A Night at the Club


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Summary: Dax kind of meets Ana at the club, then Tyler appears. Dancing ensues.

Date: March 13, 2009

A Night at the Club

Rating: G

Contacts - Main Room

The room itself is divided into three main areas. A dance floor, an oblong bar, and a pool room. The dance floor is at the far end of the building, to prevent the noise from being too much for the pool area.

The pool area has two pool tables under bright beer-manufacturer labelled lights. Though it's not quiet, it's not nearly as pounding as the dance floor. Next to the two pool tables is a small coat room, just in case anyone wants to check an article of clothing.

The bar itself is much less lit, except beneath the counter itself. The bartenders circle the bar regularly to help anyone needing a drink. All but one of the bartenders is male, and usually shirtless to enhance tipping.

The dance floor is on the far part of the building. The floor itself is nothing more than a standard wood parquet floor with two risers on each side, however the back wall is nothing but rows of TV screens with a video attribute playing along with the music.

It's another one of those late nights … not just for the club, which is packed and thumping with a pulse seemingly of its own, but also for one young woman in particular. She's a regular here, though most people only recognize her by face or, more commonly, by her dance moves. Never mind that she doesn't quite dress like the rest of the crowd; jeans and a tanktop with sneakers for her, nothing especially fancy or club-like. For now, however, she's just off to a side, sipping on some water and watching some of the dancers on the floor with an impassive, unreadable expression.

A man walks into the club and stops to look around. He's wearing a tight black shirt and a pair of tattered jeans. His eyes are obscured by a pair of silver-rimmed rave goggles. He tilts his head to listen to the music for a moment before pulling out a small notebook and jotting something down. Dax wanders over to the bar and orders a vodka sprite and a liquid cocaine. He then procedes to tell the bartender how completely unacceptable it is that she doesn't know how to make a liquid cocaine. He turns to the nearest person, a girl sipping water, and points his thumb toward the barkeep while yelling over the music "Seriously, they don't know their drinks here or something?"

She's half-turning to head back to the bar — out of water, or nearly so — when she catches the motion from the corner of her eye. The slight furrowing of her forehead is enough to indicate that she's perplexed. Perhaps she just didn't hear him? Or perhaps didn't understand? In either case, she shakes her head slightly and offers the man a tip-tilted smile before she heads in his direction … which, conveniently, is the direction she was intending to go in anyway.

Tyler pushes open the door to the bar, moving into the room. He pauses for a moment as he gets his bearings and scans over the room. He makes his ways towards the bar a moment later, pushing against the crowd as he maneuvers through the sea of people.

Dax gives Ana a quizical look. Didn't she hear him? He opens his mouth to speak again but the barkeep hands over his drinks right then. He turns back to the bartender and smiles at her. "That'll be nine bucks." The man reaches into his back pocket to get his wallet and leans forward close to the waitress. He nonchallantly raises his goggles, looking the girl in the eye "Sorry, how much'd you say?" The girl seems to blank out for a moment before turning around, apparently having forgotten about the money. Dax makes a confused face and replaces his goggles, turning toward the girl he shouted to earlier and giving a confused shrug. He sees someone approaching from behind her that he feels he may have seen before. Hmmm…Oh yes, that guy who tried to save him from the jumping guy.

It's the interplay, the reaction of the bartender to the man at the lifting of his goggles, that seems to elicit her interest. She is abruptly keen-eyed, studying the gesture, the reaction, from the corner of her eye as surreptitiously as she can manage. Ana places the glass on the counter, trusting that it will be filled. The confused shrug given by Dax is echoed with one of her own, her former attempt at a smile having faded utterly. Long fingers fuss a bit with the bracelet around her wrist, dark eyes growing vague while they drift across the gathered others. Loud music, loud bodies; sometimes it's all a bit much.

Tyler finally makes it to the bar and finds an empty spot at the bar. There's no seats that he can see, so he leans against the bar, waiting for his turn to place his drink order. When he finally gets the bartender's attention, he gives his drink order before he leans back to let the bartender make his drinks, looking over the area around him.

Dax sees that Tyler has managed to stand at the bar right behind Ana. He takes his shot and picks up his drink, reaching around the girl to tap Tyler on the shoulder. "Oy, See any more of Jumpy McJumperton?" Tyler had left shortly after the incident, it's possible he could have seen him out there that night.

Awkward. Ana freezes at the first hint of Dax moving, not quite tense but definitely showing some sign of discomfort by his change in proximity. A sidelong look is aimed at Tyler, like as not spurred by the evident familiarity of one with the other — whether such familiarity is mutual has yet to be seen. In either case, she says nothing, remaining utterly still and, very likely, holding her breath.

Tyler glances back behind him, thinking that the tap is the bartender with his drink, but doesn't see her there. He looks around the area before he hears Dax speak, looking in his direction, glancing to Ana before he responds to Dax. "No. I didn't see where he went." He says before he looks back to the bartender as she finally arrives, paying for the drink. "Get the lady here whatever she's drinking on me." He says, nodding towards Ana before he looks back to Dax.

Dax notices vaguely Ana's discomfort as he taps Tyler. After Tyler is done speaking, Dax smirks at the girl. "Ah, sorry to invade yer personal space there, love. Just tryin to get this guy's attention." He nods toward Tyler, who he doesn't believe told him his name the other night. Dax rubs his chin and ponders for a moment. "I'd think that someone'd notice something like a rooftop cannibal around here…But…Maybe he's just been eating hobos? Or dogs…Maybe he eats dogs." Dax is assuming that Davian eats people…Mostly because Davian jumped on Dax with the intent of "Biting" him.

"Sure, if you want to pay for water," is the bartender's comment in passing to Tyler, indicating the young woman's newly refilled glass. The thus-far-mute nods to Tyler with an expression that appears to be the confused spawn of confusion and apprecation. Ana takes the glass in both hands, deriving some species of cold comfort from it before tilting her head to Dax. Forgiveness is granted in the form of an 'ok' handsign, a half-formed smile rising and then fading in the span of a heartbeat. With space granted anew, she eases back a little — not so much to fully remove herself from any ensuing conversation, but out of a desire to look at both men from a comfortable (to her) distance.

Dax again looks confused as Ana gives him the sign He tries to mimic the gesture but fails completely. Could it be possible that the "ok" sign is a foreign concept to him? He continues to look at his hand for a moment with a ponderous expression before looking up to listen to Tyler. He notices that Ana has stayed nearby, but based on the fact that Tyler had offered to buy her a drink, Dax assumes they know each other. That or Tyler's trying to get into her pants. Dax frowns at the man's response. "Oh, I thought?" Dax had believed that Tyler somehow knew more about the incident than that. At least, that's how it had appeared to him the other day. "Well I don't know who he was. He said he wanted a bite?so?I assume he wanted to eat me? Luckily I?managed to scare him off." He gives a half grin.

The bartender just laughs, moving on to fulfill a few more drinks orders. Ana, meanwhile, is listening in her peculiar sort of way … and absently, at that, as the conversation shifts into something that is effectively incomprehensible for her. Though her eyes are on both of them — moving from one speaker to the other — her interest seems to be shifting more to the music. That is, if the tapping of her fingers on her glass in time with the beat is any indication.

Tyler nods his head as he listens to Dax. "Hrm… maybe he was just trying to ask you out on a date. Offering to buy you dinner or something." He says with a slight shrug. "Probably was desperate, so he tried to jump on you." He says before he takes a swig from the beer bottle in his hand as he eyes the dance crowd.

Taking advantage of a lull in the conversation, Ana sets her glass down and slips away without a backwards look or farewell to either of the unfamiliar men, threading her way through the throng of people who are leaving the dance floor to get drinks. Luckily, the music here is easy to dance to — and not just bob one's head, Night At The Roxbury-style. She sways a little with her eyes shut before starting to move, to pick out the right set of moves to coordinate with the music in much the same way that one might carefully select their lyrics for the same reason. In her case, it's pure intuition at work; a natural talent that shows.

Tyler chuckles and shakes his head. "Taylor? Naw. She's been through a lot more than that. With the vans and all." He says, draining the remainder of his beer. His eyes turn to Ana and smirks slightly. "If you'll excuse me, the music seems to be calling." He says with a grin, setting the empty beer bottle on the bar top. He pushes off the bar and makes his way into the sea of writhing bodies.

Dax nods at Tyler’s comment, still not completely understanding what happened with the vans, but he’ll ask about that some other time. He downs his drink and watches Tyler move toward Ana. He watches them for a moment, the girl seems to have a knack for dancing. Dax looks up to the DJ booth and smirks. Ah, DJ Peekamoose, of course. He ascends the staircase and enters the booth. The two speak for a moment and can be seen laughing through the window. The DJ pats him on the back and heads down to the bar for a bit. Dax puts on the headphones and pulls a CD out of his pocket, putting it into the computer. His voice comes over the loudspeaker. “This is DJ Dax visiting from Club Seal. I hope everyone’s having a great time.” He waits a moment for people to yell. “Let’s kick things up a notch while Peekamoose takes a quick break, shall we?” A new song starts up. It’s some sort of techno, something fast and slightly dark sounding.

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