Adaptation is simply the presence of physical and mental bodily features that allow one to survive in a certain environment.

  • Vacuum Adaptation or Space Adaptation allows the body of the user to survive in space unaided, withstand atmospheres, cosmic mediums and strange gravity (even sometimes that of a dangerous vacuum) and perhaps propel oneself into space.
  • Aquatic Adaptation or Bathyal Adaptation allows the possessor to breathe water in lieu of or along with a gaseous breathing medium (this is called Waterbreathing or Hydropnea), swim very well (usually at high speeds) and endure high water pressure.
  • Terrene Adaptation allows the possessor to live in stuffy, low-light terrene conditions like caves and tunnels with vision, endurance and breathing adapted for such (and perhaps also adapted for intense heat, if adapted for areas closer to the earth's core).
  • Montane Adaptation or Mountain Adaptation allows the possessor to live in very high-up conditions where the air is thin, as they possess adjusted breathing capacity, high air-pressure tolerance, a high cold tolerance and immunity to vertigo.
  • Aerial Adaptation or Flight Adaptation allows the user to withstand extreme wind pressures (so one isn't disoriented or deprived of normal breathing capacity by them) along with immunity to vertigo; this ability is innate for fliers (so it is counted along with Flight as an ability).

The possessor of these adaptations would still have a human body, except with a few superhuman anatomical features. The possessor of this ability could not have multiple adaptations.

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