A Walk in the Park


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Summary: Tyler and Laurel happen upon Dax in the park.

Date: March 25, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Rating: G

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

Tyler is dressed for jogging and looks as if his has just finished with his run. He currently has Laurel on his back with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his shoulders. She has her head resting on his shoulder. He smiles as he looks at her. "Why does the guy always have to decide? It's the 2009. Equal rights and all that." He says with a chuckle.

"Yes, but that's assuming I'm a feminist, yadayada. As much as I am for women's rights, I just dont feel like being decisive right now.." Laurel replies as she rests her head on his shoulder. "You know, there's more and more mutants coming out of the woodwork. The guy you ran into earlier..he's one of us.." she mentions

Ah, what a lovely night for a walk. Dax decided to stick to the non-violent park this evening. He's tired of being almost eaten and almost shot and almost exploded. This park seems quiet enough. He carries along slowly with his hands in his pockets. Occasionally one comes out to ash the cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Even in the approaching twilight this man is wearing sunglasses, which he squints through as he sees someone approaching. Oh wait, that's two someones. And one appears to be 'Mr. Glowy-Arms'. Dax decides that he should now think of him as 'Mr. Explody'…Or he could just ask his real name. The man shrugs and wanders toward the two.

Noticing Dax approach, cause he's cute and all, Laurel's brows raise a little as she wrinkles her nose and peers curiously towards him. "You know that guy?" she asks as he seems to be approaching.

Tyler continues to walk with Laurel on his back. "That's true." He says as he thinks. "I need to go home and shower, but after that do you want to go have dinner?" He asks her as Dax approaches. As he spots the approaching man, he recognizes him, offering a nod in greeting. "Yeah, I know he is. He showed me what he does." He says to Laurel with a smirk. "Kinda. Seen him a few times."

Dax stops near the two of them and nods back, grinning. "Hey there, mister…And miss." He offers her a quick wave. "Erm…Thought I'd stop by and say howdy. Seems I always run into you and then horrible things ensue and I never actually learn your name. I'm Dax, by the way." He points a thumb toward himself and then, as if realizing what he had said, he looks around for approaching doom. Looks safe for now…

"Why Tyler, are you asking me out on a date? As in an official one now?" Laurel asks curiously, snickering softly the entire time. She hops off Tyler's back and smiles warmly as she heads on over towards Dax and extends a hand towards him. "Hi there! Nice to meet you Dax. I'm Laurel and this is Tyler..there, now y'all are introduced."

Tyler looks up at Laurel and nods. "Yeah. I mean, we didn't get a chance to go out last night." He says with a smirk before he looks to Dax. "Yeah. What she said." He says with a chuckle. "Dax here has helped me out a few times." He says to Laurel before he looks back to the man. "Good to see you're still alive and kicking."

Dax looks slightly uncomfortable for a second. Their conversation is not missed by him and he wonders if he has interrupted something. The moment passes as Laurel introduces the two. He shakes her hand and smiles at the two. "Ah, so I can stop calling you Mr. Explody?" He chuckles slightly. "Yeah, I managed to live. Apparently so did you." He looks at Tyler for a moment, expecting to see horrible burns and chunks of flesh missing…But oh well.

"What exactly happened between you two?" Laurel asks, now quite curious as she first looks towards Dax and then over to Tyler expectantly, hoping for something to clarify everything. "So he knows about your thing too huh..does he have a thing?" Oh, that's just vague..and slightly sexual.

Tyler laughs softly. "Yeah, I don't think that fire or an explosion is going to affect me very much." He says with a smirk. "Sorry to disappoint." He looks up at Laurel and smiles. "There was an anti-mutant protest and they were going to kill a mutant and we intervened. I got shot and then I charged someone and that's all I remember." He says to her. "I think so, just don't know what."

Dax ponders for a moment what the two say. "Oh yeah, I thought you might have gotten shot. But then you exploded and I assumed the bullet was the least of your problems. I see now that I was incorrect." He nods and answers Laurel's question, apparently not noticing the sexual innuendo. "Oh? Yeah. Don't look directly into my eyes or you might get a little wonky."

"How long ago was this?You got shot and you're fine now?" Laurel asks, seeming a bit surprised by the whole thing. She oyes softly and rubs at her temples alittle as she peers curiously towards Dax and cants her head to the side, finally noticing that his eyes are different colors. As she continues looking, she starts to get a headache and rubs her temples again, "Okay..so that's your thing..that's..intense."

Tyler thinks for a moment. "I don't know. A few weeks I think." He says with a smirk. "I'm not fully healed. Still stiff and sore in the shoulder, but other than that…" He says with a smirk as he looks to Dax. "There was also the vans wasn't there?"

Dax averts his gaze from the girl. "Yeah…might not want to do that too much. I've seen people fall down before…" He replaces his sunglasses to prevent further mishaps. He looks over at Tyler and nods. "He had been shot in the shoulder? And then carried this girl? Next time Dax gets into a scrap he know who to call…Also because he explodes. "Vans? No. That waifty girl mentioned vans but I wasn't there for that. I did see you that one time that person tried to eat me, though."

"Person who tried to eat you?" Laurel doesnt seem to think it's a sexual reference as she looks towards Dax in a puzzled manner shaking her head the entire time. She oyes once more and rubs at her temples, still having the headache.

Tyler nods and chuckles. "Yeah. That's right." He says with a smirk before he looks up at Laurel. "He got jumped by someone and he says he was trying to eat him."

Dax scratches his chin and smiles weakly at the girl. "Sorry…did I do that?" He asks, referring to her headache. He'd been trying to focus more on keeping people's eye contact since that close call back at the park, and he seems to be able to keep people's attention a bit longer. But he hasn't ever seen lingering headaches. He suspects it was something else…but wonders all the same if it was him. "Um…Right. Some jumpy guy. Said something about eating me, but he forgot about it and ran off." Sure, he realizes how confusing that sounds. He nods as Tyler confirms the story. "What ever happened to him? Think he succumbed to his apparent rabies?"

"Eating someone is beyond mere rabies. I saw some guy flash fangs at a bouncer the other night. I was dancing with friends and he kissed my hand and stuff…" she then pauses for a few moments, before dismissing that train of thought. "But you know what, I bet he was one of those vampire freaks. Probably watched Twilight too many times and thought having fangs would land him easy pussy.." Laurel quips.

Tyler laughs softly at Laurel. "That's my girl." He says about the vampire freak, though he looks to Dax. "I dunno what happened to that guy. I haven't seen him since." He says before he thinks. "Maybe he was the vampire freak." He says with a grin.

Dax ponders for a moment at what the girl has said. "You know…I do recall fangs. Maybe he was trying to drink my blood?" He shakes his head. "Well he didn't woo me first. Must have thought I was easy, what a jerk. Like I'd let some guy bite me without even knowing his name." He waves a hand dismissively and turns to Tyler. "Well why not? I've seen stranger things, I'm sure you have as well. Any word from that kid we saved? I haven't seen him since."

"So I'm your girl now?" Laurel asks rather surprised as she peers curiously towards Tyler, canting her head to the side, giving him the 'we'll talk about this later' look. She then turns back to Dax and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath and stretches her arms into the air. "No, I still go with my earlier hypothesis of him watching Twilight too many times. Either that or he really likes Anne Rice, but that's so totally 1990s."

Tyler chuckles as he looks to Laurel and sees the look, nodding once before he looks back to Dax. "I haven't heard anything from him, actually. Maybe he got caught again."

"An-rice?" Dax speaks it with a strange emphasis, as though he's never heard of her. "What, do vamipres eat an-rice?" His confusion is disrupted by Tyler. "Oh, well I hope not. You got shot, and Ana and I had to go to a horrible coffee shop as a result." Well…not because of the boy. But they wouldn't have been in the area if he hadn't gotten all caught. "We probably should have done something fatal to that gang leader. Maybe he got a concussion from Ana.""

"She's an author, wrote a lot of vampire books, you know, Interview with the Vampire and such.." she says matter of factly as she looks over to Tyler inspecting him to see if he still has any wounds. "Doing something fatal is never good. Then you'd be put in jail and yeah..you dont want to be in jail, unless you like butt sex."

Tyler laughs softly as he looks to Laurel then back to Dax. "Yeah, well, if he tries anything again, he'll get what is coming to him. At least if he runs into me again anyway." He says with a smirk.

Dax nods his head. "Ah, I think I saw part of that movie on TNT once…Don't remember much, I was slightly drunk." He coughs and mutters something at the mention of butt sex. "Oh yes…Jail is bad." He rolls his eyes. "Also shooting a kid in the head for being a mutant, seemingly not for the first or last time, is also bad…Without the fun extracurricular s." He shrugs and smirks at Tyler. "Well warn me first so I can get out of the blast radius."

"You know, all this bloody violence is really not good.." Laurel says firmly and resolutely. "Cant we all just get along?" she asks in a frustrated fashion, though there's a bit of sarcasm in her tone.

Tyler nods his head. "Yeah, but for now I'm enjoying my life and meeting some great people." He says the last part as he looks at Laurel. "I'm actually starting to be happy." He says as he looks back to Dax. "I'll be sure to warn you."

Dax sighs at Laurels comment but doesn't feel like getting into a long discussion at the moment. "Well…Hopefully the mutant-murderers decide the same thing." He shrugs, it's all he can think of at the moment. He kicks a rock idly and looks up at the darkened sky. "I suppose I should get to work. That music's not going to play itself."

"Nice meeting you.." she smiles brightly to Dax, giving him a friendly wave before looking over to Tyler. She hooks her arm with his and gives it a gentle squeeze. "Meeting some great people huh? I have to meet them as well!"

Tyler laughs as he nods. "No problem. It's nice to see you again and to finally meet." He says with a grin. "Later." He says before he looks to Laurel. "Yeah. There are some great people in this city."

Dax gives them a quick wave and a "See ya folks" before he starts off in the direction he was heading. So much for that pre-work walk. Oh well, it seemed worth the time to finally learn Tyler's name and to meet Laurel. He's sure he'll see them again sometime, especially with things going the way they have been lately. He wanders off and disappears in the direction of the city.

"Hrmmm, so what should we do now?" Laurel asks curiously as she looks over towards the still sweaty Tyler with a wry grin. "I say that you're deciding what we're going to do."

Tyler smiles as he looks at her. "Well, I still want to take a shower." He says with a chuckle. "And what was that look for?" He says to her as he starts to head towards his house.

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