A Reason To Kill


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Summary: Micah is attacked by a mob. Eris kills several moblings, much to the discontent of Daniel. Kera arrives and tries to kill Eris

Date: June 24, 2009

A Reason to Kill

Rating: R

Abandoned Amusement Park

Darkness seems to prevail here whether night or day as long shadows ebb and twist through the abandoned place. Upon first entry into the park, one is met with a long, chain fence in which the wires had been cut away at some point by someone, and allowing entrance into the place. Past the cut fence lies an old, rundown ticket booth. The ancient wood cracked and chipped in several places as a few stray old ticket stubs litter the ground around it. Some graffiti is tagged on to the booth of various gang symbols and 'decorations' that serve as a warning within the more dangerous motif of the place. The park itself is large and houses many attractions that once a long time ago served as a hot entertainment spot for this part of the city, though now only lies in desolation and ruin.

The ground is littered with various debris as well as some forms of used paraphanalia. A few needles, condoms, used drug bags and trash stain the floor here and there. Within the park are several rotting attractions. An old coaster, once roaring with screams of fright and enjoyment, now lies dead and silent upon its track. A few more rides reside within the park dotting here and there, though all now lie in an eerie quiescence within the abandoned place. For now the empty park seems to be used for other various means of enjoyment, whether it be a quiet place to bring a date for a good rumpage within the funhouse, or for a private spot for drug deals and the like. Sometimes other forms of degradation can be found here, as a few bums have taken up residence within the place for a good squatting spot. Every now and then the place is used for fights to be settled, or a meeting place for more nefarious uses.

Ah yes. A nice evening indeed, one where the clouds have fled and left the moon and stars out for all their glory. The loss of power might has, at least, given Seattle a fantastic view of evening scape… and no doubt, that's what this group of no doubt well intentioned citizens are doing. Enjoying the view. And of course, like any good natured folk out for a lovely evening stroll, these two dozen or so lovely ladies and gents have brought naught but the nesses cities.

You know. Necessities. Like the clubs, the bats, the guns, the torches… They've assembled around the remains of what used to be, years ago, the Tunnel of Love, with one rather nasty man at the front leading them on out. "Come out of there, you filth! We're not going to have you preying on US any longer!" He's hoisting a shotgun in one hand and throws a torch well down into the dark hole of an entry way. One might note, of course, that no one has yet volunteered to go /into/ the tunnel yet.

The night is lovely, which is why Eris decided to go for a random patrol. She's been doing this frequently, walking the streets to see if anything out of the ordinary is going on. Nothing much has happened for the past few days, though she did stab a man in the arm for assuming she wanted to 'go on a date' with him.

Eris sighs and kicks a soda can across the ground. She stops when she hears a sound, it sounds like…An angry mob? The woman walks around the bay of old carnival games to see a large crowd with torches and guns. Ah, wonderful. She shakes her head and begins to approach through the shadows. She highly suspects this is a mutant hunting gang, but there's always a chance it's not.

"Come out! We'll show you what filth like you deserve!" yells a woman, similar sentiments echoing quickly from her compatriots. It's not hard at all for Eris to sneak up on the lynch mob, currently loitering around the entrance to the derelict Tunnel of Love, since they're not really on the look out for people who might be sneaking up -them-. "Right!" yells a sound from the back, "And you deserve… it's something good, right guys?"

This question first brings a quizzical look to the idiot in question who might ask such an inane question, only for that quizzical look to turn into a yell of alarm. The idiot in question, it seems, is Micah. Like Eris, he decided to sneak up on his own lynch mob. Unlike her… well. He's not really doing too much to be hidden.

The sight of the demonic mutant so suddenly their midst causes a great deal of alarm, the lynchers stumbling back…but it won't be but a few more seconds, of course, till they remember they're not only outnumbering Micah, but they've got all the Instruments of Hurting(tm).

And there's Daniel, doing his evening patrol, righting wrongs, rescuing kittens, kissing babies, and picking up empty water bottles from the ground. You know, the usual. At least until the cries from the crowd, and the sight of torches and such, catch his attention. Why, it looks like an honest to goodness angry mob! There's even a guy with a pitchfork, for god's sake. Daniel narrows his eyes.. he sets the big bag of empty water bottles aside behind some overturned trashcans, and starts to approach, empty hands held just a slight distance away from his sides, when suddenly, there's Micah, making a scene. He blinks, and shakes his head. "… great.", he mutters, and quickens his pace. He doesn't know what the blue-skinned mutant can or can't do, but he's not eager to see either side hurt.

Eris grins. Excellent, so these are mutant haters. Of course she hopes they don't succeed in hurting that mutant, she's met him before, but she's happy to finally have something to take her frustrations out on. The woman crouches down and closes her eyes, focusing on something. She stands again and moves forward some more, now about twenty feet from the mob. The woman holds out an arm behind her and a large crystal shuriken grows out of her hand. Eris spins and releases, sending the two foot diamond ninja star sailing like a discuss into the crowd.

"Well, just don't stand there!" growls the leader, "GET HIM!" It takes this to sort of snap the crowd into focus, clubs gripped a little tighter, guns starting to be raised. Micah takes a small step backwards, giving a little shrug and holding his hands out to show they're empty. "So… Not so good then, huh?" His tail swishes at the ground right behind him, waiting to feel the onset of his powers, a light grin at his face. Truth be told, he falls between the mindsets of Daniel and Eris… he doesn't really want to see them hurt /badly/ but… WELL. The torch and pitchfork thing gets old, you know?

Someone rushes forward with a club, not really that smart of a move since he's rushing in FRONT of a crowd with guns but what can you say? Stephen Hawking, the guy ain't. Of course, in the end, it's not the guns this particular thug needs to worry about as suddenly the man is thrown back with a cry of pain, a two foot glittering ninja star embedded deeply into his chest, the mans lifeblood and last breaths coming out in a gurgle.

The lynch mob just pauses, terror on their faces…and Micah stammers, "But I didn't…" he pauses, patting down the front of his chest. "Wait… Did I? I… I don't think I…."

Daniel saw the crystal star flicker by.. he *tried* to move in front of it, to get between the glittering wheel of death and its victim, but it was too little, too late. His eyes widen as the star's target falls to the ground, clutching at his chest and likely soon to be dead. "NO!!", he cries.. whatever the blue mutant was going to do, he seemed confident enough.. and *he* hasn't hurt anyone. Yet. With a look of pure rage on his face, he stops and turns, trying to see where the star came from, and as he turns, something about him doesn't seem quite.. right. It's like his outline isn't completely solid, something distinctly liquid about him and the way he moves. And then he notices Eris. "YOU! What the *hell* are you *doing*?!", he shouts, standing in between her and the mob.

The look on Eris's face is a bit frightening. She watches the crowd as a hungry fox watches a baby bunny. As the star hits its mark she laughs, preparing a second star. She notices Daniel and frowns, "What am I doing? Justice. These people deserve to die. Now get out of my way!" She hurls the second star toward the crowd, but by now they have noticed Daniel and herself. She begins spinning and throwing quickly, tossing a few normal-sized crystal stars and a few large crystal needles towards those with guns. To Eris, if Daniel decides he wants to get in the way of her attacks to save these mutant-haters, he deserves to die just as much as they do.

A few of the stars hit home, cries of pain coming up from the crowd and a gunshot ringing up into the night, although the bullet doesn't hit home anywhere. Some in the crowd point, "Over there!" but at least one man with a bat strides for and clocks Micah right upside the head with a baseball bat. The demonic mutant, distracted by looking over at Eris and Daniel himself, was caught completely flat-footed. Rolling several times, he groans at he plants one hand against the ground, Micah looks up at the man that just sucker-punched him, along with the two buddies that are right along with him. "We'll take care of thi…s….one…" the man says, the confidence in his voice changing as he looks at Micah…and probably with good reason.

The demonic looking mutant is changing before their eyes, the horns on his head suddenly surging in growth, thickening and curling even more to appear like oversized ram horns, meanwhile his entire body is starting to thicken and get bigger, especially his leg, the sound of tearing fabric as the jeans start to give way to the increased mass rising up, the buttons his shift popping open. "I was really hoping I'd get to be a werewolf this time…" he says and then suddenly springs forward with a burst of surprising speed, head lowered, as his thick legs propel him forth like a rocket, his head lowered as he slams right into the man's chest, sending him flying some fifteen feet back.

"No one deserves to die!", Daniel shouts, watching as she begins to create and hurl more stars and now needles.. but this time, he was expecting them. No sooner has the first star left her hand that Daniel, with a look of regret on his face, goes through a startling, and sudden, transformation, his body losing integrity completely, and becoming fully transparent liquid, clothes splashing to the floor. Daniel's liquid form is vaguely humanoid at first, but with liquid smoothness he widens himself out, becoming a living wall of water a couple of inches thick.. and then solidifying with the same sudden speed that he shifted, into a wall of ice. Daniel's fast in this liquid state.. not fast enough to catch all the deadly missiles within his frozen mass, but enough so that only a couple get through. The rest embed themselves into the ice.. and tinkle down to the ground as he once more becomes liquid, wavering in between Eris and the mob. In his liquid state, he can perceive Micah's attacks on the crowd as well.. but, well, Eris seems a more immediate threat, and so Daniel-wall remains, doing his best to keep Eris from killing anyone else.. and hoping the crowd disperses before the other mutant kills someone himself.

Eris glares at Daniel. "You idiot bastard! I could have hit some of them! Now look, they've knocked out that mutant and he'll probably die…" No wait, he's getting big and scary now. "Well they could have. Now one last chance, get out of my way." She steps forward toward Daniel. "I can control and manipulate crystals. And let's not forget what ice is made of." She looks past Daniel to see a few of the moblings running forward. "So you can decide. Prevent me from killing them and have myself and them to deal with, or help me stop them."

Micah whips around, clocking another of the men with the side of his oversized horned head now, sending him to the ground…and as he starts to turn towards the third, this intrepid man swing his baseball bat squarely down on Micah's horned noggin. This time, however, the blue-skinned mutant just blinks. "Big horns, thick skull… you're not the brightest one…" he growls, reaching forward with a thick hand to grab the bat from the mans hand, tossing it over to the side. He leans in, getting closer to the man whose breathing quickens. Micah then just whispers, "Boo." and the man yelps and turns and starts running. "Heh, that never gets o—"

Micah doesn't have time to finish though as the sound of a shotgun going off now sounds off, the thickly muscled body of Micah twitching violently as he's thrown back. It's a woman that fired this particular shot off, stepping forward as she prepares to fire again… but eyes widen when she finds that her gun hasn't been quite as effect as she'd hoped. Micah's shirt is well and ruined now but instead of opening up Micah's insides for a public viewing, his skin is instead just peppered with small little specks of blood, the pellets of the shotgun embedded in his skin. "That… really hurt…" he growls, in that 'but not as bad as whats about to happen' kind of voice.

Of course, not all the lynchers are getting up in arms and whatnot. There's more than a few that decided that when it comes to lynching mutants? That's cool. Lynching mutants that can fight back? Well. Apparantly that wasn't in the brochure.

"I could've stopped this without bloodshed, you maniac!", comes Daniel's oddly-distorted voice, from the fully-liquid wall. "And take away my ice, I've still got water and steam. Drowning, or boiling, which way do you want to go down?", the water-elemental-wannabe menaces. "Step away, let me deal with this, and I let you walk away from here. Take me on, and I take you *out*. You're not killing anyone else while I'm around." Damned white-hats.

And then, *boom*, shotgun blast. The watery wall wavers while watching a woman wound the wrathful warrior. (Try saying *that* three times fast). "Dammit, get the hell out of here so I can stop this!", the wall wails. It does suck to be a good guy, in this town.

Eris apparently isn't happy with being threatened. "Stop it without bloodshed? They'd get away and kill someone else." She points to a puddle on the ground a few feet away. "See that?" It turns to crystal. "Try drowning me. You'll be a statue." She looks back to the crowd, a few of the moblings seem confused. Are these mutants arguing? Seems like a good time to strike! About four go after Daniel with clubs and a gun, the other five go after Eris. They probably think the skinny woman is less dangerous than a blob of water, they might be wrong. Eris stomps the ground, sending up a wall of diamond spikes right underneath those running at her. They stop running…Forever.

Eris turns to look at Micah to see how he's doing, not really caring whether or not Daniel is alright. Maybe the mob will beat some sense into him. She notices the mobling who are trying to run. "Damn it! They're getting away!" She starts off after the runners, intending to leave no survivors."

Beating some sense into Micah? Yeah. It's been tried. It… hasn't really taken. Planting one thick hand on the ground, the oversized mutie pushes himself up to one knee, glaring at the woman that just shot him. Between the bull/demon/mutant thing in front of her and the screams that are quickly silenced by the five that had gone after Eris… Yeah. The fight just went out of this one and she drops the gun and turns and starts fleeing. Micah… doesn't chase her, just instead starts to turn a small circle to see what's happened to the crowd. Dispersed, dead and just a few left that actually have some fight in them but Micah is rather… shocked to see the number of dead bodies. This isn't really how these things usually end up. At least, not when he's around…

Daniel basically ignores the people coming after him.. it's not like they can hurt him. Few things can. Eris might, but he has no choice. He can't just *let* her go around killing people. "These people deserve *jail*, not death.. and monsters like *you* are the reason they're so afraid!", Water-Daniel says, in that strange liquid voice. Clubs splash harmlessly through him.. the gunshot leaves a tiny cloud of steam as it goes through him, which quickly becomes liquid again and rejoins the rest of him as he flows, like a large liquid snake, after Eris. He should be trying to pay attention to the other mutant as well, the giant one, but, right now, Eris has pretty much put herself at the top of Daniel's To-Do list. A tendril of water shoots out at high speed towards the back of her knees, the tip of it changing to hard ice just as it hits, trying to knock her out of balance, give the humans a chance to escape.. even in his anger, he just can't seem to bring himself to use deadly force.

Eris charges forward, a large crystal sword forming in her arm. One of the runners is dangerously close to her and trips. Eris raises the sword high, preparing to destroy the girl in front of her. The girl screams and closes her eyes, but then hears an angry yell. Eris seems to have been knocked down by something, allowing the girl to escape.

Eris slams a fist into the ground as the last of the runners get away. She turns back to Daniel and chucks her sword at him. Though the blade probably weighs ten pounds, she throws it as if it were weightless. "What the fuck!? They're going to go out there and kill someone else now! They deserve JAIL! How the fuck are you going to arrest them? Splash at them?" Those attacking Daniel seem a bit confused, looking at their weapons and then back up at Daniel. They decide running is a good idea. Eris responds by throwing another giant crystal star at them, but she's not really taking the time to aim properly.

With most of the lynch mob now quite scattered, all is nice and good right…? The oversized bullheaded mutant starts to shrink now, his horns shifting to their normal sizes while his increased muscle mass dampens down to something more natural. OF course, there's now way to deal with the ruined clothing he wears but… alas. Suck it up, Micah. He turns towards his benefactors, just in time to hear and see the trouble brewing between Eris and Daniel. "Great. Just… just great." he mutters, sighing. The sight of two mutants starting to battle it out? You know what. He's not gonna bother with this. This is, after all, why mutants like him are always getting lynched. Shaking his head, without really getting a good look at either of them… he turns and heads off. No direction in particular, really, but instead just picks a direction…and leaves.

That's the thing about water: cutting and stabbing implements? Not so effective. Eris' sword flies pretty much harmlessly through Daniel's liquid form.. and a watery pseudopod shoots out and connects with the flying star, knocking it off-balance enough that between that and Eris' lack of aim, it skitters harmlessly to the ground. With the last of the survivors running off, Daniel assumes a humanoid shape, keeping his distance from the fallen Eris, warily. "They won't kill anyone, they're too scared to.. but thanks to you? Now they'll rally others, bring them here to see the bodies of the people you murdered.. you're making martyrs, you psycho.. making it *worse*!", the watery young man says in that liquid voice that emanates from his entire body rather than just his 'head'. "Get the hell out of here.."

Eris stands and dusts herself off. "I'm making it worse? I'm not the one letting them run off and GET those people. They'd do it anyway, you know. They'd say they tried to stop a mutant and he turned into a scary demon and knocked them around before they killed him." She shakes her head, "What would that accomplish? They'd go out and tell people that if you shoot them enough, mutants will die. Know what they'll say now? They'll tell people that a huge mob took on three mutants and only a quarter of them made it out alive." Eris grins, "How many do you think are willing to go up against us again? Especially if they hear none of use were even injured?" She had seen Micah get shot, but he seemed unfazed by that.

"What's going on here?" From around the wall of crystal, Kera's voice chimes in, and she steps around into the area, looking a bit curious and confused, "I just passed a crowd of people warning me not to come this way? They said that someone is killing people over here? Who's killing people?" she asks with a tilt of her head. It's both quite real and rather creepy with the innocent inquiry look upon the girl's face, knowing what she can do. She takes a moment, seeing Daniel in his watery visage, and then there is Eris. A second look to the people with the crystals in them and the ones impaled make her look over at Eris and then she frowns….

Daniel's liquid form is quite literally steaming and boiling with rage.. touching him? Likely not recommended at this point. "You're a *monster*..", he begins.. but then there's that innocent question from the buxom bombshell just entering the scene. "… oh *no*.", Daniel murmurs. He did not need this. Is *every* woman he meets in this town a capable of killing hundreds of people with but a thought, and, worse yet, likely to do so at the drop of a hat? "Kera.. stay back, please..", he says in his watery voice.. knowing full well there's little he can do to stop her.

Eris narrows her eyes at the boiling water man. "You sound just like THEM." She points a finger violently at the nearest corpse. "I can only hope that you will come to your senses before you allow yourself to get hurt or killed by one of them." She turns on a heel, apparently about to huff off, but she stops when she nearly runs into Kera. "You? Yes. These creatures were trying to kill a mutant. They stopped. No thanks to him." She just a thumb toward Daniel and continues on, it seems she intends to leave.

For a moment, Kera's eyes move to Daniel in his warning. But it is quite correct that he couldn't exactly stop her, and she isn't about to just walk away either. "These creatures?" she questions, "You mean people? And.. you killed them on purpose?" another tilt of her head. The girl calmly walks forward, moving to inspect the structure. Her lips purse together tightly for a moment, "And you all keep begging me to fix things… But this is how you treat each other." she might have been calm before, but there is a slight elevation of emotion in her voice. "It'll never stop, unless someone stops you all. One. By. One." Seeing her reflection in the diamond, she considers, and then whips her head over toward Eris to give her a firm glare, "I have half a mind to open a singularity right in front of YOU. I bet you'd feel just as helpless and plead as much as these people did.."

Daniel flows towards Eris a bit. "And maybe they're right, at least about you.. but it's not your powers that make you a monster. It's not the fact that you're a mutant.. it's the fact that you can see these people as nothing more than things.. that you can kill with no remorse and no thought.., you're every bit as bad as them.. hell, you're worse.", he begins to say, but then Kera's talking, and he flows back.. watching her like one would watch a wild animal. Every time Kera's exposed to Eris, the girl moves that much further towards the dark. He's just quiet, for now, the bubbling and boiling stopping.. if anything, he likely doesn't particularly want to draw Kera's attention right now.. and, let's face it.. there's likely a dark little part of him that *wants* the starchild to vaporize Eris.

Eris stops walking and turns back to the two of them. "How many times do I have to tell you, cupcake? YOU did this. YOU destroyed the order in the city, now it's up to those of us who are willing and able to clean up the mess. Yes, I killed them, so that they didn't go out and kill anyone else." She motions to the bodies on the ground. "You think this is terrible. Still nothing compared to what YOU did. You want to open another singularity? You'll just do it again. How many people will YOU kill Starborne?" Yes, it seems Eris knows her secret identity. "I kill those who would harm others. YOU have killed the innocent, the old, the weak. Who is the monster?"

"Just one." she smiles at her in an almost sweet manner. "At least this time.. I'm sure Daniel would be smart enough to get out of here before long." Somehow, Eris' words don't reach the girl this time. At least not how one might expect. "The difference between what I did, and what you did? It was an accident. A grave accident, but I reacted out of fear. An emotion that I hadn't known until then. I reacted just as they react to our powers." Those bright green eyes of hers shift up and boar into Eris, narrowing ever so slightly as she brings one hand up at her side, palm up. A small quasar forms just above it, swirling and starting to grow. "Daniel is right. YOU are the monster. I'm human, I made a mistake. A very costly one, but a mistake, and I realize this. And the fact that I won't do that again? Is what separates me from you."

Daniel flows back and away from the two of them slowly as Kera speaks. "Kera..", he begins to say.. His voice is hesitant.. but just like before, when he couldn't bring himself to use deadly force on Eris, now he can't just stand by and let Kera do this without speaking up. His strange, watery voice seems to emanate from all of his liquid, semi-humanoid form, as he says ".. Don't.. Before, you killed by mistake, because you were scared and lost control.. but if you do this.. if you kill on purpose, knowing what you're doing.. that's not right.. Murder is never right.", he pleads. "She needs to be stopped.. but not killed. Don't let that be your choice, Kera.. please.", he says.. all the while, keeping careful watch on Eris.

Eris smirks at the girl. "Just one…Just one life. You would take one life to spare those of others? Just like I did, right?" She glances back at the wall of spikes. "Kill a few, save many. Just like me." Eris smiles. "Kill me? And you've got another monster to deal with." Eris raises a hand and a large crystal extends from the ground. This gem is highly reflective and stands between the two women. "This one." Eris is speaking of Kera's reflection, staring back at her from the mirrored gem. Of course, this wall serves more of a purpose than just to show a reflection. The woman knows Kera is dangerous, and though she hopes she and Daniel can talk her out of becoming a like Eris she would still like a barrier there just in case. One that can blind Kera back should she decide to use that light attack Eris saw back at the roller rink so long ago.

Does she hear them? Physically at least yes, but is she listening? That is debatable. "Kill her?" Kera gazes into the growing quasar above her hand and the she giggles a bit, "Why would I kill her? If she dies, then I can't play with her anymore. People are less fun when they're dead." she looks back over at Eris, her eyes filled with all of the mirth of a child. A child with a doomsday button in hand. Whatever darkness she holds deep inside of her has surfaced. She returns to looking at the quasar and seems to focus. "Mm. Almost.. alllmost.." the quasar suddenly spins and then poof, there is a marble there.. No, wait. Is that a marble sized sun. "Awww.. is that all? This isn't sufficient enough to play ANYTHING fun.." she closes her hand and snuffs out the little sun. "We'll just have to play target practice till I get a liiiitle stronger." she looks back at Eris again. Apparently, this darker side has a bit more control than Kera herself.

Daniel would blink in surprise, if he had eyelids in this form. As it is, he seems to be in no rush to return to his human form.. the pile of damp clothes some distance away on the ground probably has something to do with that, though. But still.. Kera's voice, her attitude.. Is that even her? Well.. at least she doesn't intend to kill Eris. And doesn't seem to be interested in evaporating him, either. But target practice? "You.. might want to start running.", he says, apparently directed at Eris, even as he flows just a little further away from the other deadly beauty.

If looks could kill, Kera wouldn't be alive right now. Eris looks positively irate. "What the FUCK is that? You can do THAT but you can't fix this? BULLSHIT!" The crystal wall behind her cracks and a shard falls to the ground. "You did it on accident, sure you did. Just like you 'can't fix it now'. I don't believe that for a second. You are leaving the city the way it is because it is a game to you. If the city were back to normal, you wouldn't be able to dress up like a ninja princess and go out and play hero. But here's your true self. Crazy." Eris glances at Daniel and sighs. He's probably right. If Eris and Kera were to fight one or both of them would probably die. Ever since the polar bear incident Eris has been researching cosmic phenomenon, crouching in the library with candles trying to figure out if there was a way around what Kera can do. Eris has some ideas, but she's not one hundred percent confident. She backs up slowly, leaving the crystal wall between herself and Kera.

"Mm. I can't fix the board just yet. Not powerful enough, but almost!" she sings with a playful little smile on her face. "But you're gonna help me do that right? We're gonna play target practice, and— Huh?" she pauses and tilts her head as Eris starts to go. Her little temper tantrum goes unnoticed or unacknowledged. "Awww, you're leaving? I thought we were gonna play.. Well, we can play a short game, you run and I'll see if I can hit you with one of these." she reopens her hand and a rather dangerous pulse of gamma radiation grows before it. "I'll give you a five second head start, kay?" She isn't dressed up in any kind of costume, but something about her seems.. off. But serious. "1, 2, 3…"

Eris is on her own, as far as Daniel is concerned. He might be willing to go toe to toe.. or, err, toe to pseudopod, with Eris.. but with whatever the hell it is that's gotten into Kera? Hell no. He's not quite educated enough to know what a blast of gamma radiation might do to plain old water.. but he's not eager to find out. Thankfully, the asphalt here in the old abandoned amusement park is cracked all over.. plenty of room for a puddle-boy to simply seep down and hide between the cracks.. which is exactly what he does, post-haste, seeming to just disappear from view as he flows down into the cracked and pitted ground.
You paged Kera with 'Did you fire yet?'

Eris glares at the girl as she continues to back up. This is really starting to get annoying. The woman bends down on one knee and closes her eyes for a moment. She reaches out toward the diamond wall, causing it to crack and shatter before jutting a new wall between herself and Kera. This wall is very odd indeed. It appears to be made of diamond, but there are many refractions within it. The internal structure seems to be built in such a way that light passing into it is directed through two large points which just out of and pointing to either side of Eris. The woman continues to back up, fairly confident that whatever Kera fires at her will be directed away from her.

Her head tilts one direction, "Huh? Aww.. no fair!" she calls, "You changed the rules. No fair changing the rules! You're not allowed to change the rules! This isn't your game!" She has stopped counting but, she doesn't sound happy at all. Things start to alter about her at this point, the air around her starts to get hotter, moment by moment. She has dismissed the pulse of gamma radiation, and suddenly a new corona of energy overtakes her. It looks like it could be kinda familiar, hard to tell, but it IS getting hotter. There is a wall between she and Eris, but Kera looks like she is going around it, slowly walking toward the woman. If Eris has read anything, and has a notion of what Kera could possibly be capable of, something to do with the sun might come to mind. Daniel isn't a concern of Kera's darker half at the moment, it is still unknown just what this part of her is.

Done. Eris is done with this. She stomps on the ground once, causing a large semicircle of black diamond spikes to emerge from the ground separating herself from Kera. These crystals are difficult to see through, especially at this thickness. Eris turns and darks off in the direction she came from. She'll probably come back later and dismantle her diamond walls, but for now she's using them as a barrier from that psycho girl.

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