Catching Up


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Summary: Owen, Ana and Tyler all run into each other at Starbucks.

Date: March 17, 2009

Catching Up

Rating: G


If you've been into one Starbucks in Seattle, you've been in them all. Literally. Through some weird quirk of fate and potential dimensional oddities, every Starbucks entryway is connected to one core Starbucks. This Starbucks happens to be the biggest Starbucks ever seen.

The area itself is quite large, with an extra-long service counter. Behind the counter is an exceptionally large work area. The walls are decorated with unique designs, and there are lots of little tables with chairs? hi-tops and low. In the corner, there's even an area with a large number of couches.

It's a good thing Starbucks is open right now; if it weren't, goodness knows where poor Ana would be. Granted, she could be at home, but home is the last place she wants to be for reasons that would be difficult to articulate even if she had the capacity. Instead, she's found her way to the most convenient — one might say diabolically convenient — coffee joint she could find and is currently trying to order a large, dangerously over-caffeinated beverage from an exasperated barista behind the counter. It might help if she could do more than just point at the pictures, but somehow, she doubts it. Once some sort of drink is decided on — most likely not the one she wanted, but she can barely tell the difference — she pauses to dig in her pockets for money to complete the 'give paper for drink' portion of the exchange.

Tyler sits at one of the tables, a drink in front of him next to an open newspaper. His left arm is in a sling which is held close to his chest. He reads one of the articles in the paper as he idly sips his drink, not really noticing Ana or anyone else in the place.

Owen lets out a slight yawn as he enters the Starbucks. After last night and another day of being unable to find a job he could keep for more than a few hours, he felt the need to get some coffee. Walking over to the line to wait for his drink, he peers around the shop for either an open seat or someone interesting to sit near.

The exchange of money goes rather more smoothly than the ordering process and, eventually, Ana moves away to find a place to sit. Dim recognition registers when she skims the room and catches sight of two people that she's pretty sure were at the altercation the other night. Tyler, however, is one she recognizes a bit more readily and, thus, he's the one she finally greets with a tentative waggle of fingers and a slight creasing of her brow at the sight of the sling.

Tyler doesn't seem to notice Ana's wave as he is in the process of reading a news article. He takes a drink from the coffee cup before he closes the newspaper and folds it up. He tosses it aside for a moment before he scans over the area. He does spot Owen and Ana, knowing that Ana was there last night, but unaware that Owen was there as well. He offers Ana a slight nod of his head in greeting.

Owen gets his drink rather quickly, ordering simple as always. He scans the area again, pausing when he sees Ana. He's not sure if she's the same woman he saw last night. Continuing his look, he spots Tyler and smirks. Handing over the bills for the drink and a few coins for tip, the archer makes his way towards Tyler's table with a smirk. "Good to see hauling you to the hospital wasn't a waste of time," he says when he gets close, sure to keep his voice a bit lower.

Waiting, waiting, waiting; that's the story of her life. Ana rubs tiredly at her face with both hands, heaving a soft sigh of exhaustion. She doesn't miss the nod from Tyler, however, catching it just from the corner of her eye as her hands drop. She moves from her chosen waiting spot to stand closer to both Owen and Tyler, with a small wave spared for Owen. At least she's mindful enough to keep enough distance that they can converse in relative privacy, while being surreptitious about her watching of them.

Tyler glances from Ana to Owen, an eyebrow raising his eyebrow slightly as he looks up to the man. "I guess you're the one to thank for taking me there." He motions to a seat next to him. "Join me?" He asks before he looks up at Ana as she approaches and motions to another of his empty seats. "You can join me, too, if you want."

Owen nods, still smirking as he sits. "Yeah, that'd be me. Seems like the two of us can't be in the same area without something crazy happening…" he trails off. Catching Ana's wave, Owen arches an eyebrow. After a moment, he shrugs and waves back. "You're okay though, right?" he asks. "No permanent damage?"

She makes a simple gesture in reply to the offer, just a signed 'thank you'. Ana starts to move over to join them when her drink is called, though it takes her a long moment to determine that it's her drink and not someone else's. The drink is eventually retrieved and she claims a seat at a nearby table, though not directly at Tyler's table. She doesn't drink right away, instead just watching them with an impassive expression.

Tyler shakes his head as he looks back from Ana to Owen. "No, nothing permanent. They said I should be good as new in a few weeks. Gotta keep the cast on for the most part, but keep the arm moving so that it doesn't stiffen up." He says with a shrug. "Nothing a few pain killers won't solve." He says with a chuckle as he looks to Ana as she makes her way to get her drink. He looks back to Owen. "What happened there? I remember being shot and then that's it."

Owen tilts his head to the side when Ana signs instead of speaking. He's not sure what to make of that. Shrugging it off. he listens quietly to Tyler. "Good to hear," he says. Taking a deep breath, he shrugs. "You exploded," he says simply. "Her and some guy I'd like to meet got the kid away from the dumbass with the gun and I'm pretty sure the little risk-taker went home when I told him to."

Confirmation from her end comes in the form of the fingers of a hand curling to emulate the shape of a gun — yes, she was the chick holding the gun at the leader-guy. One corner of Ana's mouth lurches in a half-smile that falters at something or another and she settles in with her drink, peripherally listening to their conversation, though a bit more actively than she has been. Slightly more engaged, as it were.

Tyler nods his head as he listens, thinking for a moment. "I exploded?" He asks finally, his voice lowered a bit. "Interesting…" He says as he thinks again for a moment, taking a drink from his coffee. "Well, I'm sure that we'll run into them again at some point." He says with a smirk.

Owen nods. "Yep. Lots of fire and then…kaboom," he says. "Toasted a couple of those idiots," he remarks. He flashes a quick smile towards Ana when she makes the gun-gesture then turns back to Tyler. "Good. I have a lot more arrows for them…"

The 'gun' hand turns into a 'rubbing-the-eyes' hand, one eye squinching shut and her mouth settling into an indistinct line. Talk of explosions doesn't interest the girl, funny as it might seem; if anything, Ana's interest seems to be waning not only from them but also from her drink as her attention is snared by the animated gestures of one of the baristas telling a story to a coworker behind the counter.

Tyler nods his head. "I'll have to remember to—" he says when his phone interrupts him. "Fuck." He says as he answers it. He listens for a few moments. "Alright. Just wait there. I'll come get you." He says before he hangs up and looks to Owen. "Sorry to cut this short, but I've gotta go pick up someone. I'll see you around though." He says as he stands from the table. He looks towards Ana, offering her a wave before he looks back to Owen, offering a nod before he heads out.

Owen blinks at Ana's gesture and turns to Tyler again. He's about to give a questioning look when the phone rings. Shutting up quickly, Owen tries not to listen into anything. "Alright," he replies, sipping his drink. He returns the nod and watches the man go before focusing attention on Ana. "The hot ones are always on the move, eh?"

Tyler's wave is caught and returned, dark eyes flicking askance to him as he makes his departure. Her attention shifts fully to Owen when he speaks, though his words are met with a slow, owlish blink at first. A few seconds later and Ana manages a shallow nod and a half-smile, acknowledging without necessarily understanding. Or, maybe she does and she's terrible about showing it. Either way. After a sip, she finally extends her hand in a trained introduction: not to offer her hand, but to show off the medical ID bracelet with her name — Anabella Rose Lee — hanging on her wrist.

Owen waits, just watching as Ana remains so quiet. He glances down when the hand is offered, eyebrow arching at the bracelet. He tilts his head to read it before shaking the offered hand. "Well, nice to meet you, Anabella. I'm Owen," he says. "I take it you don't talk much."

The young woman's nose wrinkles a little, a tip of her head given to confirm. With that shake of hands, she rises, moving to take her cup in both hands and then to look out the door with a mildly perturbed look. Ana waves to Owen after a moment, then motions to the door — time for her to leave, it would appear, though she offers no explanation why. That 'said', she hastens for the door, impassive expression firmly in place once more.

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