Afternoon Jog


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Summary: Out for a jog, Tyler meets up with Laurel.

Date: March 24, 2009

Afternoon Jog

Rating: PG-13

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

The day is nice for a change, free of rain. The temperature is warm with a light breeze. Tyler is out enjoying the day at the park, wearing a black tank top and matching jogging pants with two silver lines on the outside of either leg. He jogs at a slow, but steady pace along the path that winds through the park, a set of earbud headphones placed in his ears.

Tyler isn't the only one out for a jog. Laurel is out and about in a pair of grey bootie shorts and a black tanktop finished off with her immaculately clean white sneakers. She's jogging behind him, but as he slows down she starts to speed up, wrinkling her nose needing to work off some stress.

Tyler continues to jog at his pace, sweat just starting to appear on his body. As Laurel closes in on him, Tyler glances back and looks at the woman for a moment as she moves up next to him, offering a slight smile if she should happen to catch his gaze, but he keeps his pace the same.

Catching his gaze, Laurel grins and winks in his direction, snickering softly the entire time. She runs her fingers through her hair and slows down to keep her pace similar to his. "Hey there..havent seen you around here before.."

Tyler sees her talking and pulls out one of the earbuds and smiles at her. "Sorry. What was that?" He asks, keeping his pace. He glances ahead of him for a moment to make sure that the path ahead of them is clear before he looks back to the woman after seeing that he's not going to run into something and make an ass out of himself.

"It was a hey. Just saying I havent seen you here before. You know, obligatory small talk.." Laurel quips, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she continues running beside him.

Tyler chuckles softly as he nods once. "Oh. Okay. Hey." He says with a slight smirk. "Yeah, first time jogging in this park. Usually up north a bit more. Decided to come here today." He says between breaths as he jogs along side her.

"i see, I see. You sound tired, already? That's not good.." she quips, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she continues jogging with his pace.

Tyler grins and looks at his watch before he looks back at her. "Been jogging around town for ten minutes before I came here. Been here for another ten." He says with a grin. "I'm Tyler." He offers after a moment.

"Laurel, nice to meet you.." she says introducing herself, smiling warmly the entire time. "I'd shake your hand, but you know, we're both running and all. So what do you do?"

Tyler smirks and nods. "Yeah, it's alright. It's nice to meet you too." He says as he glances ahead of them again before he looks back at her. "I'm adjusting to civilian life again. Just got out of the Army." He takes a few more deep breaths. "What about you?"

"I'm a sophomore at UDub, dont exactly do anything exciting like joining the army, but hey, it's good enough.." she replies with a warm smile as she continues running alongside him. "So you were in Iraq and all?"

Tyler nods his head as she tells him what she does. "That's cool. I never went to college. I might do it now that I have the G.I. Bill." He says with a chuckle. "No. I wasn't in Iraq. I was stationed in Ireland with an experimental squad." He says as he chuckles. "Wanna walk? It'll make for an easier conversation."

"Yeah, that might be easier.." Laurel quips as she eases on down by a nearby bench as she pauses and does the splits in front of the bench. She's flexible afterall and she has to cool down after that jog. "So whatcha wanna talk about?"

Tyler slows down as she does, stopping as well at the bench. He stretches a bit as he watches her, his head tilting to the side slightly as she does the splits, a slight smirk forming on his lips and an eyebrow raising slightly. "I dunno. What's your major?" He asks her after a moment.

"Biochemistry." she says as she continues stretching, putting her head on her knee before looking backup towards you. She grins wryly and wrinkles her nose as she peers back up towards him. "It's pretty interesting though.."

Tyler looks up from her body to her face as she puts her head on her knee. "Biochemistry? Wow. You must be smart. I don't think I could understand it." He says with a soft chuckle.

"Not really, not that smart.." Laurel replies with a shrug of her shoulders, smiling warmly the entire time. She stretches her arms into the air as she looks back towards him. "So you think you're going back to school?"

Tyler nods. "Yeah. I mean it's better than doing what I'm doing now which is nothing." He says with a soft chuckle. He stretches his arms across his chest to stretch out the shoulders as he looks at her. "Just don't know what I'd want to study."

"You could always start and get your general education requirements out of the way.." she says matter of factly, smiling the entire time. She's still stretching and soon she dusts herself off and crosses her legs Indian style.

Tyler nods. "That's true." He says with a smile as he looks at her. "Did you move to Seattle to go to school or are you a native too?" He asks her, his eyes wandering over her body again.

"No, born and raised in California.." Laurel replies, noticing his wandering gaze as she gives him an appreciative glance as well, snickering softly the entire time. "It's so gloomy, cloudy most of the time, but I got a scholarship to UDub, so yeah.."

Tyler smiles and nods as he moves to sit down next to her if there is enough room. "Yeah, it rains a lot here, but I love it. I don't think I could call anywhere else home." He says with a smile. "So, you're a Cali girl. So Cal?"

"Pretty much. Pasadena. My dad was a professor at USC, so I grew up around there.." she says matter of factly as she wrinkles her nose and grins wryly the entire time. If you look closely, the grass around her is a bit more vibrant than the grass around you.

Tyler isn't really looking at the grass, so doesn't notice the difference. He looks at her and smiles. "That's cool. I have always wanted to go to California." He says as he stretches back a bit. "You don't smoke do you?" He asks her after he finishes stretching.

"No, I dont. If you want to smoke though, go ahead.." Laurel offers as she continues stretching a little as she looks towards him and smiles warmly still. She leans in and bumps her shoulders against his. "It's getting dark. Perhaps I should be getting home.." she muses, looking up towards the starlit sky as the clouds pass on by.

Tyler nods his head as he smirks. "It's a bad habit and I need to quit." He says, digging out a pack from his pocket and takes one out. He puts the pack back into the pocket after placing the single cigarette between his lips. He snaps his fingers and a small flame appears from his thumb. He uses the flame to light his cigarette before he opens his hand and the flame vanishes. He takes a drag from the cigarette and moves it away from her, blowing the smoke away from her as well.

That's not something you see everyday. She blinks a little and stares at the way he lights the fire and blinks a little as she takes a deep breath. Laurel hrmms for a few moments and peers towards the fire, " just made that.." she says surprised about the whole thing. "'re one of those mutants huh.."

Tyler smiles as he looks at her, nodding. "Yup. I'm a mutant. I'm not one to hide myself. I like to live in the open." He says as he looks to her. "You're not afraid are you? I won't hurt you. I promise."

"That's pretty presumptuous of you. Thinking that I'm just a regular human who'd be scared. And look who is stereotyping now.." Laurel lets out with a soft chuckle under her breath. She leans over and picks up a flower from between his legs. It's plucked, but it's only now that it seems more alive, blooming brightly as it's leaves and stalk starts to entwine around her fingers.

Tyler laughs softly as he watches her flower trick. "Well, I'll be damned." He says as he looks at her. "You're one of us too then." He says with a smile. He looks at her for a moment. "I lead a group of us who need a safe place to stay or want a place to belong. We're called the Mutant Underground." Which is a contradiction since he lives in the open. "Give us a call if you ever need us."

"The mutant underground..why? Why do you need to be underground?" Laurel asks curiously raising her brows as she places the flower back towards the ground, letting it sprout roots as she brings it back down into the soil once more. "I'm not in trouble, are you in trouble?"

Tyler laughs and shakes his head. "No. We're not in trouble or living underground. Just a name. We just look out for one another. Give us a safe haven to be ourselves without hiding who we are."

"I dont go around showing off my powers to random strangers. For now I think I'm fine.." Laurel admits ruefully as she hrmms for a few moments and chews on her bottom lip. "you should be more careful though."

Tyler shrugs his shoulders. "I am who I am." He says as he looks at her. "But if you need our help, just look for us." He says with a smile.

"And how am I going to look for you guys?" she asks curiously, wrinkling her nose as she stretches her arms into the air and looks back towards him.

Tyler thinks for a moment. "Good point. You got a phone on you?" He asks her, looking at her. "I'll give you my number."

And she pats her ass feeling her small cellphone and pulls it out. "Okay, shoot.." she says.

Tyler gives her another quick look over before he gives her his number to put in. "Feel free to call me anytime you need something. I'll try to help out the best I can." He says to her with a smile.

"All right, I guess I can call, though I dont think I'll need to.." she replies with another shrug of her shoulders. "But we'll see, I guess.." she continues.

Tyler smiles and nods. "No problem. Hell, give me a call if you want someone to run with too." He says as he leans back against the bench, flicking the ash of the cigarette before he takes another drag, exhaling the smoke away from her again.

"That's all? Only give you a call if I want someone to run with or if I need help? Awww, and here I was, thinking you might start hitting on me.." Laurel quips with awry wink, giggling impishly in the end.

Tyler grins and chuckles. "And here I thought I was giving you an open invitation to call me." He says in a playful tone, returning the wink.

"But shouldn't the guy make the first move? I'm still kind of old fashioned afterall.." Laurel replies, snickering softly as she wets her lips with her tongue.

Tyler chuckles. "And what would you prefer? Ask you to get a drink with me? Do the ol' stretch and yawn or just go in for a kiss even though we've just met?"

"What do you prefer? I want you to take charge. I like it when a man is in control afterall.." she replies, waggling her brows scandalously.

Fade to black…

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