Aftermath Of A Prophecy


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Summary: After getting Venadia safely home from the park, the gang becomes slightly more familiar with each other.

Date: February 19, 2009

Aftermath of a Prophecy

Rating: PG-13

Sinn Manor - Loft

The loft area is rather large and open, A half wall facing the pool while the rest is covered by a two way mirror allowing the occupants to look out over the pool area while remaining hidden from sigh.

Within the loft apartment that has been built there is a open living area, a small love seat facing a large flat screen television set into one of the walls as well as a small end table next to the love seat.

Just beyond the small living area there is a kitchenette kept behind a wooden door, the kitchen small in the sense of how everything else on the property is, but fully functional.

Just beyond the kitchenette the loft opens up to reveal a large bedroom area with its own private bath as well as a walk in closet. The bedroom itself done with the finest of furniture much like the rest of the loft area while the flooring is soft plush carpet.

The entire trip there Venadia was out like a light. Starting to stir faintly only at the point you're driving through the gates to Sinn Manor. Her eyes start to slowly slide open, looing exhausted and blinks a bit, "Where… am I?" Her voice croaking a bit.

"You're home," Byron reports from the driver's seat of a beat-up old stationwagon that is entirely covered in graffiti from hood to bumper, except for the windows. He looks over his shoulder to the back seat briefly, "At least this's the address on your ID. Sinn Manor, I guess?"

Venadia nods faintly as she stays laying down for the time being, "Head hurts…" Then blinks and groans, "Not again… how… how many saw?"

Jacob stays quiet for now, letting Byron deal with the waking questions. Jacob will reveal himself to her soon, but for now he just sits in the front with Byron and looks out the window with a bemused grin on his face. Every part of his mind dedicates itself to memorizing the route they take.

"Just about the whole park," Byron drawls out in response, pulling up the drive, "This happen often…? By the way, where do I park? I don't want some evil butler to show up and have my car towed as a wreck or something."

Venadia shakes her head and moves to slowly sit up, her hand on her head as she tries to stop the throbbing in her head. Her eyes closing again as she whispers, "Next to my VW Bug.." She whispers tiredly. Leaning against a window, "I.. I'm in that one there." Opening her eyes enough to motion to the game house, "Up.. in the loft." Ignoring the other question for the moment as she stares at the back of Jacob's head.

Jacob can't help but giggle lightly as they pull in towards the drive way and Venadia comes back to life a little. Then as the hairs on the back of his neck begin to stand on end, he assumes it's time to put the curiosity of the poor girl to rest. He turns in his seat, and offers her a kind smile, "Hello, Oracle." Is all he says, though he says it entirely non-threateningly.

The station wagon comes to a halt behind the bug, and Byron shifts it into park. The giggling of the other man gets a rather strange look, like someone would give a homeless guy shouting at them, and then he pushes the driver's side door open. "He seems to think you're related, or something," he mutters, stepping out and moving to open the back door to the wagon, offering Venadia a hand up.

Taking the hand, Venadia moves to stand up slowly. Her legs still shaking a bit as she just looks to Byron a moment, oddly enough not commenting before then looking to Jacob wordlessly. He's kind enough but she whipsers raspishly, "Don't… don't call me that.. please.. I… I'm not." Well she is, but yeah. She hands her house keys to Byron and leans in against him the smallest bit.

Jacob opens the door and stands out of the car, his eyes squinting slightly in the light. With a close of the cardoor behind him, he turns his back on the street and looks up to the manor in front of him. "Posh," he says rather quietly, before grinning back to Venadia and Byron and getting ready to follow them in. Jacob feels as if he's at the foot of the rabbit hole, and is perfectly content to shove his head in as far as it'll go. And if it's deeper than that - he's jumping in.

The hand offered is clasped at the wrist to add leverage, and Byron helps her up to her feet on the curb - taking the keys with one hand, his other pressing lightly against the small of her back to help her keep stable. "Let's get inside," he murmurs, heading towards the game house and asking sidelong towards Jacob, "So what's your name, buddy?"

Venadia mutters under her breath, "London…" Then mutters, "Thanks Tiger Lily… what did I say? Did you.. Did you hear it? I.. I remember a boy… a light… and … and screaming… a kids screaming."

Jacob's eyes darken as he's asked his name, but he grins suddenly as Venadia answers with a nickname. "Sure fing, call me London." The nickname lover follows slowly behind them, eyes re-lightening as Venadia describes the vision behind her words. "Do ya? Huh…" He decides not to tell Venadia about the kid being taken just yet - as he's unsure whether Byron even saw it, and there's more to be learned from these two without putting them into a guilty mindset.

"London, eh?" The door's unlocked with her keys, and Byron pushes the door open to step along within, his head shaking, "You were talking about-ah-screaming children, bleeding hands, some guy with a bee-sting. Number five?"

Venadia shakes her head and says tiredly, "I… I don't remember… " Murmuring tiredly and then shivering, "It's cold.." The game house is actually kept pretty balmy to be honest, but she hasn't warmed up since her body turned cold during her oracular episode. Leading everyone through slowly, clinging on to Byron's arm so when she starts tilting he's there to lean on. Leading them past the pool and hot tub area before up into the loft. "The boy…was levitating something…"

"A tin can," fills in Jacob as he follows along through the game halls, "He was levitatin' a tin can. Leas', 'e 'ad a tin can in 'is 'and…" It seems to Jacob like Venadia and Byron will both ponder over the meaning of this prophecy until it's solved. And so in the interest of expediting his own learning process - he solves it for them, "You must've seen th'kid I saw. You didn' see, mate? Blokes in a van came an' took th'kid. 'e's gone." Jacob stops talking, suddenly realizing that his lack of compassion might effectively lengthen the conversation instead of shorten it.

"Christ…" Byron rubs two fingers against the bridge of his nose, eyes closing for a moment, "…so, what, there's some creepy fucks in a white van kidnapping kids with, uh, mutant, powers or whatever the hell you call them? Great. Shouldn't we-no, I suppose 'mysterious vision' wouldn't talk the cops into believing us."

Venadia's face pales and she pushes back against the corner of the couch, croaking out, "You.. You can't tell them about me.. please.. you can't."

Jacob shakes his head in a sort of appreciation to Byron's, concern although slightly belittling, "We're not doin' anyfin'. 'e's gone, likely not alone where 'e's at. Most we c'n focus on is… we're safe. F'now, 'oo knows 'oo saw what back there." He looks out the window now, this way and that, before turning to Venadia and asking, "Where's the toilet?"

"You're just full of compassion, aren't you, mate?" A dry comment from Byron, who shakes his head slowly thereafter, "…alright, alright, no cops, then. Look, as callous as that british sonuvabitch is, he's right, really-we're all right, nobody's trying to lynch us-you all right, Venadia? You felt like you were freezing solid…"

Venadia shivers and murmurs, "Still am… it.. it takes a while to come back… I.. I need Mr. Sinn, he knows how to warm me up." Shivering again before then nodding to the left for Jacob. "There…" Before looking to Byron, "Thank you for bringing me home.. I.. I'm sorry… well… yeah… "

"You need another blanket, or…?" A faint snort of breath cuts his own words off as she speaks, and Byron's chin dips in a slight nod, gaze hooding, "Ah. Well, I'm sure he'll be home whenever he is—and hey, I wouldn't be much've a gentleman if I left a lady laying unconscious in the middle of the park, would I?"

Venadia doesn't answer to what she needs, merely huddling in her blanket a bit as she glances to her lap top. Reaching over to it she flips the top down till it locks shut. Her lips quirking faintly at Byron before shrugging… "I guess.. but… with… what happened…"

Byron arches one brow slightly. "What? Okay, you had some sort've seizure and saw the future-" He sweeps one hand off to one side, "-don't see how you need to apologize for that, babe. Not like you did it on purpose, eh?"

Venadia looks up at Byron then and shivers before she nods, "… And .. you and the knife?" Her voice quiet but she questions it anyways.

"The knife?" Byron's brow furrows just a bit, showing little recognition of what she's talking about, "What d'you mean? What knife? Did you - I mean - see something else?"

Jacob opens the bathroom door, the toilet never flushes. He turns the lights off and heads back into the main room slowly, passing by the duo and heading straight to the window to look out again. His most recent questions go checked while they discuss Byron's knife.

Venadia stands up from the couch, moving to the kitchen. Crooking a finger at Byron and then holding out three butter knives.

Byron raises a hand a bit as if to help support her if she needs it, but when she doesn't he moves after her instead towards the kitchen-pausing there in its doorway, his brow furrowing just a bit at the appearance of the knives. He looks at them for a moment, lips pursing, then states firmly, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Jacob watches Venadia hold knives out to Byron, staying back and keeping quiet so as not to dissuade him from doing as she asks him. In fact, he seems to feel as if something remarkable is going to take place.

The knives are regarded for a long moment, and Byron exhales a snort of breath. "Why? I don't juggle, or anything, I don't know what that's supposed to prove…"

Venadia reaches out a hand to Byron, reaching for his. If he allows her to take it, she turns it so it's palm up and just places the knives in his hand, "Just… hold them. That's all."

Jacob remains completely silent now, feeling in his original rejection that Byron might be too afraid to hold the knives in front of them. This fear tickles Jacob's mind, and he crosses his arms tightly to check it out.

"I…" Byron's hand is taken, and she reaches to put the knives in his hand - but he pulls back with a grimace, shaking his head, "This is ridiculous, 'Nadia. Seriously, they're just… knives." A step back, and he reaches up to nervously adjust the scarf around his neck, "Look, I guess I should leave you to, uh, your rich boyfriend or whatever, and get going before work."

Venadia moves to step around by Byron, "He's not my boyfriend.. he's my employer and .. well a friend. Byron… please? Just for a moment?"

Byron and Nadia, check and check on names. And he never even had to ask. If there's one thing Jacob has, it's a trait of impenetrable patience. As Byron denies and begins to step away, Jacob steps forward now, and suggests, "Nadia, was it?" He goes on, "Leave him be with those… does no good gettin' all upset with y'bein' all shaken, eh?" He gives Byron a look that asks him to stay, but with little emotionally requirement involved. It seems like an intellectual wanting.

"They're fucking butter knives," Byron observes sharply as he's cornered, so to speak, and then there's someone telling him that he's going to be 'shaken' and he scowls-reaching out to grab them, holding the stacked-together knives in his hand, blades and handles protruding from the ends of his fist. "There, you happy?"

Venadia flinches at how angry he seems. Sighing softly, she lets him keep hold of the knives before then sliding a hand on the other elbow. "It won't go away Byron…. trust me… I pray every day I'll wake up and not have this… but it wont go away."

Feeling like a fly on the wall, Jacob resumes his silence as the knives are taken and Venadia outs Byron. His eyes flash wide again as his obsession burns to life, and he stands a bit straighter to watch the rest of the scene.

"There's nothing to worry about going away," Byron replies darkly under his breath, twisting his arm to toss the knives into the sink with a solid clank of impact as the bundle of them strike the metal basin. Then he moves to step around Venadia, shaking his head, "Anyway. Good luck. Try not to get yourself lynched, you know?"

Venadia sighs tiredly as she looks to the sink wordlessly, knowing what she's looking for.

"Hey, you neither, eh?" Jacob may not be sure Byron has a power, but when the Oracle seems to strongly suggest something should be happening to the knives, his suspicions activate to toy with the mate. "Maybe I should leave too," he says this second part to Venadia, though he doesn't move as he speaks to insinuate his desire either way.

As the seer heads over for the sink, Byron walks over to the door a bit stiffly, pushing it open and heading for the stairs once more, his head shaking from side to side.

The knives are literally a bundle, now, since they've been fused together into one hunk of metal.
No seams. No marks.

Venadia says, "you don't have to….I just… I'm sorry Byron." Sighing a bit and then reaching to hold up one of the knives and up comes the rest. "oh Byron…"

Jacob lingers behind Byron, slightly disappointed that he actually left without any event occurring. Even though Venadia tells him he doesn't have to go, he begins to follow towards the exit - that is until Venadia holds up a rather small sculpture. No wait… "Are those th'knives?" He wonders out loud, stepping closer to the bunch.

Venadia shakes her head, "No I have the knives in my pocket. I made this a few weeks ago it's still cooling off…" Believable? Maybe given the pieces of art around the room though most of it is clay or marble.

Down outside, the sound of the engine rumbling to life is heard.

"Ah… I see." Jacob watches Venadia closely. Apparently, she's not going to trust him very quickly. "I see," he repeats and then turns on his heel towards the exit, "I guess I'll be going, Nadia." He takes a slow deep breath as the engine downstairs roars to life, and unless stopped he begins to head over towards the exit.

Venadia nods slowly and murmurs, "Good bye London." Moving to go and lay down on the couch. What ever she's doing when she lays down is hidden, though the faint hint of sniffling is heard as you walk out the door.

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