Character Name
Portrayed By Song Hye-kyo
Theme Song "Iris", "Name" by Goo Goo Dolls
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 15, 1986
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Idiot Savant Dancer/Entertainer
Known Relatives Melinda Lee (Mother), Jon Lee (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Adoptive Muscle Memory
First Appearance N/A


  • Headstrong

Either as a result of her upbringing or else a natural quirk of her personality, Ana is very headstrong and determined to do … well, whatever she wants to do. Attempting to dissuade her from anything she is absolutely set to do can be a trying and, in some cases, very painful experience. She is also extremely stubborn, which ties into her headstrong nature in ways that can make her very difficult to deal with if she's in a mood.

  • Socially-inept

While she is perfectly comfortable watching people in utter silence, people are not quite so comfortable being observed in such a way. Getting involved in a conversation or even spending time with other people is a terribly awkward affair — while she's doing her best to learn how to fit in better, it's a difficult process at best … and due to cause more than a few problems before she gets better at it.

  • Perfectionist

Everything she does must be done to her standards — and her standards are often inhumanly high. When she's set to do something, she's out to do it right, even if that means hours of practice that push her to the limits of her ability.

  • Patient

For all that she's headstrong and stubborn and inept, she's also incredibly patient — if not with herself, then with others at least. Her family is more apt to see the headstrong and stubborn side; strangers and friends will see the patient (if not exactly cheerful, as cheerful isn't her style) side.

  • Self-control

She is a paragon of self-control, often to the point of appearing impassive and unruffled in even the most chaotic of situations. This restraint is perhaps an off-shoot of her perfectionist tendencies, borne out of a need to appear 'perfect'. Of course, this self-control rarely holds up well when she's in one of her headstrong moods, but in most other situations, it holds strong.


  • Adoptive Muscle Memory

Upon seeing any physical action, Ana will not only remember it, but will be able to mimic that action perfectly. She will also be able to recall that action in order to perform it at any time she desires. Any such action can be replicated — from dance moves, to learning how to play the piano, or even picking up combat maneuvers. It does not impart an understanding of the maneuver/action and if the action is flawed, she will learn the flawed version of it. This ability is tied in with her inability to communicate vocally; her muscle memory can be perceived as either a side-effect (a fluke relating to her body language reading ability) or it can be considered an integral part of how she communicates. For her, movement is language; every hand gesture, every step, carries some meaning. An expertly performed dance is poetry; replicating it, for her, is akin to simple recitation and nothing more.


It should be noted that this covers skills she has an understanding of, not a complete list of things she can do. This list is due to expand as she seeks to expand her understanding of movement beyond mere duplication.

  • Dance

She has always been inclined toward dance — more so than most other things, in fact — and her parents have eagerly encouraged her in that regard. Because this is what she's focused the majority of her time and attention on, it's what she knows best; she has dance moves from nearly every school of dance, from ballet and waltzes to exotic belly dancing and tango.

  • Martial Arts

Her parents made the mistake of allowing her to watch a kung fu movie once as a young girl; they've since paid for it in the form of martial arts lessons, lessons she insisted on in her peculiar way. She is exceptionally talented and could easily adapt to learning multiple styles … but she's settled with Taekwondo (first degree black belt, currently) and recreational Tai chi for now.

  • Music

She has a particular fondness for music and has spent some time watching great pianists and other musicians perform. Her preference is classical music and she can perform approximately as well as any of those musicians that she's observed. Her knowledge of music, however, is not terribly deep — though she might have a mental repetoire to rival that of most famous musicians, it is still a drop in the bucket compared to all that is out there to be learned.

  • Survival

Not quite the 'typical' survival skill — this just covers the fact that she can cook without burning her apartment down (or killing herself with food poisoning) and can get around the city without too much difficulty. In general, she can survive, though she needs significant help in paying bills and doing other such tasks.

  • Sign Language

She can utilize American Sign Language to communicate — to a very, very limited degree. She can communicate basic information, such as her name or if she wants food, but cannot express such abstractions as her feelings or the time of day. Likewise, she can understand basic things — nouns and actions, primarily — but she is unable to understand anything that might be considered abstract.

  • Stealth

Being somewhat headstrong, she's always been the sort to sneak away from home to try to do things on her own. She is very quiet and stealthy when she's of a mind to be — which just so happens to be quite often. Unless someone has heightened senses or is anticipating her, they are highly unlikely to know she's even there until she makes her presence known.

  • Athletics

She is a highly athletic young woman as a result of both her power and her need to be constantly active. While she isn't exactly Olympic-quality, she could be if she applied herself in a more focused manner than she currently does. She is adept at swimming, running, and basic feats of athleticism — and, of course, she can play any sport put in front of her after watching it long enough to get the gist of the rules and such.

  • Acrobatics

Among her favourite things to do is watch acrobatic competitions and then mimic those actions; she's highly adept performing standard flips and cartwheels, but lacks the physical conditioning to fully put her extensive acrobatics knowledge to work.

  • Body Language

She is fluent only in reading body language — this replaces any other language she would have normally acquired at birth. Her fluency is limited in many ways, however: she may periodically guess what someone is going to do based on twitches or other subtle cues, but generally cannot predict such movement every time. She can pick up on subtle emotional cues (facial expressions in particular) and is quite capable of picking up the general idea of what someone is saying, so long as it isn't a terribly complicated or abstract topic.


  • Stipend

Her parents control all of the money she earns when she performs (one of the benefits of being her managers, naturally), but they do pay her a regular stipend to spend as she wishes in addition to paying her bills and rent. Her weekly allowance tends to fluctuate — generally, it ranges from $100-200 a week.

  • Apartment

She has a studio apartment all to herself, complete with all the necessities and some nice electronics. Nothing truly upscale, but still fairly high-end in general. Her bills are paid by her parents, so all she has to do is keep the place clean, for the most part.

  • Caretaker

Her parents have hired a caretaker to keep an eye on her while she's at home and out in the city at large; while she has a lot of free time, this caretaker does make periodic visits on her throughout the day to make sure she's alright.

  • Job

She doesn't have a regular job per se, though she does work for a living. Her parents manage her various gigs — she performs as a musician, dancer, or even an acrobat — and her money; she just has to show up on time and do whatever is required of her (even if explaining the latter might take quite a while).


  • Independence

More than anything, Ana wants full independence. She doesn't want to be tied to her parents or to her caretaker, she doesn't want to have to answer to anyone except her own self. Someday, she'll make that happen. Someday.

  • Education

She's not a stupid young woman and she's pretty tired of being treated as if she were. Her childhood wasn't conducive toward ensuring she was well-educated — or, at least, as educated as her particular quirks would allow — so she's seeking to learn despite all of the roadblocks in her way. If she can find a way to work with her dyslexia, she might well be on her way to full literacy — and on the way to fulfilling her other goals.

  • Normalcy

Ana wants … well, normalcy. A normal job, a normal life, and normal friends (though who's to say what's normal, really?) While this might not be so much a goal as an ideal, she is working towards the 'get friends' part of things and will eventually be able to move onto the other parts — getting a normal job and settling into a new routine of her own choosing — in due time.

  • Communication

She's painfully, painfully aware of the fact that her inability to communicate with others is a hindrance to all of her other goals. Thus, she's attempting to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it — unfortunately, she'll need some outside help to resolve the issue and she's still too stubborn to find a way to ask for help. In due time, however, she'll give in and seek assistance — making this a viable goal in the future.


  • Autism

Doctors have long decreed that she is autistic, an idiot savant to be precise, and her parents have had little reason to contest them on that fact. She is not autistic, however; she just speaks a different language than everyone else does. All of the symptoms she displays are linked to her abilities: looking people in the eye is uncomfortable, as she tends to see (based on facial expression) what their feelings are; she's never learned to speak because she acquired body language as her language, rather than English or any other vocalized language; she never made friends due to that language barrier — and so on.

  • Dyslexia

She is unable to read due to severe dyslexia; letters are simply never where they're supposed to be and, even when they are, the resulting word has zero meaning to her. Therefore, anything that requires reading is something she is unable to do — which makes shopping alone a rather interesting experience for all involved.

  • Failure to Communicate

In a nutshell: Ana doesn't speak the same language everyone else does. She cannot communicate verbally due to a peculiar kink in her brain — it's the same quirk that is both the source of her photographic reflexes and her body language fluency. She also cannot understand anything that is communicated to her verbally. In order to understand what someone is talking about, she must be looking at them to get some gist of what they're trying to explain … but, even then, some concepts have no meaning to her whatsoever (money and time being two such concepts). It is a point of much frustration to her — unable to communicate herself as eloquently as she wants to and unable to understand the nuances of verbal communication.

  • Incomprehensible Thoughts

Because she doesn't 'think' in words or even concepts that most people are familiar with, it makes her mental landscape a rather unforgiving and baffling thing. Telepaths will be utterly confused by her thoughts, though they may be able to puzzle out some meaning with time spent in her mind. Her thoughts are a whirl of movement and vague abstractions associated with such movement, of memories and muscle memories all fused into something that is altogether headache-inducing. While this can be a benefit — she cannot be mentally controlled if the mind-controller is using 'words' rather than abstract 'image' commands and her thoughts cannot easily be read — it is generally more of a detriment; she simply cannot focus her thoughts on any one thing for long.


Anabella Rose Lee was born November 15th, 1986, as the only child of Melinda and Jon Lee. She was happy, healthy, and, for a long time, life was good.

It was when she was about a year old that something seemed awry; it wasn't until she was nearly two when her parents finally took her to a doctor. While she was crawling and walking just fine — better than fine, in fact — the fact that she never spoke was a point of much concern. The doctor settled on a diagnosis of autism and her parents were resigned to accept it, though such acceptance came with some measure of resentment as well.

Her childhood was otherwise uneventful — she didn't socialize well with other children, so her parents eventually resorted to keeping her at home. Neither Melinda nor Jon were particularly adept with entertaining children, so they left her in the care of the television more often than not — and that's when everything began to change.

At the age of five, Ana was flawlessly mimicing every dance she saw on the television. Back to the doctors they went; the suggestion was that she was an idiot savant and that was a diagnosis her parents were oddly more comfortable with. All the money spent on therapists and doctors and everything else in an attempt to normalize their child would soon be regained by putting her on the world's stage to perform as little more than a dancing monkey.

They, of course, did not see it as such … but Ana was savvy enough to discern that was the unspoken purpose. So the lessons and proper training began, all as preparation to put her out there and perform. She took to everything physical with all the ease of a fish in water, putting even her instructors to shame. The peculiarities didn't end there, of course; at the age of ten, she watched her first kung fu movie and was hooked — something about the movements spoke to her, communicated something to her that was so intense that it compelled her to grab her babysitter's arm and point at it.

It was clear that it was something she wanted to do. Her parents, of course, indulged her — as they had indulged in her desire to learn music — and she settled into a regular (if chaotic) life of practicing, performing, and practicing some more.

Such was her life until she hit her late teens and rebelliousness kicked in. She struggled, she fought, she did everything she could to try to explain that she wanted her freedom — lacking the words, however, she resorted to sneaking out at night to explore, to visit the night scene, and just generally get a better grip on the world at large.

While she wasn't a wild child — she was more often likened to the odd goth chick in the back that just watched everyone — it was enough to cause much concern with her parents. They settled on the only resolution they could find: they got her an apartment, set her up with a caretaker, and scaled back some of her performances to give her more time to be on her own. But she still lives under their watchful — if slightly more distant — eye and she's increasingly more resentful of it.


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