Bag and Tag


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Summary: Men in white vans come swooping in on the impromptu gathering from Fire and Rain and attempt to make a capture.

Date: February 27, 2009

Bag and Tag

Rating: PG-13

Abandoned Amusement Park

Darkness seems to prevail here whether night or day as long shadows ebb and twist through the abandoned place. Upon first entry into the park, one is met with a long, chain fence in which the wires had been cut away at some point by someone, and allowing entrance into the place. Past the cut fence lies an old, rundown ticket booth. The ancient wood cracked and chipped in several places as a few stray old ticket stubs litter the ground around it. Some graffiti is tagged on to the booth of various gang symbols and 'decorations' that serve as a warning within the more dangerous motif of the place. The park itself is large and houses many attractions that once a long time ago served as a hot entertainment spot for this part of the city, though now only lies in desolation and ruin.

The ground is littered with various debris as well as some forms of used paraphanalia. A few needles, condoms, used drug bags and trash stain the floor here and there. Within the park are several rotting attractions. An old coaster, once roaring with screams of fright and enjoyment, now lies dead and silent upon its track. A few more rides reside within the park dotting here and there, though all now lie in an eerie quiescence within the abandoned place. For now the empty park seems to be used for other various means of enjoyment, whether it be a quiet place to bring a date for a good rumpage within the funhouse, or for a private spot for drug deals and the like. Sometimes other forms of degradation can be found here, as a few bums have taken up residence within the place for a good squatting spot. Every now and then the place is used for fights to be settled, or a meeting place for more nefarious uses.


In the quiet, pitch black distance, the amusement park lingers like an echo to an old world. A world not torn apart by genetic disparage and subsequent warfare. It was a time when state funds went towards entertainment rather than secret organizations for bagging and tagging the mutates of the country. But that world is dead - in this world there is such a thing as being a target by the government. And in this world, coincidences continue to bring together groups of Mutates so that in situations just like this… they might protect each other from that very reality.

The first signal of their arrival are the two electrical tazers that shoot from a long distance towards Argosy, hoping to take the young boy off guard. The next sign are the two sets of headlights that begin to drive through the amusement park towards them, one from each direction..

Already on edge from the pyro from earlier and the creepy guy who knows his name, Jason manages to hear and dodge the taser darts. "What the hell?!" he exclaims, as the projectiles go sparking past his head.

The sound of tires echoing in the night alongside the splash of water under their tracks springs to Christian's ears though he wouldn't have had enough time to avoid the tasers had they been shot at him. The wires from the darts stretch past him as his lips part, about to say something in surprise as the sight of an electrical spark travels down the coil. "Well. Look at that." He says to himself as the spotlights illuminate the rainy area, shadows cast across the amusement park in lighting what could have been a rather creepy sight had it not been in these circumstances. He ducks back after that, a hand grasping for the smaller woman's shoulder and the man with her as if to pull them with him to cover should they follow. His other hand, it'd reach into his pocket for something though as to what it was only he could know.

Tay on the other hand is completely caught off guard. Not having any ability to really protect her form shooting tazers…at least not as of yet, the kid only realizes several moments too late that such whip right by Jason's head only to strike thin air. She lets out a scream as it rings agaisnt the thunder and lightning as lights soon shine through the downpour while two vehicles seem to near the group. The very next thing she knows is Chris grabbing a hold of her and Jason as she's pulled towards Chris and hopefully out of the way of any other tazers that might be shot at the group. She was't nearly as fast as Jason as for certain he could most likely protect himself…or at least far better then she could when it came to physical means…the others as far as it goes she had no clue about except for Tyler and his neat finger-lighting trick. For the most part she was helpless except for the only ability to run as fast as she could to get the hell out of dodge, though with Chris holding on to her like so she wasn't going anywhere any time soon. Time seemed to race past her as everything was happening far too fast. The only thing she seemed to be able to set her mind on was ducking for cover as best as she could and hopefully make it on out alive.

Tyler drops his cigarette as the vans arrive and the tazers go for Argosy. He moves back a few steps as he tries to figure out what's going on. "The fuck?" He says to no one in particular as he looks towards the source of the lights that swarm in on either side of the group.

Owen jumps and steps back with Tyler, frowning deeply. "No clue," he mutters in reply to Tyler. The young man makes sure the keychain that hangs around his wrist is in his palm just in case. "Could be a gang or something…"

Another set of stunners shoot blindly into the gathered crowd. As the lights come closer it's apparent that their source and the stunners source are one in the same. Vans, white, with a man mounted atop each, laying down and shooting those tazing darts at them. As they come close to one another, they begin to slow, and the side doors open up to reveal three men in each one. Gangs these men are not - for they wear gear like soldiers, and present rifles identical to the one shooting the stunners. The six men make a semi circle - while a seventh steps out of one of the vans. He has no gun, only an earpiece, into which he speaks, "Target isn't here, but there are five others. Status unknown. Instructions."

Recovering from the shock of being shot at, Jason sees the men jump out of the vans, and mutters a few choice profanities under his breath, before charging towards the gunmen with an incoherent shout, watching for further bolts. As he gets closer, he throws himself forward into a roll, one that should bring him back to his feet right in front of one of the gunmen, in a position to launch a nasty uppercut with all the momentum from his charge lumped into it.

Christian casts a glance out at the group of men as they form the semi-circle, his lips pressed together as those dark eyes of his focus on the man with the ear piece. He does nothing though for the moment, or at least it seems that way as the small piece of metal in his pocket is drawn out with a click of his finger along the underbelly. It was much to small to be a weapon and he kept it far from sight to keep the men from mistaking it as such. "Let's see." He murmurs calmly as he had been far from the second round of stun darts. His eyes though remain trained on the man with the headset. When Galahad charges the dark knights in shining armor though…. he nearly curses before dropping the mechanical thing onto the ground in letting it skitter off.

Ok…Tay was just a sixteen year old kid. Doing what any sixteen year old girl would do, the poor thing tries to run like hell in fear. Mind you, it wasn't the fact that she hadn't been shot at before, or was unused to guns in general, as she was around such sort of people often, but men in white vans wearing armed gear with rifles that shoot tazers was far fucking beyond any means for her to deal with. The girl hears Jason actually start to fight them as she screams out once more in that sharp shrill that most girls seem to have, "Jason NO!" Though her only instinct right now was to get the hell out of there. The rest would have to fend for themselves without her…as there was very little to nothing that she could do to save any of them…or really be of any sizeable help. She was a streetrat and she knew how to live like such, but fighting agaisnt armed and trained men? That was something else all together.

Tyler watches the men as the get closer to the group, his eyes turning to Jason as he starts to attack one of the men. "Fucking kids." He says to himself as he tries to figure out exactly what he needs to do next. He moves his attention to the men then to Jason and back to the men in the matter of a moment. "Fuck." He says as he closes his fists tightly.

"That idiot," Owen growls as Jason moves to the attack. He glances in the direction Taylor went when he hears the girl yell but quickly returns his attention to the men with the guns. "This week is just gonna get worse isn't it," he mutters to himself, also trying to decide on a course of action.

As Argosy starts charging the guard, three of those in the semi-circle shoot before he even reaches the chin of his target, but Argosy's magnificent dodge of all three draw shouts from them - and as the youth socks a soldier to the ground, the man with the earpiece shouts excitedly therein, "He's a quickling! Focus fire!" The men enact their training, and as Argosy charges through and begins running, the men consolidate fire towards him, seven darts in total racing towards him.

Meanwhile, nearly all of their attention is on the excitement of unearthing another mutate - and apparently they are willing to let Taylor get away in exchange for a bag and tag.

"Oh, crap," Jason mutters, at the comments from the man in the earpiece, before his attention turns to dodging the concentrated fire he's pulling now. Another dive and roll manages to send most of the fire from the men on the ground sailing over his head, but one of the rooftop gunmen manages to tag him just as he's coming back to his feet, the shock from the taser round sending him sprawling forward.

When Jason makes his attack, Christian just watches with a soft hum of interest, following the man's blow with his gaze only to see the man run with the flight of shots in the air. Seeing the current situation, and being the man he is, he summarily turns and follows the path of the fleeing woman after watching him sprawl to the ground with a taser dart in his back. "Interesting. So they've decided to hunt now." He says rather neutraly to himself before casting a glance towards the men at the turrets and otherwise in making sure they don't peg him as well.

Ok…so while some of the others were pondering what to do, and Jason was fighting agaisnt six armed and trained men…Tay was already halfway out of the park like forrest running for the goal. The girl doensn't look back, as her little legs carry her as fast and as far as she can fucking go. Whereas these men might know how to fight…Tay knew the streets, and the sewers like the back of her hand. It was her only real chance to make a break out for it and wind up getting away. Though…if anyone could see her face…those were definite tears within her eyes. As for now she beats feet and heads for some place to hide.

Clickclickclick, the sound of the little metallic legs could be heard if someone had such minute hearing as they patter across the ground under the fall of the rain overhead. The little thing was set for a specificaly ordained course without any particular marks on it to identify its owner. Indeed, it was quite the little specimen. The thing would skitter up the man's boot though that had the ear piece in, a little prong slipping out from its underbelly. Only one other person had seen this particular little guy now, it was time others did as well as it would soon bite that prong into the man's leg and send a nasty spark of electricity through him much akin to the taser darts that had been shot.

Tyler watches as Jason gets hit and sighs, shaking his head. "Fuck me." He says as he looks back to the men with guns, sizing them up. He opens his fists and a small ball of fire is there in his palm. It soon spreads up his arms to his elbows. "Leave the kid alone." He says as he grins to the men, getting in position to attack in a moments notice.

Owen sighs as well when Jason gets hit. He smirks after Tyler's comment. "Well, if you insist…maybe later, hot stuff," he says to Tyler, eyes on the men with the guns. Lifting his arms and getting into a familar stance, the keychain in his fist pulses for a moment before erupting into a brilliant blue bow and arrow. Owen quickly pulls the contructs string, arrow nocked and ready. "You heard the man. Back off the kid."

Earpiece Guy grins as he watches two Soldiers descend on Argosy, binding his hands behind his back with plastic ties. And just as he's about to turn and notice Christian and Taylor running into the distance, a sharp pain courses through his body, and he falls to the ground much like Jason earlier. Immediately following, Owen and Tyler unleash their abilities, which cause the men to point their gun at one, then the other, moving back and forth threateningly. Earpiece gets up, rage filling his green eyes, and mud now in his soaked wet blonde hair. Through barred teeth he hisses at Tyler and Owen, "You don't know what you've just brought down on yourselves." Over his shoulder he calls back to the two soldiers with Jason, "Get him in the van and go!" He then looks back to the two mutants and shakes his head. "A pyro and a shifter against six taskmen… not to mention… against me." With a secret glint in his hateful eyes, he just watches the two as the men prepare to take away Jason. "Don't be heroes gentlemen, a mutate is a horrible thing to waste." Tough words from someone with no weapons on him.

Years of lacrosse teach you to shake it off - there's a reason the iriquois used it as a substitute for war - so Jason recovers rather faster than the soldiers expect. He remains limp until he's almost in the van, but as they lift him to shove him in, he gets his feet on the rim of the door and pushes back hard.

When the angered man stands up and makes his exclamation, the spider twitches in its spot as it draws back with the prong, the tip of it pulling out from the man's flesh with a flicker of blood in the dripping rainwater. Then…. suddenly, it plunges that metallic tip into him again with another god aweful spark of electricity that finds itself sent coursing through his veins with a grip to rival the Hulk's fist around General Thaddeus's neck. Well, maybe not, but close enough.

Tay is out of sight and hopefully out of mind. Already making her way down dark, narrow alleyways, twisting streets, through fences, small niches and down inot the sewers…the kid was just gone. Plain and simple…gone. The rest would have to fend for themselves and hopefully, praying to whatever gods/goddesses were out there…that they'd survive.

Tyler eyes the man without the weapon and shakes his head. "Can't do that." He says before he swings his arm as if throwing a baseball, but instead throws a small ball of fire towards the man.

Owen chuckles quietly. "Shifter. Cute little nickname," he says this quietly. As Tyler lets the fire fly, Owen lets the arrow go. He's not aiming for a person though, he's trying to take out the back tire of one of the vans. Of course, another arrow's nocked almost as soon as he lets the first on go.

A few seconds after the sewer grate closes and Taylor is praying, the grating opens again, followed by a whispered, "Hey… hello?" First the feet and then the body of Jacob can be seen descending into the poorly lit tunnels. He looks this way and that - unable to see Taylor immediately, but he calls out, "Hey I met you in the park… you were with Christian?" He sighs and shakes his head, "Did I imagine them?"


As Jason shoves off against the van, the two soldiers grunt with his landing atop them. Naturally the two of them would try to subdue the young man, but without their rifles at the ready they're unable to shoot more darts at him. Three soldiers were distracted by the fireball that blazes past them towards Earpiece, a couple of them patting out small fires that caught in their armor or headgear. Owen's arrow lands true in the tire of the van, which causes the two rooftop shooters to disembark and immediately begin sealing the tire's hole as fast as possible. Meanwhile, earpiece falls to the ground before the fireball reaches him due to the spider's second bite. This time he rips open his pant leg and tears the thing out of his skin.

The one soldier that's not being attacked or just got grazed by a fireball, or is not fixing a wheel, decides to send a shot from his tazer towards the Shifter before he can ruin their getaway.

Taking advantage of the momentary distraction of his being on top of them, Jason squirms, grunting as he stretches to get his bound wrists over his ankles and in front of him before rolling off of the men and making a break for it. The fireball and other distractions are barely noticed - right now, all he wants to do is get the hell away.

With the rest all behind her…or as much as she could put it so. Tay makes her way through the drudges of the city, and into one of the few places that she seems to find the reasoning of logic to go to…being that cars are unable to follow and most likely shots in the dark would be better to avoid from any rifle down within the sewers. The kid was smart…perhaps not book smart, but definitely survival-based so. After she makes her way into one of the more twisted parts of the sewers, and finds a small niche to hide in; she hears the sound of one of the manholes being pulled aside and hears someone coming. Immediately the little paranoid streetkid pulls her k-bar out as tears drain down the sides of her soft, baby cheeks. She doens't make a move or say anything as of yet, still very much frightened out of her poor mind. Though as she recognizes the voice from before she hesitates still before saying anything, just in case that Jacob was with the armed and trained military men before. Finally after some moments of time, she responds quietly in a soft, quivering and frigtened tone, "Wh-what the h-hell to you w-want? Where's Jason and Christian? How did you find me here?" Immediately those questions jumbled together like they were stacked upon each other in a somewhat incoherrant ramble as she demands to know what the hell is going on.

The skateboard wheels glided over the wet sidewalks and splashed through the puddles outside the ammusment park, Though the noises within cause the boarder to bring the little tool of miscreants and anarchists to come to rest at the entrance to the park. Trip's right foot moving off the board to rest on the ground as his left kicked it up into his hands. His eyes surveying the little bit of mayhem going one, His brow lifting in question as the blue depths began to dance with a faint flicker of fire. A smile begining to curl his lips as his attention had been drawn upon a party it would seem, And how he enjoyed parties..

Tyler continues to stand with his hands and forearms encased with flames. As his first target falls, he moves to the one remaining unoccupied target, throwing another ball of fire towards the man.

There's a smirk firmly in place on Owen's face as he takes aim at the man turning his weapon towards him. Before the poor guy can even pull the trigger, Owen's let the arrow fly. The projectile flies, piercing the back of the weapon after going through the barrel. "Next…" he mutters.

"I… it's not anyone who wants something. You looked scared, and I recognized you… I wanted to make sure you were all right," Jacob continues to stand in the middle of a cross-section, unsure which direction his target of conversation lie due to the way sound reflects off the walls, "Did something happen? I don't know where Christian is." He holds his hands up, so that in case she can see him, she can see his earnest physicality in addition to the sincerity in his voice.

Earpiece gets up and utters, "Sir we can-" suddenly the recent fireball bursts into the last standing soldier, and he realizes he's very much on his own for now. He looks slowly from Owen to Tyler as he listens apparently to someone in his earpiece. "-yes sir. Withdraw." And just like that, the man start getting up and proceeding back into the vans. Jason is left to run as the duo pursuing him just start and smirk. "Run boy!" one of them shouts, causing the other to laugh. Earpiece remains outside of the vans, watching Owen and Tyler as he slowly backs up. "Be seeing you." He backs up into the van, and closes the door. They begin to depart.

Tyler grins as he sees the men start to withdrawal and as the van starts to pull away, he throws another ball of fire at the retreating van. After as the van pulls away, he lets out a sigh of relief before he cracks his neck and the flames on his arms disappear, his clothes left untouched. He looks to the others. "I'm out of here before they come back with reinforcements." And with that, he makes his way back the way he came, with a faster pace than before.

Argosy runs until he comes to a corner, running into an alley and ducking behind a dumpster. Looking for a sharpish metal edge, he rubs the ziptie binding his wrists against it until it breaks, shivering as the adrenalin wears off and the cold and wet set in in earnest.

Owen shakes his head as the men withdraw, glancing Tyler's way. "See ya later, hot stuff," he remarks. His bow disperses into nothingness, keychain dangling from his wrist once more. Owen cracks his neck and takes off towards where he came pretty quick as well.

Christian tugs at the cuffs of his sleeves as he's found himself quite far away from the hubbub now, his umbrella held ever aloft over his head. A small device is drawn out from his pocket soon after before taking a look at it, a raised brow offered at nothing in particular before dropping it back into its previous holdings. His footsteps are rather calm for as hurriedly as he had gone a moment before, soon enough he finds himself drawn towards the grating the two had gone into. The tilt of his head would bring him to examine the thing, having oddly enough followed their path with a surety that could only presume he knew something beyond what he should, before crouching down and dropping into it calmly. Were Jacob to turn around, he'd be meeting the quiet man eye to eye, a creepy thing to be had in a dark tunnel with a crazy man.

Tay was still paranoid…and not really in her right mind to be such as easy to trust anyone…or anything for that matter. By now her disorder had taken over for her own mind's traumatized state. Her only instincts to survive…the fight or flight instinct. SHe doesn't leave from her hiding spot being that her current state is not only confused…but more so like a wild, trapped animal and frightened as all hell. There would be one individual that had witnessed this sort of state before…and it wasn't pretty. The little girl peels back those full petals of her lips as she nearly all but growls softy in response. She dind't seem to realize who it was that was helping her…or the fact that he really was trying to help her. Right now her only thought process was to run, trust no one and RUN. Being that there were others following her now…her own mind seemed to veil on over her more logical thinking, other then just sheer survival. Even Chris's voice didn't seem to access anything that she could really lock on to and use as a focus. The girl backs on up even further into the darkness as stains of cobwebs, dirt and muck trace across her soft, baby cheeks and riddle her clothes in dirt and grime. Yelling back out in a panicked tone as her soft tone nearly sounds like a god's voice as it echoes and rings throughout the tunnels, she cries back to the two of them, "Leave me the FUCK alone! I *know* who you are! I'll fucking gut your goddamn eyes out!" Ok…so Tay wasn't exactly in happy fuzzy land to put it in the least.

Jacob listens to Taylor's response and sighs defeatedly. If he's away Christian is behind him, he doesn't seem to embody this - that is, until with the cocking sound of his Jericho he turns and grabs Christian's shirt, shoving the gun into his gut. After realizing who it is, he removes the gun, and undoes the arming, returning the safety and putting it behind his pants. "I saw Taylor run down here, somefing's got 'er spooked." He looks back into the darkness and says, "Christian's 'ere." He turns, looking over his shoulder at the stoic with a wrinkle of his nose, "Say somefin' wontcha?"

Once his hands are free, Jason pulls his cell phone from his pocket and dials 911. "I need to report an attempted kidnapping and assault," he says, doing his best to keep the shivers out of his voice when someone answers.

Something…moves from one of the corners of the darkness. Whatever it is, it seemed rather…large and very, very fast. The air seems to thicken just a bit more as the humidity rises and a slow yet steady scratching noise can be heard within the tunnels…as if somethign sharp was scraping against the walls and coming every so closer…

The press of the Jericho to any other man's stomach might have scared them though Christian finds himself pressing against it with those dark eyes of his focused on Jacob's own. He doesn't say anything though when he takes it away before turning to cross in front of him. A few steps are taken away from him down the tunnel that the louder focus of her roar had come from though the scratching sounds draws a wary eye. It seemed that unnerved him more than the gun had, though why only he could know. Slow steps carry him down it after that, heading in her direction with a focused gaze as he searches for the sight of her that he needs to do what he was going to.

Taylor closes her eyes as her dirty palms reach to the sides of her temples, "No, no, no! Go away! Leave me the FUCK alone!" Soft crying can be heard from the girl within the dark…as the sound of a faint, very, very faint screaming can be heard within the distance. Something was definitely not right here…though, whatever the hell it was seemed to only grow in a strange and yet surreal intensity. Tay falls back as she suddenly starts to scream louder. The girl rocking back and forth as the very air nearly becomes suffocating…The cry of a baby can be heard from the darkness within and someone…laughing. It was't a human voice, but more so many voices at once mixing with each other…and whatever it was from the other direction was coming closer…

The voice from the other end of the phone replies in one of those seemingly unshaken droned out tones, "How can we help you sir? Where are right now and what is your current situation?

"I'm at <appropriate intersection>, just outside the old amusement park," Jason says, the shivers creeping into his voice. "I was just attacked by a group of men in white vans, who tried to kidnap me, until several mutants showed up and drove them away."

The voice from the phone responds in that same drone. "Can you give me your full name please sir? Are you hurt in any way?"

"My name is Jason Argosy," he says, "and I've got a damn taser round stuck in my side from where they shot me, and scrapes and bruises from hitting the ground afterward, but other than that I'm all right."

Those voices echo in the tunnels, reminiscent of the creepiest things one could imagine. All alone in the dark, Christian and Jacob would be left to the horror of it as the woman went into the episode she was in. The clicking had gotten Chris's hand shaking slowly, his full lips curling as those dark eyes of his dance around. Something had started clicking in the man's head as it goes, though he presses his shirt up in revealing the holster of the handgun he had with him. "What indeed is down here I wonder. I wonder."

Jacob seems absolutely thrown aback by the presence of absolute evil. Being a man of science and logic, he stands for a solid minute without doing anything, just listening to the voices and tones. He swears he hears his father's voice in there somewhere. The three students from England. Slowly from his back pocket he withdraws his gun. After a quick recocking, Jacob brings the gun up to his own head. He shuts his eyes, resulting in tears forming from the moisture that had built up in his fear and disturbance. He seems hypnotized by it all, and at any moment, he's likely to pull the trigger just to… "Make i'all go away… make it stop," he whispers.

The voice on the phone rather unsympathetically responds back, "Please try to stay calm sir. The police will arrive at your destination soon. Please stay on the line for confirmation of your situation."

"S-sorry," Jason says. "It's just I lost my jacket in this, and it's s-sorta cold out, and the s-shock and adrenalin aren't helping any, y'know?"

"Please go away…I didn't do anything wrong. I swear I'm sorry! I swear I won't do it again…please…" The girl's cries turn to soft murmurs as she continues to rock back and forth in the dirt and grime. Her knife held tightly within her right hand as the cool flat of the blade presses to her temple. Her soft cries mingling with the sound of something unnaturally unwholesome and completely inncoherent to the ear coming closer. Soft clicking can be heard as several…many things creep closer and closer. The godaweful stench of rotting meat and puss fills the area as whatever it was that was coming seemed to nearly be upon the group…Tay suddenly goes silent as her voice just cuts off…and all goes into quiessence. The air never looses that potent stench though as the air seems to nearly suffocate within the lungs. SOmething speaks out of the darkness, though the voice is hard to discern…

«It won't hurt you if you try.» «You won't feel a thing…it would be so easy now wouldn't it?»

The voice from the phone continues to speak in that monotone and seemingly neutral-care tone, "Sir, try to calm down. Help will arrive soon at your location. If you need any furgther assistance please stay on the line."

Christian takes in a deep breath, his chest rising fast as he tries to take in the air. It seems to crush at his lungs as this happens, the man falling to his knees in the tunnel as his eyes behold the woman that he'd been looking for. His hand falls away from the gun then, unable to look back to the man that was pleaing in such a way but his voice would croak out in a deep, throaty tone, "It's…not real…Jacob." He growls afterward, his sights set on the young woman as he focuses something upon her.

"Then 'ow…" Jacob begins before his voice gives out, and he pushes on, quivering, "…'ow's it know wha' I did? Wha' 'ey sounded like? It won't hurt if I try." His voice comes to a whisper, "I won't feel a thing, it would be so easy now wouldn't it…" Jacob's finger begins pulling on the trigger, though not hardly strong enough to cause it to go off - his willpower to live is still in battle after all. He just tries hard to breathe for now, long enough for one more second of life. "One more second it'll all be over… it won't hurt if I try…"

«It won't hurt if you try…»

Taylor shivers silently within the dark. The world around her disolving as her own terrors and fears are brought to life and in the Real…her broken mind making whatever horrors that fill within it come to life. The girl continues to cry softly as hot tears run down her soft baby cheeks. The feel of something familiar seeming to reach her as the air starts to thin out just a bit. Some…thing was here. Though whatever it was coudln't be seen as much as it could be *felt*. As if the very walls themselves had taken up life, the shadows seeming to move within themselves as the walls starting to bleed as strange faces twist and warp within them…
"I think I'm being remarkably calm, for someone who came within a half inch of being hauled away in an unmarked van," Jason says, almost grateful for the annoyance to help counteract the wave of exhaustion coming over him from the whole endeavor - he knows falling asleep now's likely to end up with him in the hospital for hypothermia if he's lucky, and the morgue if he's not.

A light flashes down the streets and from the left as the sound of some kind of vehicle screetches to a hault. Voices can be heard within the darkness of the alleyway as several someones move on foot. "I want two teams on this. No mistakes this time!" "This way!" A sound of some radio can be heard within the distance and several tones of heavy footfalls pass on by…

"Are you still on the line sir?" The monotone voice rings neutral from the other end of the reciever…

Christian rears up slowly as the air starts to thin, a deep groan escaping his lips as his lungs take in a breath of air. His concentration remains on the woman in front of him as the other man is left to deal with his demons himself. Those eyes of his focus ever longer as his full lips press together, a firm push of his mind going out as he reaches out to the woman. He had figured it out now for sure, this was more than it looked it seemed. "I am here Taylor. It is not real." He says calmly, his voice ringing out in the tunnel with a deep rumble.

A soft pulsing sound can now be heard from the other end of the phone as a voice calls out form the distance, "Copy that…this way!"

"It won't hurt if I try…" The girl whispers softly as the air seems to continually release from it's suffocating grasp. "It won't hurt right Christian? I can try can't I?" The walls around seem to slowly push inwards as the very area itself growns increasingly and steadily tighter around the three. As Christian continues to speak to the kid, the surrounding area slowly lets up…when all of a sudden everything ceases. The sounds, the stench, the voices, the feeling…all gone. Tay opens her tear filled eyes as she looks deeply into chris's own. Her soft trembling voice echoes throughout the walls of the sewers, "Where am I?"

Dropping his phone at the sound of men coming his way, Jason quickly scans the area, before leaping for the fire escape and pulling himself up as quickly as he can. His ability gives him the best chance when there's room to move, and it'll probably take them a while to get to checking rooftops, unless they have a helicopter. But if they've got a helicopter, he's boned anyway.

The voices pass on as they fade into the distance. The stompign of feet and the flash of lights eventually move on. In the distance the sound of a voice continues to bleep on the phone…"Sir? Sir? Are you there?"…

Jacob drops his gun as it all ceases, and lays on the ledge, covering his face with his hands. Eventually, he clears his throat and comes up to his knees, taking up his gun and undoing the action to reset the safety. He takes a deep breath and sniffs, placing the gun in the back of his jeans. And for now, he begins to back up away from Christian and the girl. The things he's seen and done, he doesn't want them coming out to torture the young lady. He turns and heads off the way he came - making his way into the rain as quickly as he can.

Christian presses his hands to the ground and shifts forward to crawl closer to the smaller woman, gazing deeply into her eyes as she says that. "We're in the sewers Taylor. Jacob is with me." He offers calmly with a deep voice before looking back as the man makes a run for it. A brow arches with a soft hum on his lips before shaking his head. Indeed, he didn't know what was going on in the younger man's head. "We're going to go home Taylor." He adds a moment later when he looks back to her, his words calm as he presses his fingers to her cheek as if to reaffirm for her that he was real for true.

Argosy remains perched up above, watching the men sweep down below, and watching for signs of actual freaking police officers with badges and cars with lights and the like to show up, the one thought on his mind being 'How the hell am I gonna explain this to mom?'

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