Character Name
Portrayed By Johnny Depp
Theme Song Metallica - Devil's Dance (Symphony Infusion)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12-20-1977
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Chris
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Unknown
Known Relatives Unknown
Significant Other None
Powers Hormokinesis
First Appearance Dimensional Cappucino


Christian’s personality is interesting in the least. His thought processes are erratic to the casual observer though his mind is more complex than someone could truly take him for. He may seem aloof at times or cold whilst others he may act like he actually cares about those around him to an extent. Otherwise he may also seem very volatile in his reactions. What governs this exactly, not many quite know for sure.


The current extent of his powers is currently unknown to the Mutant Registry as during testing, no perceptible limit was particularly found beyond the power to enhance and affect human hormonal output and otherwise.


There are various skills that Mr. Donner has a particular care for, in and not limited to the following:

Technological Aptitude: He is by far highly trained in the field due to his previous job experience. This extends to the realm of robotics and otherwise in conjunction with rotory methods and computer AI intelligence.

Psychological Knowledge not limited to the human mind's thought processes, behavioral methods, and the volatility of the mutant genome. Previous confidential information would lead to the idea that the man could, and may have at one point been a possible candidate for the current tests being conducted regarding the X-Factor.

Combat: The man has basic training in self defense if just enough to pass government standard for the previous jobs he was put into though he doesn't particularly care for it entirely. He can wield a handgun effectively as well but knives are his forte, possibly something he learned in younger years in his time passing between homes.

Streetwise: In this area, the man excels due to his particular knowledge in the psychological field. He knows how to manipulate the average person and with his current fall into miscreant society, he's found himself highly adaptable. Who knows where this may lead in the future.

Physical Strength: Though not particularly strong in body, the man is no pushover. He can hold his own and he can take a beating. It's whether or not he can dish it back…that's the question


Due to Christian's former employment and other ventures before his particular…departure from the norm, he has access to a large sum of money and otherwise. Beyond this, he does create things over time that he can sell and otherwise trade in today's world where Mutants are more widely known. What exactly this is and what he does still to this date is unknown to the current Mutant Database Records.

Contacts: A few of the recent entries that have been recorded over time for the man include foreign military contacts, Government Tech Experts, and some shadier contacts that have yet to be revealed. Criminal record on the man is currently clean though in regards to these.


Chris doesn't truly care about where he goes with his current actions. It all leads to one thing or another and he'd rather just ride the wave. His mind is too chaotic and erratic to set a particular goal he strives for, though one could be the deeper understanding of the X-Genome.


Bi-Polar Disorder - Chris sees the disorder as a perfectly normal part of his being in spite of the off the walls behavior he may exhibit with it. This generaly ranges through the anger side of him with a very wicked sense of humor.

Sociopathic - He has absolutely no regard for anyone else's well-being but himself. Whether this can change dependant upon future relationship with another person or not, that is purely up to the future though most likely not. He just doesn't have much of a capacity for it.

He's a Perfectionist - Everything and anything he does must be perfect when it comes to his creations or a plan he may come up with. Whether this has to do with his clothing or his appearance, he couldn't give a care in the world, but otherwise he has an eye for a twisted sense of perfection.


Daddy and Mommy were idiots. That's all i'll tell you about them. Daddy was in fact a drunkard who didn't know anything but the bottom of the next bottle while Mommy went out and whored herself on the nearest street corner. Who knew what product of society they'd create eh? Gotta love em, gotta love em. I did too, right until the end when they got caught in that little car accident that sent em right off the piers and into the bay. Ah, wouldn't have minded examining that if I could have. Too bad I was too young to care.

Everyone thinks the way I turned out was a product of bad raising. I dunno, I always thought myself perfectly normal. I mean, what's wrong with learning a few things now and again? Not my fault I like to think outside the norm. Everyone else, well, what do they matter? I was ten when they'd taken the big nosedive and a bunch of homes took me in afterwards. Something about me needing a new home with caring people. What the hell did they know about caring huh? I learned enough as I did. You could say the class material wasn't quite enough for me so I always found myself looking into bigger things, further into the future at just what I could do. I liked to understand why people thought me odd, why I was always given a bit of a wide berdth. Who knew mm? Really spooked em when the one kid got his hand caught in the belt in metal shop. I thought it was a perfectly interesting how he reacted, how the few people there ran to help and drag him off. Why didn't I do anything? Survival of the fittest. I knew they'd help him, they always do… well, not always. All the while, I just went back to my own little piece of work in front of me.

You could say my favorite things in school were Psychology and Robotics. How the human mind could truly conceive such a thing as a mechanical being and play god like it can is a wonder you think? Such things are always interesting to learn. What happens when this does that or that goes up there? All questions to ask. What happens when he does that to her or she reacts what he does in turn? What about when the girls in the school hallways get too angry with each other or see too much good? Jealousy is a perfectly good human emotion. It breeds fear and loathing. It breeds friendships and causes good too for a time. You see, there's good and bad in everything. Some of us… we're just meant to show you what the one side means. In a sense, you could say I like to walk between them.

May've helped that my own particular genome came to fruition at this time.

Why pray tell do I say that? Well, maybe I chose to help out a few of those little problems in school or maybe I caused a few to see how they'd…progress. Either way I kept it hidden from those little homes I stayed in. Even used it to my advantage to move between them, see just how the good little American homes prospered. Never know what you'll see behind the happy happy faces of a good ole' American family mm? Funny case study the last home I stayed at was. Mrs. Jennings was a real firecracker.

I graduated from high school when I was sixteen anyway, a few years earlier than everyone else at least. Of course, my intellect wasn't as great as some of the mutants i've seen… but they categorized me a bit higher than the norm. Ah, that word again, the norm. Don't you just love it?

From there I entered the big life of college education. The psychology professors there taught me some but I taught them nearly as much by their own standards. Interesting conversationalists anyway but flawed by their views. Meanwhile I was learning elsewhere on the campus about other things ranging from Quantam Theory to the workings of the mechanical being and computer sciences. Altogether you can only but wonder the things all of this could do mm? Was part of one of the programs there working for NASA developing things meant for space. You know, those programs they like to pull us college kids out for to give us an idea of what we can do later should we stay in the programs we're in. Can't talk about that ya know, top secret. Top, top secret. Never know what the government might do if I talked about it.

When I got my degrees at around age 24, I left the college and accepted a job for the American government. They knew what I was by now at least so they kept a firm eye on it. I didn't care, I knew how to pass their little psych evals. Don't know why it mattered BUT I suppose some people just fear everything ya know? Worked in their design labs for a few projects at this time, made some big money with a few contracts I was set upon. You could say a few of them were amazed at the progress our teams made but I was working along some of the greats. When the Mutant population started coming to the front though and pressure started mounting….I was ejected from the systems. Perfectly good thing to do too. Never know what those filthy mutants might do to a project being watched under scrutinous eye mm?

So what's a man to do? What's he to do all out by his lonesome. Well, learn a few things of course! Never know what you'll find out on those streets. Could even have a little fun. Mm, fun sounds good to me doesn't it you Mrs. Roberts? Now, why don't you just let me go now so I can go about my daily life?


February 6, 2009 Dimensional Cappucino Christian meets Taylor for the first time and has a brief run-in with Tyler at Starbucks
February 19, 2009 The Prophecy Christian meets Jacob, Venadia, and Byron for the first time. Prophecies, Mutant Haters, and Vans of men kidnapping people oh my!
February 20, 2009 A Day at the Park Christian meets Jacob again alongside Taylor. Richard and Tyler appear as well. A brief surprise is cast Jacob's way and Christian finds himself speaking with the younger man of Mutant properties.
February 27, 2009 Fire and Rain Christian walks in on the group of people in the Amusement Park unknowing as to the problem that had occurred not long before. It seemed the night was in for excitement though when two government operative vans showed themselves and started firing taser darts at the lot of them.
February 27, 2009 Bag and Tag It seemed the night wasn't over for Christian when he followed Taylor into the sewers, finding Jacob there of all people. It seemed her powers were going haywire from the stress of what had happened, leading to a potentialy lethal situation.


A soft hum escapes his lips to the thought as he steps out from the sidewalk in the opposite direction, walking quite calmly across the street with a glance towards the oncoming cars. "Aww now, don't hit the walking pedestrian dearies." He teases to the wind as one of the cars swerves and grinds to a halt past him only to pick up with the loud blare of its horn along the way. "Yes yes, I know. Didn't mommy dearest ever teach me anything?" His head ticks from side to side slowly, thinking that over as he steps into one of the alleyways.



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