

Dax nods, acting strangely relieved that this person seems not to have heard of ‘Club Seal’. “Yeah, well it’s one of those really loud ones.” The door opens and a few more patrons enter the quaint little English themed pub. They shake the light rain off of their umbrellas as they do so. Dax turns to the bartender again as she gives him his second drink. She doesn’t even get the chance to ask for money this time as he lifts his glasses again, pretending to look past her toward a large painting of a Foxhunt. She blanks out again and wanders off before Dax replaces his glasses and turns back to Leon.

So, it's a pub. It's not the kind of place you would ever expect to see a giant lizard. However, there is one right outside the pub. A man who was just about to enter the pub is stopped by the big Giant lizard. His rumbling voice can be heard asking, "Echuse me sir, ah don thinch ah can fit in the door. Chould you ask the bartendher if they shell Cochspur rum? If they do then ash him to bring me a bottle out and I'll bhuy it." To which the man replies, "This is no place for some one like -you-." then he walks through the door. He's a lawyer. Compared to his own clientele, William isn't scary at all. There is a heavy sigh outside as the man walks off refusing to help the giant wet lizard.

Dax is halfway through taking a large glug of his drink when he also hears William, which causes him to sputter and cough a few times. If his eyes were visible, a look of concern and / or confusion would be present. He sees Leon head for the door and thinks maybe he should get there first, but then again his drink will be lonely without him. He finishes his beverage in a few seconds and stands up, heading toward the door and toward Leon. “Woah, bud. Hold yer huskies. Don’t wanna go out there!” But it’s too late. Dax stops and waits for the scream, but when he hears none he decides to investigate, surprised by Leon’s apparent lack of surprise. “Erm, Heya William.”

Leaning down the big lizard stands flush with the door and then slides his large head inside the door with his hands still on the outside of the building so his head is the only thing inside. Now people in the pub start gasping and talking but no one is screaming, yet. William smiles but says, "Wilham is dhry. Nho more rum." No more rum is bad. Since sooooome oooone gave him some and reminded him of how nice it is to have a constant supply of drink that makes the world not hurt as much. "Nheed more. Ghoing to hurt later. Nheed dhull pain." He explains. "Cut." He says as he blocks the doorway with the bulk of his body.

“Um…Yeah. Also you might be a fire hazard where you are.” Dax makes a funny face at one of the patrons near him as he hears a comment involving Godzilla. “Erm…Yeah. But anyway, I think I might be able to get you something to drink. I’d need to see your license, though.” He sounds serious, but the look on his face shows he’s joking. “And whaddaya mean you’re gonna hurt later? What does a giant lizard man cut himself on?”

Nodding for a moment the giant lizard steps backward and slides his head out of the door. He turns and looks around, "Dohchtor nheeded to shee inside Wilham. Chure mutants, mhake people nhever turn into monsters. Dhoctor not have phain killer whith him. Shure he would have ghiven if had any." As he turns around and steps back out to the sidewalk, through the doorway a foot long cut where his scales where pried apart and then plastered back together with some kind of glue substance, can be seen on his back. It starts under his arm and cuts down his back at an angle. Yeah, that's going to hurt when he can feel it.

Leon is actually rather concerned that the reptile can't feel it already. He frowns, looking at Dax, before going inside, "I need to settle my tab real quick!" He isn't long and ends up downing his drink before heading back. "Ready to go!"

Dax frowns at the long gash and waves a hand toward Leon as he runs back into the pub, not really paying attention to that. "Um…A doctor that can cure mutants?" He frowns some more. "That doesn't sound right. Where did you go to see him? Like, does he have a clinic?" Dax is beginning to doubt that any doctor would want to operate on a lizard man. Maybe a veterinarian, but not a doctor. "Maybe you should see a real doctor, eh?" He looks back to Leon as he reappears. "I take it you know Scaley, here?"

William is busy looking around for food and booze. The city is so exciting for him! He never gets to come out in public. Cars slow down and stair at him. People cross to the other side of the street. He says almost like is doesn't matter, "Nho, he chome Wilham's chave and chut Wilham there." In the cave, next to the ocean.. with no pain killers.. "Hope didn't mache schales out order." William says looking back over his shoulder but he can't see the cut. He doesn't want to have ruined his nice shiny scales.

Leon lies to William, "Oh no! Your scales are just fine!" Or at least they will be. To Dax he replies, "Yeah. I… helped William learn about his wife's current situation… and then I supplied him with food and rum. Not in that order mind you." He moves to stand to the side, ready to move to the new location, "Maybe the doctor can make some progress."

Dax stops for a second with his mouth open in disbelief. “Wait wait wait. So some guy came out to your cave unannounced and randomly cut you open?” Dax is unfond of this idea. He looks over to Leon “Ah, I see. I might be hiring William as the bouncer at my club…Whenever my boss gets back in town.” He shakes his head to Leon’s next comment, though. “But don’t you think it’s odd that the ‘doctor’ didn’t want William to come to a sterile environment? And why did he need to cut him open? Most of the studies around mutants involve blood and genetic testing. Even if he had to look inside, why not use an X-ray or sonogram?”

"Dhochtor shaid it important. Shaid Wilham have more DNA or Mhutation not fit in DNA or shomthing like that. Said Wilham different from ohother mutants. Said Wilham help people lhet him see how Wilham's power work. Mahybe fhind cure before Wilham's daughter monster." Ah, there you see, the big fool let a total stanger cut him open in a foolish attempt to save his daughter from sharing his fate.

Leon nods. "Maybe he needed a sample or something? And with it being research to help mutants it's probable he doesn't have much funding. Maybe he will find a way to help us." Leon's view on mutant phenomenon being revealed. "Did he tell you his name?"

Dax shakes his head. “Still sounds shady to me. Not much is known about these mutations. Who’s to say your daughter won’t grow up to be completely normal, eh?” He turns to Leon and nods, so Leon is also a mutant, then. “Who says there’s anything wrong with us in the first place? Who says we NEED a cure? “ He seems to be getting a little defensive. “Even William, life might be easier for normal people, but that doesn’t mean you should be so willing to rid yourself of your gift. You are, as far as I know, unique in all the world.”

"Dhochtor shaid it important. Shaid Wilham have more DNA or Mhutation not fit in DNA or shomthing like that. Said Wilham different from ohother mutants. Said Wilham help people lhet him see how Wilham's power work. Mahybe fhind cure before Wilham's daughter monster." Ah, there you see, the big fool let a total stanger cut him open in a foolish attempt to save his daughter from sharing his fate.

Leon nods. "Maybe he needed a sample or something? And with it being research to help mutants it's probable he doesn't have much funding. Maybe he will find a way to help us." Leon's view on mutant phenomenon being revealed. "Did he tell you his name?"

Dax still doesn’t like the sound of this doctor. If he comes and tries to cut Dax open he’s in for a world of hurt. Or at least, some mild disorientation. “Erm…Food, right.” Dax looks around. What do giant lizard people eat? Crickets? Rats? Dax doesn’t really want to be the one to tell William that the city rats are pretty scarce in this area.

Thinking back William tries to remember, "Nho, he talched a lot. Big words. Not rhemember name." The giant reptile says. "He phromice, if find cure he chome back and cure Chindy." And William thinks he is telling the truth. "It nhot impo-tant. Nheed food, nheed drink." He says, "Hungry." And the way he says hungry he isn't likely to take no for an answer. He has lost a lot of blood and he needs to replenish. William starts walking down the street following the taste of pastries in the air.

Leon walks along with William, taking off his hat to show Dax his ears. "It's easy to think like that when you can mix in with others without them instantly knowing. Or not having to worry about blowing up electronics, and yourself, anytime you get emotional. When I met William I have to dig chunks of plastic out of my hand when my phone exploded. That sort of shit happens to me more often than I'd like and I never know when I'm going to die from it. It's like Russian Roulette with a fully loaded, fully automatic, 9mm Glock."

Dax peers at Leon’s ears with fascination and listens to his claim. “Well you’re still alive now aren’t you? If you can figure out how your powers work, I’m sure you can figure a way to keep them in check. I have…Kind of. Still have to wear sunglasses around other people though.” He explains his own powers no further than that. “And I’m just saying, none of us NEED to be cured. Your appearances may make life difficult for you now, but it gets people used to the idea of mutants. It gives some mutants hope when they see a giant lizard man walking down the street unharassed.” He gestures toward William, granted he’s left alone probably because of his size. Dax stops suddenly and abruptly turns into a doorway, “Rum, right?” It’s a liquor store.

Following his hunger down the street William can barely hear the conversation over the pull of food. He mutters again, "Hungry.." then as he turns a corner, he finds what he is looking for! A nice, fully stocked bakery/bagel shop. He starts moving faster staggering a little for a moment, which is unlike him. He is usually so calm and sure careful usually but he is heading quickly towards a full on run at that bakery front door…

Leon is about to give a whitty, smart, reply… but somehow the look of William charging towards the bakery store saps the fight out of him. Most of it at least. "Cause yeah… people aren't going to be afraid of him after he demolishes the bakery and pigs out."

Through the window of the liquor store, Dax can be seen pointing at a bottle, having it handed to him, and then lifting his sunglasses at the barkeep. He wanders out of the shop without paying. He apparently doesn’t pay for much. Dax looks up from the bottle he’s holding with a slight look of confusion as he hears Leon’s comment. “What are you talking a…bout? Oh shit! That probably isn’t good.”

William gets into a full tilt run by the time he comes close to the store. He is about to just crash through the front door of the place and devour everything in sight but fortunately there is a little old lady in the way. She stopped off to get a slice of pie with her cute little dog! Sweet old lady that she is she is saying good by to the people in the store not looking outside as she opens the door. William's run comes to a halt as he claws into the sidewalk ripping up chunks of cement as he slides to a stop less than a foot in front of the old woman. There he stands, his black, cold eyes burning a gaze of fevered hunger through the old woman.

The dog backs like a mad toy, yapping in a constant barrage of barks. William stands there, towering above the old woman who is in the doorway frozen at the sight of the huge thing in front of her. After 5 ragged breaths William's voice returns to him and he says, "Move." It is not a request. She however is just standing there eyes wide mouth open and, oops, there goes her slice of pie to the pavement.

"Oh gods… he's either going eat her or give her a heartattack." Leon says worried as he starts to jog after him. "Or both…" He's a fast little bugger when he wants to be, making it there and standing inbetween the woman and the mini-godzilla. "Excuse me Ma'am… he's just a little famished. Please go sit down, I'll get you some more pie." to William he says, "Stay right there!"

After the initial shock of watching William charge the store has worn off, Dax tries to decide what to do. Well, it seems Leon’s taking care of the situation, which Dax SUPPOSES is a good thing, though it would be funny to see William eat that yapping little beastie. He shrugs and walks up nonchalantly toward William. “Hey now. Calm down, buddy. Gotchya a gifty.” He shakes the bottle of rum from side to side next to the lizard, completely ignoring the old woman.

The dog, the damn dog just won't shut up! The old woman is at least smart enough to leave. She looks pale as a ghost but she hurries off down the street. The pie isn't worth it!

William's head starts to swim. He staggers backwards a little catching himself with his tail. "I feel.." but then he doesn't finish the sentence. He looks like he can barely stand up for some obvious reason that two educated adults should be able to figure out. But seeing the bottle he, stupidly, thinks this is going to help so he reaches out for the bottle of rum. Because that's what someone who just bleed out a large volume of blood needs, booze!!!

Leon goes into the shop to get some food from the store and brings it out, offering it to William. "Here. Try and eat this first." He isn't thinking about blood loss. He's thinking about hungry lizardmen.

It's a good thing Dax didn't pay for that bottle of drink because the great bloody fool of a lizard opens it and turns it up drinking the entire bottle down in one long series of breathless gulps. His body finally gives in to the loss of blood and he slides backwards as his tail goes limp. Slumping to the ground and ending up sitting on his butt finishing his last gulp of whatever that was he just drank thinking it would make him feel better. In about 4 minutes, he is defiantly going to feel something. Food! Food arrives! The great big lizard sits there like a giant garbage disposal shoveling in everything he can fit in his mouth.

In the distance, a dog is still yapping..

As Leon does the nice, polite thing of keeping the bagle shop owner from calling the cops or shooting anyone inside the building the gigantic lizard man known as William pigs out on the cakes pies and bagels he was given to eat.

Just sitting right there on the sidewalk like a oversized kid he devours whole pies putting them into his giant muzzle then turning his head up and chewing while they slide down his throat.. One of the cakes has a nice sugar filled cream center so he juts his tongue into it to make a hole then sucks the cream filling out making the cake collapse in on itself in one long slurp.

The big lizard's bare chest has cherry and apple filling drip down the front of it as he devours leaving him quite a mess. He does however dig a huge three clawed hand into one of the cakes and hold half of it up to Dax like he is offering the half eaten mess of sugary goodness that has been on the sidewalk.

Dax watches Leon quell the shopkeep before frowning down at the lizard. “Oh you.” He looks back up to Leon and…”Damnit! That Bastard!” Leon is no where to be seen. Probably cut out, leaving Dax to lizard-sit. He turns back to William and sighs, holding up a hand. “Ah, no thanks. Just ate.” He points to the lizard’s chest. Might want to clean up before you get ants or cockroaches or something’.”

The look of disgust can clearly be seen on Dax’s face. “Um…Yeah. But you may still eant to take a dip in the sea when you get home, eh?” He shakes his head. “And really, no acting like that if you get a job at me club. Scare away the patrons and we won’t have any money to pay ya.”

"Achting like what?" the giant lizard says as he tries to stand up half way through his accent he stops because the world starts to spin. "Ah, ah think ah may be drunch." He says, "Ah.. ah never get drunch." The big mutant says like he's in denial. He hasn't been drunk for years before the change and even then after the change he couldn't usually drink enough to get himself wasted.. trust me.. he tried.

Dax shakes his head and rubs his temples. A giant drunken lizard in the middle of town sitting in a pile of masticated pastries. Wonderful. “Um…Don’t think I can lend you a shoulder, mate. You might crush me or something’….And that would be bad, methinks.” He looks around for a less public area for William to sober up. How far from your cave d’ya think we are?”

William, a gigantic 8"1' lizard was balanced on his legs and tail trying to stand up for a moment while talking to Dax on the side walk it takes him a momemnt but when the lizard finishes his moving weight from limb to limb and getting his balance he stands up to his full height holding his head up and says, "Ah, sir, chan ~mhaintain~ while dhrinching. Nhot little soft bhoy." He is going to walk proudly and gracefully home.. so he thinks. "Ah shure, nhot that far." The lizard man says as he starts to walk. He says, "Sho? Dhax. Ahbout the chave.." he says then pauses, "Where ish that again?" yeah he has no idea where he is.

Dax backs up slightly, holding his hands out in front of him in a defensive posture just in case the lizard should topple at him. “Um…Where’s your cave? I don’t know, I’ve never been there.” He shakes his head. “I assume it’s near the beach where I first met you though…” Dax looks around real quick. The beach isn’t far, but he’d like to avoid walking past the police station. “It’s this way…” He starts off in the direction they came from.

This happens a lot. Jeremy has to move through this area to head home from his afterschool job at the Quad, and he encounters someone who is utterly intoxicated from one of the areas many bars. But this doesn't happen this way a lot. The gigantic eight foot one lizard causes Jeremy to pause in his adolescent steps. He gazes with wide innocent eyes as the duo approaches him, and he considers crossing to the other side of the street. But the knowledge that the creature was obviously someone like him made him less afraid. He saw it as another human being, just intoxicated, and so gives them the proper berth of the sidewalk for anyone else who want drunk and stumbling. As they approach, he makes no attempt to hide his stare, as do multiple others who happen to glance at them.

"You she?" the big lizard says as he starts to follow Dax his tail uncharacteristically dragging behind him. "Ah, am thotally nhot drunk." Turning his large head to look down at Dax the lizard says, "Bhy the whay, I was thinking you should chome my chave shome time and bhring me ghay mhen to look at." He says, "Ish there a mhanual?" he asks, "Hhow do you knhow ghay?" he asks then he walks past the kid gawking at him and smiles, "Hi!" he says cheerfully, but it looks kind of terrifying because his maw is full of three rows of sharp pointed teeth dripping with some dark substance that could be blood.. or chocolate. It's chocolate.

Dax chuckles at the thought of sending some of his exes to the cave to be terrified. "Well, there is a guide book, but you have to have your 'Gay License' to get it. And there are a few ways to tell gay people apart, but if I told you the mafia would come after me." His smirk is barely concealed, luckily he's not facing the lizard right now. "And besides, it doesn't matter. The club lets anyone in so long as they don't cause no trouble." He passes by the kid and looks down at him, then over at William, then back down at the kid. "Puppy. It was horrible." He just a thumb toward William's teeth and continues on. He is strangely wearing sunglasses, even though it's so late out right now.

The glass coke bottle in Jeremy's hand shatters when the teeth are shown, and Jeremy shakes the coke and pieces of glass from his hands, wiping the soda on his shorts as he steps away and catches his breath. He doesn't respond to the 'hi' with anymore than a, "H—… H…." But as Dax speaks to him about some dog, he just looks back to the Lizardman and steps back, swallowing nervously and clenching his jaw.

Returning to the subject he was on about before the puppy incident, "She, I whant to know how you know you gay because, Ah am nhot gay but ah can thell who ish gay and who isn't an I think itsh one of mhy mutant phowers." He stops and spreads his hands out in front of him like it's a big presentation, "Iah call it, Shuper ghaydar!" the reptile says, "Ah thinch it's because I am sho nhot ghay that I chan tell."

Laughs at Jeremy's expression, but then feels slightly bad. He doesn't want the rumor that William is a puppy eating monster to be spread around the town. "Actually, it was a cake. The puppy got away…And the old woman…Not that he was trying to eat either of them, though." Dax rubs his chin as though he is about to try and explain further to the boy, but then William's talk of 'super-gaydar' brings an especially wicked grin to his face. He turns back to William and trots ahead of him again, walking backwards to face the lizard. "That makes no sense. Everyone knows that 'gaydar' isn't a super power. It's something all gays can do naturally. For example…Him" Dax points to a random guy on the street. "What do you think?"

The lizard stands there as if concentrating really hard then, its very subtle at first, his hip starts to move to the beat developing in his head then ever so quietly at first then growing in volume he.. he starts to sing but not only sing he starts to dance! He does a giant, black lizard version of Gloria Gaylord's most famous performance, "At fhirst ah was afraid, ah was petrified, tho thinch that ah would have to live without you by my shide. Then ah spent sho many nights thiching hhow yhou did me wrong and I grew shtrong! An ah learned how to get ahlong!" William seems to think that man is gay. Gay or not, everyone on the street is now looking at William with a W.T.F. face on.

looks at William and shakes his head. “You’re wrong. See? No gay man can resist joining in and singing that song. It is a genetic thing.” Dax ponders for a moment, wondering if the lizard will try any of this at the club. “You lack gaydar, I guess.” He shrugs and continues onward, not paying the lizard much mind. Apparently Dax is really really hard to embarrass.

After a rousing rendition of 'I will survive' by the giant lizard he stops and resumes his normal boring solemn look starting to follow Dax again, "Yheah, jush goes show, ah am the mhost not ghay man yhou will ever meet." The giant lizard comments as he walks to the side and slightly behind Dax where the little man isn't in his blind spot. He says, "Bhut still I whant meet some thalk not in club. Nhot in noise." He says feeling his wild drunkenness descending rapidly into just a buzz. "ah, mean, if ah am work with then should leahrn more about." He qualifies the curiosity.

“Well, I mean in all seriousness gay people are just like everyone else. They just date people of the same sex is all.” He shrugs “Not much to teach, really. I have some movies about the gay rights movements and stuff like that if you want to watch them, but there isn’t really a handbook or anything.”

The big lizard keeps walking for a while his hands balled into fists like he is mad about something but he doesn't say anything. He isn't even sure really why is he mad. But he walks behind Dax in big brooding silence for a while. Maybe it's the alcohol or a sugar crash. Maybe that's it. William thinks that must be it. Still.. no.. what is it.

Dax wWalks along for a ways looking up at the sky. The rain clouds are clearing and the moon is visible. There is a pleasant post-storm breeze that stirs the leaves in the trees. He turns for a moment to look back at William. “Hey…You look slightly unhappy there, bud. Everything alright?”

Crossing his large black, scaley arms the lizard man stops and says, "No! Ehverything not alright! Ah'm mad at yhou!" his feet claws digging into the cement and cracking the sidewalk as he huffs in frustration! He looks down the street so he doesn't have to be glaring at Dax.

Hmmm…Hopefully this won’t end with Dax being crushed or eaten. “And…WHY are you mad at me? Because I offered you a job? Or because I gave you liquor? Or because I am walking you home to make sure anti-mutant activists don’t throw you in a zoo?” Dax shakes his head, “Sure you aren’t still drunk, mate?”

Throwing his hands up in the air the lizard man says, "Ah have no idhea why ah am mad at you! That's why ah'm so upshet!" the big lizard starts pacing around, "Yhou're" then he stops whatever he was about to say and says, "Nhever mind! Itsh not important!" but it sure seemed important a minute ago.

“Hummmmmm.” Dax abruptly turns and begins heading back again. “Well, we should keep moving, eh? You’ll become less mad as you sober, just try not to smash me or anything, k?” That mild awkwardness was not lost to Dax, but he feels it is best not to push the giant drunken lizard right now.

The giant lizard keeps walking and brooding but he seems to be perfectly sober by the time they make it to the beach. He takes the time in silence to think about things and then as they start to walk onto the sand he blurts out, "God shays ihn the bible that ghay is wrong." Where the hell does that come from one might ask.

Dax stops and sighs, looking out at the ocean. “Ah…THAT.” He shakes his head. “Depends on which god you worship…Or don’t.” He looks back at the lizard. “I’ve studied the bible. The most evil entity within its pages IS god. But that aside, homosexuality is genetic. Why would ‘god’ create someone one way and punish them for the rest of eternity for it?”

Starting to walk again the big lizard says, "You knhow, ah was raihsed to thinch the bible whas true. Nhow look at me. Ah'm more a demon than a man. " he says as he leads Dax down the beach towards his cave, "Ah, spent yearsh, before know about mhutants, think ah was a demon." He explains, "Nhot that it mhatters.. " he rambles, "Ish genetic? " the lizard man asks, "Lhike be mutant?"

Dax waves his hand. “Don’t believe anything in that dusty old tome. It’s just a tool used to control people and manipulate the government. The bible says ‘gay’ is evil because the old priests of the Greek and Roman pantheon worship tended to be homosexuals.” He looks back to the lizard “And yes, it’s genetic. The only scientists who think it isn’t aren’t really scientists. They’re brainwashed home-schooled hicks who have no real education or right to judge others.” This is apparently a subject Dax feels strongly about.

That makes the lizard stop and think. He raises his large hand up and rubs his chin stroking the sharp scale spike at the end. Dax is really smart and he makes good points.. "Sho, if someone think about someone else in that what it nhot bad?" he asks. "It lhike mutant? Nhot yhour fault, bhorn that way?" the lizard asks.

Dax nods. “Exactly. It’s just another reason to keep people down. If ‘the bible says so’, which it doesn’t, by the way, then people don’t question the hatred so much. The bible was what they used to justify slavery a while back, and it’s what they’ll probably use to justify anti-mutant rhetoric.” Dax shakes his head. “People always try and find ways to justify their hate, but eventually every one else will see through their lies.”

The big lizard starts walking again and says, "So this is my cave." Motioning to the rocky crag below them in the cliff side. He says, "Chome inside, Wilhiam have more qhuestions fhor you." as he starts to lead Dax down the path to his private hole in the earth.

Dax looks up at the sky once more before descending into the dark cave. He can’t see very well, especially with tinted glasses on. He stumbles a few times before falling down completely. “Ow! Bloody fuck!” He stands up and brushes himself off. “Hey, I need to take of my glasses to see in here. Don’t look into my eyes or you’ll go all wonky.” He lifts up his glasses to allow himself slightly better vision.

Alkai Beach - Cliffside Cave

This cave is one of the many caves that have formed within the hard, rocky, cliffside surface. The cave is large and could easily house several individuals. Inside the cave is a small pool of salty, seawater as often light faintly illuminates the small ripples that trickle through it and reflect off the walls. There's an audible echo within the cave whenever sound passes through it. A brisk wind often passes along here, though never seems to actually penetrate into the cave as the cave serves as a barrier to prevent it from doing so. The insides air is cool though, but not too cold and there seems to be several flat rock surfaces that one could sit upon.

Often this cave is used as a lover's secluded get-away as well as for some privacy, though teens as well as kids have found their place to explore here also. The sound of crashing waves echoes in the distance as well as the soft cry of seagulls high up above. During the colder months this cave serves as a break from the harsh winds, and in the warmer months is used for a nice shady spot from the blaring sun. Inside is an array of life as several hermit crabs, sea snails and other small life forms make their home here within and betwen the cracks of the cave's walls. Soft tans and browns delicately paint a near picture-perfect hiding spot for anyone that finds their way here.

The big reptile says, "Nhot a phroblem." Especially considering what he is talking about, "Tell Wilham, what, what it like? Wilham has seen men hold hands. Look sho in love like when Wilham first met his whife." The big lizard says walking back to the back of the cave where he keeps his modest supplies. By supplies he means bottles of rum and whiskey. He keeps them in a pool of water so they will be cold. "Dhrink?" he offers.

Dax sighs inwardly, another bout of 10 million questions. “No thanks,” he waves a hand at the drink. “What it’s like? It’s like you feel, I’d imagine. It’s not something you can explain. I don’t know what it’s like to love a woman, because it’s not meant for me to know. I know what it’s like to love a man, but the explanation cannot be understood unless the person listening knows what it is like themself.” Dax shakes his head. “It’s like trying to explain the color green to someone who has been blind for their entire life.”

Opening a bottle of whiskey the big lizard walks back over to the rock he sleeps on and sits down. "Sho you can ohnly be one ohr the other?" He asks then he opens the bottle of drink and starts to imbibe. His back is already starting to hurt. "Jush for the shake of argument, lets shay that Wilham is attrahcted to mhen, which he -isn't-, but he shtill loves his whife who has bhetrayed him and hurt him. What Dax thrink abouht that?" the big lizard poses. Hypothetically of course.

Dax shakes his head. “People can be both or neither. They could be Bisexual, or enjoy the company of men and women. There is a scale psychologists use called the Kinsey Scale. Zero is completely Heterosexual, six is completely homosexual. Scientists believe most humans fall between one and five on the scale, but only about ten percent of the human population classifies themselves as homosexual.”

Good! Good! That makes William feel better, "Isj still weirhd." He says defending his herto-status. "Ah mean, what do you ehven find atrahtive on a mhan? They have nho bhrests ohr curves." He asks Dax. "What mhake men pretty, other men?"

“It’s not something I can explain. A straight man finds a woman’s breasts and curves to be appealing. I find a man’s muscles and facial features to be appealing. Trying to explain why I don’t find women attractive is like asking a straight man why he doesn’t find men attractive.” Dax shrugs. “It’s just something that is the way it is.”

Oh, "Sho, someone like Wilham, he would be monster to both." He says taking another drink. "Shtupid question, nhot mind." The big lizard says then he turns his back and looks at the stash of bottles. At least he has some form of comfort. "When Wilham get meet boss to club?"

Dax frowns. The boss went out of town for a little while, who knows when he’ll be back. “I…don’t know actually. He’s on a trip, don’t know when he’ll be back. Once he’s back, though, I’ll call you up for an interview.” He nods and looks around the cave. Very Spartan. “Well…If you think you’ll be ok here, I should probably head back soon.”

The big lizard says, "Shure." Turning once more to his bottle the lizard moves back in to the darkness of the cave not that Dax can see well anyway but now, in the dark, deep shadows of the cave he is all but invisible anyway.

Dax stands and looks toward the entrance. “Take care, ya hear? If you need me, stop by the club and ask for me.” He begins to head out of the cave, only stumbling a couple times now that he is facing the moonlight. Once out he will head home for the night.”

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