A Shower At The Park


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Summary: Kera finds Tyler jogging in the park and running into a sign. Other gather and events unfold.

Date: May 19, 2009

A Shower at the Park

Rating: PG-13

Madison Park

This small, city park serves as a source of entertainment as well as place to relax and enjoy the are around it. The park itself is nestled into and between the mass of buildings within the area as well as other restaurants and other businesses as it can nearly be easily missed from the rest of the clutter surrounding it. The park, surprisingly is clean as well as sports a small playground for kids to enjoy themselves in. A few benches and pathways line the are as it also holds a decent jogging trail for the casual individual to exercise on.

The small area is rather lush with greenery, which might seem odd for a place stuck in the middle of the city. Surrounding lush trees, plants and vibrant flowers fill within and ads a bit of enhancement to the block. Birds can be heard mostly during the daytime as pigeons, ducks and squirrels seem to mostly make their home here. There's a quiet pond off to the side and sports a small fountain that shoots up rays of silvery liquid into the air. During the daytime people can be seen here enjoying themselves under the sun's bright rays and even at night the cascading reflection of the moon shines it light upon the place in a quiet, mystic reverie.

One of the rare days of sunlight and warmth. Tyler is dressed for a jog and that is exactly what he is doing. He jogs along the path at a fairly steady pace, his hair pulled back into a ponytail. He has a set of white earbuds in his ears as he moves along the path.

For Kera, it's 'just-get-off-of-work' time for her. She is still dressed in her work attire, meaning it's pretty obvious where that is, giving the familiar owl on her shirt with the big streched word 'Hooters' across the front. She has a cellphone up to her ear and is one of those people that has to pace when she talks on the phone, walking back and forth on the path as people go by, chatting away. "..No, I'm not offended, I don't get offended really easily. Well, like today at work, there were these group of guys that would give me a smack across my backside every time I refreshed their wings? Well at first it was funny, but then it really really started to sting, I mean it hurt to even sit down when I went on break. So I went up to them and said, 'Hey guys, can you please stop slapping my bottom? It's starting to hurt quite a bit.' Well they all thought it was funny, because they started laughing, so I laughed with them too. And you know what? They stopped slapping me. They even seemed to feel bad about it, they started rubbing the soreness after that. Wasn't that sweet of them?" She reaches to rub her backside in rememberance of said soreness. And.. there isn't an iota of sarcasm in her voice what-so-ever, she is genuine and serious, if not a bit clueless as to why they were actually rubbing.

Tyler continues to jog along the path, coming up on Kera and her work attire, the whole hooters outfit becoming a bit distracting. As he passes by her, Tyler's head follows Kera instead of looking ahead. A few more steps and then it happens, Tyler gets to meet with a sign with a thud and an oof. He falls back on the ground before he rubs his chest. "Fuck me. That hurt." He says to himself.

She may be a bit clueless, but she is normally alert to things in her area. The thick thud makes her blink and look around for just where that came from. "What was that?" she turns to see Tyler lying upon the ground, "Oh! Oh I'll have to call you back, this guy just ran into a sign I think! Okay, bye!" she flips the phone closed and jogs over, "Hey, are you okay?" she questions, a slight tilt of her head, the girl bending down a little, hands on her knees. "There was a sign there. You shouldn't try jogging into a sign… Well.. I mean, unless you can— Hrm.. Are you broken? Is that what happened?" Broken? Well that could be taken in a different context than the one she actually means in her head, considering the situation.

Tyler shakes his head as he looks at the woman as she comes over to him. "Yeah. I'm fine. The sign just come out of no where." He says, shaking his head. "I'm fine. I think. Nothing broken." He says as he starts to stand up.

Kera reaches to help him up, the girl looking over at the culprit sign with a little scrutiny, "Out of nowhere? Like.. it flew down from the sky? Or did it plane shift out of another dimension? Oh! Or maybe did it burrow up from the ground? I wonder what it is?.." she menders over to inspect the sign closely after helping him up, "I've seen movies like this.. like invaders from outerspace masking as unsuspected objects.. We might wanna be careful."

Tyler takes her offered help getting off the ground. He stands as he rubs his chest after where he ran into the sign that Kera is inspecting. He watches her, an eyebrow raised slightly. "No. It was just a figure of speech. I just didn't see the sign when I ran into it." He says, fishing a pack of cigarettes out of his jogging jacket pocket.

NOW she gets it, okay. Typical for her to miss the point. "Oh right! Figure of speech." she smiles, but doesn't seem embarrased about her cluelessness. But she does look a little disappointed about the sign. She had actually hoped it was an alien. "People suspect that I run into walls and stuff all the time, but I really don't. So, do you live around here? Or were you just jogging through?"

Who ever wants a break from processing chemical compounds and evidence in a lab all day? Not Gwen! But, not that she had a choice either. Take a break, the boss says. Now. Just for an hour. Go get some fresh air. FINE.

As such, Gwen is walking into the park proper, her overcoat left back at work, the sleeves of her blouse rolled up to the elbow with the weather. Its freakin' hot outside, but cool inside. What irony. She shifts her sunglasses and takes to a slow stroll on the beaten sidewalk path, the sun glinting off of her badge now and again- but the criminologist appears more lost in a slow walk than anything of aim.

Tyler smiles and nods. "Yeah. I live on Mercer Island." He says to her as he takes out a cigarette from his pack and places it between his lips before returning the pack to his pocket. He pats his other pockets before he looks at the girl. "You got a lighter?"

In reaction, Kera starts to bring her finger up, but she catches herself just as she starts to open her mouth to say 'Sure' and concentrate a few microwaves on her finger. Nope, she doesn't do that though. The action is cancelled, and she smiles, "Mm nope! I don't smoke, sorry." she shrugs her shoulders helplessly. "Maybe we can find someone with one.." she turns and starts to look around for people. Oh look, there's Gwen! "Hey!" she waves to the woman, "Excuse me, this guy needs a light, do you have one?"

Gwen blinks once as she's suddenly spoken to, almost owlish in response, her steps coming to a halt. "Light? Wha-.. Oh! Well, I don't smoke, so don't ask, but mm, here.." She pulls a small black BIC lighter from her pocket and lobs it at Tyler. "You can have it, I don't need it anymore." She smiles.

Tyler watches the girl as she calls out to the other woman. "Thanks." He says as he catches the lighter and uses it to light his cigarette. He slips the lighter into his pocket before he takes a drag from the cigarette and exhales the smoke, trying to keep it away from the others. "Thanks for your help." He says to Kera before he looks to Gwen. "And the lighter."

Kera's face lights up, "Hey! I thought about doing that!" her exclaimation is pleasently surprised. "I don't smoke either, right? But I always seem to run into people who do, and need a light. Which.. is kinda strange. I mean, I'd think if you had cigarettes you would have the lighter. It's kinda like peanut butter with no jelly.. Well no.. that's good too actually. Peanut butter on bread.. Oh! Or you could have honey too! Or marmalade." the girl stops her ongoing train of thought before it gets too much bigger, biting her bottom lip a little, "I guess that wasn't a really good analogy, huh? Well anyway! I should start carrying a lighter just so I can have one when people ask for it." At last, her point. Whew.. "Oh! How forgetful of me, I'm Kera."

Gwen laughs. "I only had a lighter because of work. I have at least ten scattered around in one of my desk drawers. Easy to use to light some of the burners with or do test cases for analyzing, just all around convenient. But given the field we work in, no one really smokes. Would alter some of the results with the smell, you know? Err.. Ramble. Sorry." She smiles sheepishly and stuffs her hands in her pockets. "Gwen. Nice to meet you. And your welcome, sir."

Tyler nods his head. "Yeah, that's a good idea." He says to Kera before she introduces herself and Gwen does the same. He looks to Gwen and smirks. "Sir was my father. I'm Tyler." He says, offering his name to the both of them.

Kera actually hangs on Gwen's story, and she gets the train of rambling quite easily. Why not, she does it all the time. "Nice to meet you too! Your work sounds like fun! I serve wings to guys all day, it's fun! I get to meet alot of nice people!" she beams brightly, "Sir is sorta my father's name too. Well almost.. For a little bit, he was gonna be knighted by the queen." she adopts a thoughtful type of face, "I'm not sure what happened with that, actually. He's not so sad about it though!"

Gwen laughs. "Habit, sorry. Tyler, then. And Kera. Nice to meet you both." She smiles a little more relaxed. A good thing she doesn't have to be all proper. "Oh it is tons of fun. My passion, really. Well, it fuels it in a way. I'm a Scientist by trade, Criminologist by profession."

Tyler nods. "It's alright. No harm, no foul." He says as he looks to the two women. "Sounds like you both got some pretty interesting lives." He says before he takes another drag of his cigarette.

Hey! Gwen is even cooler now! "A scientist! That's amazing! Both of my father's are scientist! They actually met at a convention in England, and have been together ever since." the girl sorta bounces on her feet, looking excited. "Daddy Steven is a geneicist, and my other daddy is an astrophysist." she is just a big ball of energy isn't she? "So you're like.. one of those people on that TV show then? I don't watch it really, but I hear it's really good." she takes a look at Tyler, curious, "Well what do you do?"

"TV Show? Fath- oh! I see. Thats great. Scientists of the world unite." Gwen laughs. "Well, see, I'm a chemist, at least, as one of my masters, also do botany, but I deal with chemicals and down to the compounds of what makes up everything- in a nutshell."

Jeremy, himself living pretty far from parts this nice, has made his way uptown to Madisen park hoping to enjoy a casual jog. He's wearing his high school's track uniform, and seems to be stretching before actually beginning his jog. The young man seems like an athlete - but there's something else about him that seems to radiate. As if he himself is spiritually on fire at the moment. He smiles innocently as he inhales the fresh air, and takes a stroll to get his legs warmed up after stretching.

Tyler smiles as he looks to Gwen and nods. "Wow. Must be a smart girl then." He says to her before he looks to Kera. "Me? I just got out of the Army." He says before he flicks some ash off his cigarette.

And there goes a young woman, walking down the path near the group of people. Her long dark brown hair hangs in her face, making it hard for anyone to see her features. She wears black jeans and a red top along with a pair of black boots. A long black sweater coat falls down to her calves.

The woman hums to herself, a soft and haunting tune. "They are coming for you.. all of them."

"Ooh! A chemist! That sounds sooo exciting!" the actual concept the the job is probably far less glamorous than the idea of it that swims in her head right now. "Hey, do you think that I can come watch you work sometimes? I'd love to see a chemist working up close. I promise I won't touch anything! Wouldn't want to cause any explosions, or create some killer mutant monster.." the girl makes a 'bleh' with the face to match. Not exactly a normal thing to ask, coming to watch a stranger work. Currently, she stands, talking with Tyler and Gwen, and is probably the most energetic of the current group. Tyler makes her sorta perk up, "The army?! Wow that's pretty exciting though. Army guys are always so cool. They go into a terrorist situation and BAM! Take out all the bad guys in the whole building! You look like you probably could do that."

Gwen laughs. "Well- while normally I wouldn't mind, I do handle evidence for criminal cases. Might not go over well with my superior." She grins. "But I do thank you for the asking. Always good to see young minds interested in science." Her head tilts as she looks to Tyler, assessing him with curiousity- "Hey, didn't you use fire or something like that on the beach that one day?" Huh? Jeremy is noted with a smile, though Evelyn's entrance draws her attention last, and holds it. "Who is? Are you alright? What are you talking about?"

Jeremy comes by a group of individuals, one of them extremely thrilled over something or another, but the trail takes him by them rather quickly. His pace quickens, and eventually he finds himself in a full jog, the exertion bringing a bit of a smile to his face. He looks over his shoulder back at some girl he just passed… he remembers her from his high school but he doesn't know her by name. Erin or something, Jeremy things, and after jogging backwards for a quick moment, he turns back and jogs normally.

Tyler looks to Gwen and smiles, nodding. "Yeah. That was me." He says, holding up a hand which ignites into fire. A few moments later, he opens his hand and the flames vanish.

"It's all here.. it's not going to stop." Evelyn shakes her head and puts two hands on her head. "Make it stop! The chaos.. please!" she sinks to her knees and looks down at the ground. Beginning to rock back and forth. Her head jerks up and she stares at Jeremy, "Watch for the bullet! There it is." Her dark brown eyes stare deeply at Jeremy.

"Use fire?" asks Kera, looking from Gwen to Tyler, "Is that your power? So then you're not broken then? Oh wait.. you said that, right." her lips purse a little, head nodding. Wether they are or not, Kera is under the assumption that these people are mutants. "I thought maybe your power was to walk through signs, and you missed that one you had run into." Don't ask. Had to be there.. Her eyes brighten, watching him activate the flame around his hand. "Wow.. So you're like, super soldier then! You gotta be the best guy in the army!" the girl actually claps her hands together cheerily, her smile so bright that her eyes sorta wince closed. "So.. what do you—" she starts to ask Gwen the question, but Evelyn manages to catch her attention. Making her look over at both she and Jeremy curiously. "Hey.." she looks a bit concerned. "Excuse me a sec.." she pardons from the two she was talking to, heading over to Evelyn, "Hey.. are you gonna be okay?" the girl looks up at the jogging Jeremy, "Hey! I think your girlfriend needs help!" she calls out to him, another assumption.

Tyler nods his head as he looks to Kera. "Yeah, I guess so. It does come in handy when I loose my lighters and no one else is around." He says with a chuckle. "I'll never be cold if I get lost in the wilderness. I can always make a campfire."

"Power? No I don't have on- oh! Him. Right. Fire, yes." Tyler make fire. Woo. Gwen grins at the pair, though her attention rests on Evelyn again as she starts going… Psycho? She heads in Evelyn's direction, sudden concern as she moves to try and kneel in front of the girl, hands moving for her shoulders. "Honey? Are you alright? Your safe. No one will hurt you, I'm a Criminologist." Technically an Officer, technically a lab rat Scientist. A delicate medium, that…

Jeremy slows his jog as he's being called to, but at the girlfriend bit, he sort of stiffens his upper lip, and says simply in response. "She's not my girlfriend." Jeremy waits a second to make sure she's not dying, and just goes back on his jog, trying to ignore whatever bullet he's supposed to be looking out for. Thank goodness no one from school was here to see Evelyn freak out, Jeremy's too nice to spread around that the crazy girl is always crazy. Even not in class.

A man approaches from the east, wearing a pair of jeans and a tight black shirt. He walks with a slightly wobbled gait with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a pair of rave goggles obscuring his eyes. Dax stops for a moment, noticing a small amalgamation of people. Oh! He knows a couple of them, maybe he'll wander over. He appears to be having slight difficulty keeping his balance, perhaps he became drunk early today. He wanders up beside Tyler and makes to pat him on the shoulder. "Oy there, Tony. What's up, eh?"

Tyler glances over towards the voice that suddenly makes it's appearance next to him, offering a nod as he recognizes the man. "Hey. How's it goin', Dave?"

Kera just watches Jeremy, staring blankly as he just jogs off. Not his girlfriend. "Oh. She isn't?" she comments aloud. And somehow, that adds up to 'Alright, she'll be fine then!' to Kera, and the girl reaches out to give Eve a friendly little pat on the shoulder. Kera is currently standing somewhat at the side of a crouched Eve with Gwen crouched infront of her, and Tyler is still a few feet away from where the three were first talking. Jeremy jogging away from the group at this point. As the girl stands upright, she looks up at the sky and sighs, seeming a liiiitle antsy from the looks of it. Still in her work clothes, she brings her hands up through her hair, sighing with a stretch, "I'm gonna need to hit a club like.. soon. Feeling a bit needy.. which I suppose it's about on schedule." Um.. well given the fact that people don't know what SHE knows about herself, that statement could be taken as.. well..

Tyler gets a phone call which he answers. "Laurel. Yeah. Okay. I'm on my way home." He hangs up and offers a wave to everyone. "I gotta get home. I'll see you guys later." He offers a wave to Dax and a nod towards Gwen and Kera. "It was nice meeting you two." He says before he starts to jog out of the park.

Dax turns quickly to look beside him, expecting to find that some mysterious 'Dave' entity had somehow snuck up on him. He makes karate-hands to defend himself, but sees no one there. "Dave? Where?" He then realizes Tyler probably just forgot his name. "Hey there, Toby. My name's Dax. I took the time to correctly learn your name, ya know." Clearly he hasn't. But by the time he turns back to face Tyler he's leaving. "Um…Bye?" And then…Did someone mention a club? "Hey! I work at a club. Stop by some time an' I'll fix ya a drink."

That glance upward that Kera made? Nothing out of the ordinary or anything more than a random little action… Or so it seems. Unknowingly, one could call it instinct perhaps? Something even she didn't realize. A little known fact.. the Earth doesn't like her very well. So, it permits certain things to occur, hoping to get rid of her. As Tyler departs, Kera tosses him an excited wave, "Bye!" she calls, the girl's attention then snagged by Dax. "You do? That's pretty awesome! I hear the clubs here aren't as good as the ones in England, but that's okay. As long as there is amazing music there." she starts to mender over toward him. Dax might catch the sight of something really odd, and almost unfortunate. A near miss, from space itself. A burning stone about the size of a marble smacks down into the ground just behind her, where she was standing. If she hadn't have moved…. The stone lodges into the earth with a muffled *fwpp*

"Well, when I DJ, the music's pretty hard techno. I've never been to the British bars, but I've been to the German Raves. That's where I get allot of me?Did you just see that? " Dax looks up to where the sparkly thing came from. "It was like a firework spark or a lit cigarette." He's still looking up and begins to sway slightly before catching himself. "Erm…Maybe it's just the vodka…"

Maybe… But in any event, Kera turns to take a look at what he indicated. "Hm? Fireworks? But it's not even the fourth, or July even!" the girl's head tilts to one side while she watches the sky. "So, you're a DJ? You have no idea how amazing that is. I LOVE music! It's pretty much my life.. I've actually got to go to the studio soon to record my first single, soon." She continues to watch the sky while talking to him. What IS that? She squints her eyes peering in the distance. Yeah, just there where he indicated, there are little lights in the sky, moving, or rather falling. There's: 1, 2, 3, 4.. quite a few of them, actually.

Dax ashes his cigarette and spits on the ground next to him. "Oh? Yeah I've got quite a collection of music. I edit and splice techno and remixes for when I DJ, which is usually once a night." He puffs his cigarette again. "Other nights I just bartend or whatnot." He quirks a brow. "Recording, eh? What's yer genre?" And…What is she looking at? He glances upward but it's hard to see much with tinted goggles. He chances removing them since he's looking up. "Looks like…I dunno…"

"Pop. More appropriately, dance pop." her voice becoming a little distracted. Looks like.. couldn't be, could it? Shooting stars, they're pretty, streaking across the stratosphere, or they probably are to someone who is a few miles away. But these are seen by the people in the park as shimering dots, rather than streaks, meaning. "They're.. coming right toward us." a brilliant observation, because it is true. "But.. I didn't do it. I didn't call any..thing.." She catches on, her eyes going wide. "Uh oh!" Kera turns quickly toward Dax, looking alerted. She quickly jumps infront of him, as if acting like a shield while facing the oncoming lights, "It's a meteor shower! I think this is going to get messy!" But don't those normally burn up on entry? Well, that one that almost hit her didn't. Each of those little lights, not massing in the dozens, will most likely be like the first one.

Bah, pop. "Oh, that's cool. I use some dance pop in my remixes." Dax seems unconcerned with those dots right now. They are just an aesthetic anomaly to him. "Well?What's coming toward us?" He quickly replaces his goggles as she steps in front of him to prevent accidental confusion. "A meteor shower? And what do you mean you didn't call it? Wouldn't the government know about something like that?" He's thinking of the apocalypse movies now.

"It isn't that simple." despite the situation, Kera looks back at him with a small smile, one that is also apoligetic. "I guess this isn't exactly a meteor shower, you're right, those are predictable. Can you do me a favor? If my father asks about this, can you please let him know that I really really didn't do it? I don't even have the power to do anything like this yet. I don't understand why this is happening now." Huh? What does she mean? No time for her to explain any further, because what happens is something out of one of those apocalypse movies. Firey stones begin to rain down like smoldering hail upon the park. There is immediate panic and chaos among the people as small spacerocks strike down like bullets. Luckily it isn't a majorly heavy rain, so people could possibly avoid injury if they are smart. However.. again.. panic.

Dax is trying to figure out exactly what Kera is talking about. "But I don't know your father…Unless he comes to my club which I doubt…" He looks back up and then back at the girl. "What do you mean? You can make it rain meteors? That doesn't seem like a very safe ability." He seems about to say something else, but at that moment the rocks begin to hit the ground. None of them seem to be terribly close to the two of them at the moment, and the panicking crowd seems to be ok for now. Then Dax hears a yelp followed by "Buddy no!" He turns to see a kid holding a leash to a very dead dog. Dax turns back to Kera. "Maybe we should get inside, eh?"

Correct. None are striking in their area because she is diverting them. The yelp of the dog which draws her attention over there. "No.. I can't make it rain meteors yet. That is beyond my scope of control." she tells him, the girl trying to maintain herself in the disaster. "I don't know /why/ this is happening. You should get to safety.. No, wait! Do you think you could go help some people? Get some of them to safety? Just be careful? I'll see what I can do." she didn't do it, but it is happening because of her. Her ability to manipulate the time space continuum draws such events to her like a magnet. The anti-mutant groups will have a field day with this event. Fortunatly or unfortunatly, the event is something that could actually happen which could be written off as just a natural disaster, but this event is also predictable, and it happened all of a sudden, which screams mutant attack. "Most of these people are probably broken and can't use their powers. They need help.. Please? Hurry?" Kera turns to focus her eyes to the lighted sky.

Dax gives the girl a quizzical look before nodding slowly. "Alright, I'll see what I can do." He seems to sober up a bit as he tosses his cigarette to the ground and darts toward the kid with the dead dog. He pulls the leash away from the kid and points him toward a building across the street. The kid seems a like he doesn't want to leave his dog, but a meteor landing semi-close to him sends him running. Dax moves onto the next target, a family trying to clean up their picnic spread as fire falls around them. Idiots.

For her part, Kera is focusing her attention on the more distant stones, chewing her bottom lip while her brow twitches, exerting some of the energy she has stored within her body. She has a capacity, and she is quite aware that it isn't at a level she is comfortable with. The closer meteors are no longer redirected, making them fall as they will. The family that Dax moves to assist looks up at him. The expression on his face makes the guy realize that they are indeed being idiots, "Honey.. l—let's get outta here!" he says, taking the woman by the shoulders to pull her to her feet.

"Wait, but—"

"Let's GO!" he insists, and hurries off with her.

More stones pelt the ground. A stone smacking a nearby tree starting a fire to blaze as the smoldering stone burrows into it. The showering pellets starting to whistle now as they land. Dax can hear a rather.. personalized whistle that would probably rise the hairs on the back of his neck. He is in ground zero of an oncoming stone!

Dax shakes his head as the family takes off. He looks around and sees that the park is mostly deserted, with the last of the people fleeing to the west. He jumps slightly to the left as a nearby tree bursts into flames and gives a bit of a start as a small stone lands exactly where he was standing a moment before. He narrows his eyes at Kera, more out of trying to figure her out than anything else. He's not so sure he wants her to visit his club anymore. Dax takes one more look around to make sure everyone's indoors before he runs toward Kera again, looking up to make sure he stays out of the way of any more falling rocks. "Hey, you! We should get out of here!" He doesn't mean to sound rude, but he doesn't know her name yet.

She can't do it. She lacks the type of control over her abilities she would need, and the required energy levels to focus on so many objects at once. Her focus breaking away from the ones she was trying to hold back, and she looks over at Dax. Of all odd things, the girl smiles, "Kera, Kera Savalion.." she says in an introductory tone. "…Okay, let's go!" she gives him an affirmative nod, moving to follow his lead by the looks of it.

The storm becomes a little heavier due to Kera's attempts to hault it, causing so many of the pelting rocks to hesitate and then come down all at once together, once she stops concentrating.

Dax looks confused for a moment. "Wha? Oh. Dax…That's me." He looks up at the sky and tries to see which way looks the least dangerous. "Um…This way." He reaches out to grab Kera's wrist and darts off to the East. "We'll try to get into that building over there." It's a multi-story building. They'll probably be safe once they get inside.

So THAT didn't work. She expected him to start running, not grab her wrist and start running. So as starts to dart off, she plants her feet, slipping her wrist out of his hand, "I can't. I'm sorry, I have to do something." the girl gives him another apologetic smile, turning back toward the danger. Well at least the area is clear, save for them. The distant sirens of the emergency team heard approching now. "I don't think I have the energy to stay consious after this. Can you tell me what happened after I wake up later? Let me know everything is okay?" she asks, optimistic enough that what she is about to do won't actually kill her, when there is a big chance that it might, given her current capacity. She runs out into the open, far enough away from Dax, holding out her arms and closing her eyes. The atmosphere around her begins to change, an invisible gravitational field encasing her in a bubble. That is when small particles of energy start to appear and grow all about her, just a foot from her body, collecting together. Eventually, it becomes difficult to look at her as an almost blinding brightness is expelled for an instant. After it clears, what is left there is something that can normally only be viewed through a powerful telescope. A quasar the size of her, shielded and encased by the bubble of personal gravity initially created. The swirling nucleus of energy causes the falling matter to gravitate and aim for the quasar as it collects it all together to form small bodies around the center star, reminicent of a galaxy or a solar system. She is drawing the remaining rocks into her general area, to avoid any further damage.

Dax frowns and watches as the girl runs back into danger. He nods to the girl "Um, if I see you again, yes I'll let you know." He intends to stay there with her, but as she begins to create mini-galaxies and the sirens approach, Dax decides it might be time to run away. He turns to head toward the building agan, looking back once more at the girl. She seems to have things under control for now, and Dax does not want to be killed by space debris or taken in for questioning. Dax looks back up to the sky and darts off toward safety.

She was correct. And she only has enough energy to maintain the stellar body for about 20 seconds. Fortunatly that is long enough to collect most of the falling stones, leaving the last few to drop without causing much damage. She doesn't lose hold of the stunt, she releases it naturally before she DOES lose hold, just so she doesn't cause the shielding to fail around it. The energy of the quasar disperses into particles. The collected mass dropping harmlessly to the ground, once the gravitational pull is gone. Kera herself lets out a long held sigh, the girl looking starch white, like she just lost alot of blood. She drops to her knees, and catches herself on her hands weakly holding herself up. Hoping that Dax got to safety.

Dax turns back one last time as he's about to enter the building. He sees that not only does it appear that the danger is gone for now, it also looks as though Kera isn't going to be able to get out of the park on her own before the sirens get to her. Dax takes one last look at the sky and runs back out to her. "Hey, come on now, we should really get you out of here. Can you walk?" He offers her a hand. If she can't walk he's more than capable of carrying her out of the area.

Walk? Hah! She can't even think straight right now. And by the way her arms are shaking, it doesn't look like walking is an option. She probably doesn't even realize he is there. Finally the girl collapses, but she manages to twist her body enough so that she falls onto her side, rather than her face. Coughing dryly, she looks dehydrated or something of the sort. Her body is mostly limp, slowly drifting out of consiousness. People are just starting to peek back out to see if the danger is gone.

"Look, that girl! She must have gotten hurt.."

"Do you think she's okay?"

"I dunno.. that guy looks like he's helping her."

Dax frowns down at Kera. "Erm…Kera?" He looks around again at the people around them. He doesn't especially trust the authorities to treat this girl well, especiallyt since the other people seem to have seen her use her powers. He picks her up and heads toward his bar. This time of night they'd be shutting down, so it will be a quiet, safe place where he can try and revive her. He doesn't think she's so bad as to need medical attention, but one of the bartenders is trained in first aid. He'll get their opinion.

Good plan, probably. Easily executed, save for one hitch. The media. Somehow - as media is ought to do - the just seem to appear out of nowhere, seeing Dax carrying Kera, and being the only ones in the center of the destruction.

"Look! We've got our witness, let's go!" the anchor shouts to the camera man, rushing over and intercepting the man with the girl in his arms. "This is Marcus Blankman, reporting on the scene of an unusual event of disaster has just occured. Today, in Madison Park, a meteor storm the size of large hail has just rained down upon unsuspecting citizens. NASA is reported to be baffled as to this sudden, unpredicted event. There is suspicion of a terrorist mutant attack! I am standing here with an eye witness, seen heroiclly carrying away an obviously injured girl.. Sir, can I please have a moment? Who are you? Can you tell us what happened?" the reporter puts Dax on the spot, the camera focused on him as the reported holds out the microphone for his comments.

Damn media! Dax looks behind the two of them to their truck and then back to the two of them. He seems to be calculating something. Are they live? If they are, he shouldn't do anything too drastic. Just in case he'll start out with a lie. "We…We were just going for a walk out here, coming home from the bars, ya know? And these little flaming stones started coming out of the sky." He pauses for a moment, trying to think of what to say next. He tries to look nervous. "Well there was this guy and…Is this live? I don't feel comfortable talking about that if you won't be able to black out my face or something…"

"Yes. This is a live broadcast." the newscaster internally frowns. In all their excitement over this scoop, he forgot to make mention of that little fact. The news caster gets a look at the girl, blinking. "Sir, is this your girlfriend? Is she hurt? And who was this guy you are speaking about? Did he do something? Was he a mutant?" the excited news caster holds out he mike, realizing that there isn't just one story here, but it could very well be two.

"Um…" Dax thinks quickly. Luckilly he enjoys manipulating people and spinning lies comes as second nature to him. "Well This here's my cousin. We went out for our friend's birthday party and decided to cut through the park." He nods and looks up at the sky to make sure nothing else is going to fall down at them. "Well all the sudden these flaming rocks started falling out of the sky." He nods toward the dead dog. "One of 'em hit that dog over there, but before they hit any people this guy showed up." He nods again and tries to look like he's pondering their question. "I suppose he was probably a mutant. He made the rocks miss people and stopped them all together. He probably saved most of the people in this park here." He nods once more. That should at least keep them away from Kera…For now…Until they interview someone else.

What?! The news reporter looks about ready to explode form the frustration, Damn live broadcasts! "And there you have it. Possible mutant aggression is met by mutant heroics. Is this an example of mutants standing up againt the threat of mutant terrorism? Or is it just an elaborate stunt in order to make mutants look misleadingly better in the public eye. It appears that this pair of uprising celebrity relitives might think the former. This is Marcus Blankman reporting for KCPQ news, back to you at the studio." he nods, the camera man dropping the feed and the camera, immediatly getting the release forms to be signed. "This is amazing! You're Kera Savalion's cousin? Do you sing as well?" off camera, he can find out a bit more information.

"Ummm…" Oh shit. He forgot she was an upcoming star. "Well, not especially. We're related through marraige. And well, they got devorced so we're not TECHNICALLY cousins any more, but we still go out allot." He nods. "I do work in the music industry though, kind of. I teach line dancing at the 'Rusty Armadillo' outsdide of town on Friday nights." Really? No. But that should keep them away from his club.

All of a sudden, this story isn't looking so bright. "Ah. Okay. Well thanks for the interview." He offers him a bit of a fake, patronizing smile, losing interest and gestureing for the camera man to follow back toward the truck. His job is done here, nothing more to see. Dax's tale having done the trick, detouring the media away from too much attention brought on them. Kera doesn't look like she is worstening, the color just slightly coming back into her cheeks. The vibrations from Dax's voice providing her with some energy for her capacity.

Dax sighs and looks down at Kera. She seems to be waking up, but he continues to carry her at least for now. "Um…You feeling ok, there? Those media folk seemed to know you, but hopefully they'll leave you alone for now." He's not sure if she's actually concious enough to answer yet, but just in case. "Is there anyplace you want me to take you? You got friends around here?"

She has regained a low level of consiousness, only some of his words reaching her and making sense. Her mind pushes together a few words, formulating a sentance of some sort. Slowly she reaches to her pocket and her fingers slowly hook and feel around, gripping at her cellphone trying to pull it out, "Got - got to call - daddy.. Need to— I didn't do it, I promise.." she slips out of consiousness again, still not well enough to function properly.

"Call…Daddy?" Dax frowns at the girl again. He really doesn't want to have to call this girls dad and try to explain what just happened, though if he saw the live news feed he'll probably be calling her soon. Dax looks around, he's only a couple blocks from the club, he'll continue there, since it was his first plan. There Kera can rest up and have some water before deciding what to do next.

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