A Walk Home


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Summary: Molly runs into Tyler who offers to escort her home.

Date: March 7, 2009

A Walk Home

Rating: G

Seattle Streets - Yesler Way

Only the faintest hint of a bluish grey water can be seen off in the distance from this area. Dust, oil, diesel fuel and salt water from around the ferry area all meld together that attacks the senses the moment one walks into the area. Whether by day or night this area is almost always a bustle with cranes being used, fork lifts, and trucks that come and go carrying large cargo containers, or loading or unloading containers. Part of the main highway running along side of the fence line make it fairly loud on a constant basis.

Cookie cutter like warehouses line in a formation of dozens, with machinery of all kinds running to and fro. Painted a flat slate grey in color with metal doors that lock with large chains and padlocks. The cargo boxes going on ships and trains that travel across the country. Filled with every sort of perishable and non-perishable mean thought possible.

Molly appears from out of a warehouse. Unlike many in this area, this one is actually full of people on a Saturday night. This warehouse servers as a gallery, from which she emerges in a black cocktail dress, giggling and waving to people. "Too much fun! See you soon." Sliding the bay door shut with effort, she looks up the steep hill to the east and civilized life, and sighs. "Grumble! Grumble grumble."

Tyler steps out of a separate warehouse, not far from the first. He locks the door and closes the entrance door behind him, glancing around the area for a moment before he starts to move from the warehouse, pulling a pack of cigarettes from his inner coat pocket.

Molly starts to walk east, up hill, but she has heals and she appears more than a little tipsy, and it is really steep. She looks up, then down, then says, "Fuck it." Reaching into a hand bag, she pulls out a slim cellphone and hits a speed dial. "Hi! Yeah, I need a cab at foot of Yesler, just past Western Ave." She pauses, "Tanaka." She pauses, "I look like a Tanaka! Use your imagination." She savagely presses the cancel button and flips the phone closed, declaring to anyone nearby, "Asshole."

Tyler looks towards the voice of the drunk girl, raising an eyebrow slightly. He continues to move towards the direction of the city as he lights his cigarette before he looks back towards the woman as the faint sounds of her phone conversation reaches him. He pauses a moment before he moves back towards the woman. "Everything alright?" He asks as soon as he is close enough to her.

A flip of blonde hair cascades over her shoulder as she hears someone approach. Setting her jaw, she relaxes as you pause before getting closer as if the gesture helped her feel more at ease. Turning fully, she smiles, "Hi. Yes, everything is good. Just, taxis, you know? They asked me how they are suppose to recognize me when I get there, and I'm just thinking, like, how many Tanaka's are there hanging out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere this time of night?" Suddenly she blushes, realizing how much she is babbling. "Sorry, you don't care, about, like my life of taxis. But yeah, things are cool. Thanks."

Tyler nods his head as he listens to the woman and smirks. "Yeah, I know how that goes. Taxi's are a pain in the ass especially when it comes to trying to get them to come out here. I usually head up the road a few blocks, out of this area before I call a cab." He says before he takes a drag from his cigarette, exhaling the smoke away from the woman.

Molly nods, "Yeah. I know. And it is just stupid. I only live up 6 blocks that way." She points up hill. It would be a short walk flat, but the grade is nearly a 100 foot climb, very steep the entire way. "But I bet you've never walked it in half inch heels," she adds with a grin. Delicate hands run over her bare arms. it is certainly not cold in Seattle in a winter sense, even in March, but even so it might be a little uncomfortable for bare skin. "I," she hic-burps, quickly covering her mouth, "Scuse me. I obviously could have planned this better."

Tyler chuckles and nods. "Well, you have me there. Can't ever say I've worn half inch heels. Let alone heels at all." He says with a slight smile. "I'm Tyler." He says, placing the cigarette between his lips to use his newly freed hand to offer it to her. "If you want, I'm heading that way myself and I'll walk with you. Might be a bit safer."

"Molly," says the young woman, "Molly Tanaka." She takes your hand, small compared to yours but with a surprisingly strong grip. Also, you might notice her hands are rough from hard work. "You know what, screw Orange." She smiles, "You make sure I don't quit on my heals, and I think we'll make it." She looks up the hill and sighs, "Just so long as you aren't in a hurry. So, what brings you down to dead Seattle, Tyler?"

Tyler shakes his head as he retracts his hand after a moment. "Nice to meet you, Molly." He says with a smile "No rush. Just heading home myself." He says before he starts to move towards the hill. "Just getting off work." He says nodding back towards the general area behind them. "What about you, Molly?" He asks, dropping the half cigarette.

"Just off work too, kind of," says Molly. "You follow the local art scene at all? That was a studio for Tim McDermott. He's a nephew of our Representative? Lot of art patrons there. So I was pressing the flesh, trying to get my name out in case they wanted something a little more solid than paper and paint. Also?" She smiles, "Open buffet." She pauses, "And open bar." Deep breath, and she continues her stroll. "Security guard then? Or are you the poor bastard they get doing inventory in the middle of the night?"

Tyler chuckles and shakes his head slightly. "I can't say that I do follow the art scene. Not much of an artist or understand it at all." He says with a smile. "Can't argue with the open bar idea though." He smiles a bit as he looks at her. "I'm the poor bastards that does the inventory." He says, lowering his head slightly. "You wanna borrow my jacket? It's a bit cold out."

Molly continues walking, "No need, nearly there. Let me tell you about art, sometime. It is not for the sane, or the faint hearted. Anyway, my building is just north of here. Thanks for the company Tyler." Then, she leaves on a level road, having enough survival sense, even drunk, to not lead you straight to her building just in case you are something she needs to worry about.

Tyler smiles and nods as they arrive. "No problem. It was nice to meet you and I'll see you later. Hope you make it home alright." he says as he offers a wave. "Have a good night." He says as he watches her leave for a moment before he heads towards his home.

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