This is the listing of characters that have or are played on MutantMUSH. Before adding your character to this page, you must be approved by the staff in game. You can also take a look at our list of taken actors to see if the one you want to use is available.







These are characters have been idle for a minimum of thirty (30) days are in danger of having their characters retired from the game. If they continue to remain inactive, they will be retired.


These characters have been placed on vacation due to RL circumstances and have given staff a reason as to their extended absence. These characters are in no danger of being retired or destroyed from the game.

No Longer With Us

These are characters that are no longer being played on the grid. If you would like to use a name that is listed here, please contact a member of the staff so that we may make the name open for you to use. They are listed here for historical purposes only. If you wish to play any of these characters, please contact Staff in game about it.

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