Jason Argosy
Portrayed By Fabian Hambuchen
Theme Song "Don't Sweat the Technique" by Eric B & Rakim
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 17, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Capricorn, Monkey
Aliases None
Place of Birth Mesa, AZ, USA
Occupation High School Student
Known Relatives Tammy Argosy (Mother)
Significant Other None
Powers Superhuman Reflexes
First Appearance N/A


  • Adventurous: Jason's never been one to let fear stop him from trying something. Crazy extreme sports, strange ethnic foods, he's game to give it a try at least once.
  • Friendly: Steve is a genuinely nice guy. He likes meeting new people, and goes out of his way to introduce himself to people he doesn't know and generally not be a jerk.
  • Stubborn: Once Jason gets an idea in his head, it's hard to get him to change his mind. He's very bad about backing down from confrontations and such.


  • Superhuman Reflexes: Jason's reflexes are superhumanly fast - he hasn't tried it, but he's pretty sure he could dodge a bullet if he saw it coming.


  • Parkour: Jason discovered parkour on the internet a few years back, and fell in love. He's extremely good for his age.
  • Athletics: Steve's naturally a very athletic person - he'd been hoping to go to college on an sports scholarship of some sort, before he found out he was a mutant.
  • Fighting: While he hasn't had any formal training or anything of that nature, Jason's gotten in enough fights over various things that he knows the basics of not getting the snot kicked out of him.


  • iPod: Jason's iPod is probably the most expensive single thing he owns. It was a going away gift from a bunch of his friends back in Arizona, and it's filled with a huge and eclectic selection of music.
  • Home: Jason lives with his mom in a small one bedroom apartment. His mom gets the bedroom, at his insistence, and he camps out on the couch.
  • Mom: Jason's mom is the manager at a local Kinko's. She's busy most of the time with work, but Jason knows he can call her in an emergency.


  • College: Jason wants to go to college, but his plan to land scholarships just had a massive kink put in it with the discovery that he's a mutant.
  • Girlfriend: Jason was, in some ways, too nice a guy back home, suffering extensively from 'just a friend' syndrome. He hopes the change in scenery will help with this.
  • Equal Rights: Jason saw the mutant rights movement as the civil rights movement for his generation, even before he found out he was one himself.


  • Impulsive: Steve's not so good about considering long-term consequences before acting, and quite frequently finds himself in trouble as a result of poorly considered action.
  • Poor: Steve's mom doesn't make that much money, so funds are usually pretty tight in his life.
  • New in Town: Jason and his mom have just moved to Seattle, so he doesn't know many people yet, and he's still learning his way around and such.


Jason Argosy never knew his dad - he left when he was little, leaving his mom to raise him on her own. Money was always tight, since his mom didn't have anything beyond a high school education, but have anything more than a high school education, but she managed to make ends meet, and after a series of dead-end jobs and false starts over the course of years, managed to work her way into management with Kinko's, which is what prompted the move to Seattle.

Jason found his father figures in coaches for various sports. He ran cross-country in the fall, then played lacrosse in the spring, doing odd jobs to earn the money for his equipment, and running with the local parkour crowd in between it all. His powers began manifesting around his sophmore year of high school - he started making faster catches and passes, generally reacting faster to things, and it just kept getting faster.

He got disqualified from high school sports because of this - at the state finals for JV lacrosse his sophomore year, he pulled a move that the opponent's coach insisted wasn't humanly possible - his team won the game, but the title got revoked as a result. Jason was more than happy to move out of town when the opportunity came up for his mom to get her own store.


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