A Monster Is Born



Co-Staring: A Girl played by Jaden.

Summary: Jacob, his Obsession getting the better of him, accosts a young girl about her ability… and takes it.

Date: May 12, 2009

Rating: R

Red Light Disctrict

The red light district is pumping with activity in this late hour. There are screams of pain and pleasure, the giggling of drunken females and males alike, the scuffling of arguments and fights in the alleys. This is the dark side of town, where the cops don't go and they serve their own flavor of justice.

A man is thrown out of one of the brothels, the women following after him cussing and kicking him while he is down, even spitting on him before they go back in. At this point he's laying in the middle of the street bleeding. Women hanging on women, bouncers and pimps keeping watch- its just a regular night.

Down the sidewalk under the dim lights of this dangerous area is a girl skipping and humming to herself,her hands clasped behind her back. She can't be any older than twelve, but for whatever reason, the people she comes up on are nothing but welcoming. Its amazing she can even tell where she is going, as the rail thin girl has pure white eyes.

Obsession doesn't cover it. Ever since Jacob realized the extent to which he differed from humanity, and that others like himself exist as well, scattered amongst the globe like precious gems in beach sand, he's become utterly enveloped with the task of documenting as many variations as possible. He's even formed a new set of standards, and entirely different personality as he has daily, and with this sort of detachment set he ventures into the darkest of neighborhoods hoping to find evidence of new and special people.

Wearing an outfit that would inspire Tim Burton, Jacob slithers down the street. He sticks to himself, and though he observes the goings on around him, he doesn't join any of it. He treats the scene more like a mechanical system, with all it's parts and orders in check, running smoothly.

That is, until, he spots an anomally in the system. Across the street, a young lady in strange circumstances. Needless to say he places his hands into his suit pant pockets and moves to the opposite side of the street, reversing his direction that he might follow in the wake of the bleary eyed girl.

You never may quite know what you are walking into with a mutant or anyone as mentally unstable as this girl. She may appear twelve, but not a soul looks at her than anything other than normal. None make eye contact, and some of the whores even move to give her a respectful birth. An onlooker might even mistake her for some strange version of the Kingpin of the underground.

One of the men, reeking of whiskey, stumbles out of one of the whore houses, running into one of the whores themselves before he falls to his knees on the sidewalk. He snickers and gets back up to his feet, dusting himself off before rising, and catches glimpse of the girl- not even minding the man following her. "Oh well, hello baby. Your mighty young, but damn I would mind!" He even moves to slap her ass as she starts to go past.

The movement itself halts suddenly as she stops. She turns to face him, head tilting as her bottomless white eyes stare at him, a strange smile coming to her lips. "Such a stupid old man." She giggles- and the man instantly falls to his knees and starts screaming, fighting off multiple somethings. He even falls on his side and starts hitting himself, scratching and patting and curling up as if it was a horrendously losing fight.

What does she do? She watches. And smiles.

Jacob watches the people's reactions as he passes them, trying to see the source of their delusion. And for a moment he feels very much like he's following some Christ like figure of the underworld. Her dark demure and demanded respect splash onto Jacob slightly as his path as well as hers are cleared and diverted over. As the interaction with the man begins, he actually takes a step back in fear that her response might involve a similar splash radius. It quickly becomes evident, however, that whatever's happening is happening to him, and him only. His eyes go wide, and after only a few seconds of watching the old man, his attention turns to the little girl. He stoops over, hands resting on his knees, and whispers to her as he joins her in watching the old man struggle, "What's 'e seein', love?" That's his best guess, at least. No sense in letting the opportunity that she's stopped walking go to any sort of waste. Plus - obsession.

When Jacob tries to get close to the girls, one of the older whores almost tries to stop him, but instead draws back and watches with a sense of fear and reverence. He's brave- or at least, that is the sense she is giving off.

The man continues to struggle, and even goes as far to start scratching wildly at his face as he screams bloody murder. Not only does his nails start to bend and cut into his skin as he frantically claws at himself, he rolls over onto his back- his face being his sole obsession at the moment. Its as if the rest of his body didn't even matter anymore.

"Thousands of spiders. Black widows." But as the man's torture continues, the girl turns to Jacob, looking at him right in the eyes as he is eye level with her for the moment- her pure white unchanging. Her lips curl into her almost ever-present eerie smile as her hands unclasp and one raises, a black widow crawling from her hair and down her shoulder as if on command before it settles on her palm as her hand turns over- presenting the spider to him. "Such beauty, but so deadly."

Jacob keeps watching the man, oblivious to the idea that he was almost pimp smacked by a … prostitute. As she answers, his appreciation for the scene intensifies greatly. He watches the man struggle, as if it were some divine comedy for him to observe in person. As if she were Virgil showing him the Eight layer of Hell personally. As she faces him he turns to face her in kind. The spider draws his attention, but his knowledge that it was likely an illusion caused his abilities to go into overdrive in an attempt to fix the image. To block out the known illusion from his sight - but there was no helping it. She was in charge of his vision, it seemed. For the moment, it appeared as if he was at her mercy - best to keep her engaged and thinking, "Such beauty…" his british accent mirrors her words, "An' so deadly. Daresay. A lot like you, hmm?" His heart pounds in his chest, but with a history such as his it's easy to keep what you're feeling to the physical response, and to leave the facial evidence out.

The man finally stops, but only after his hands clutch his chest and he goes very still and limp. The girl suddenly looks disappointed and even frowns, the spider on her palm lowering its body as if it were preparing to attack. Her expression draws into something between anger and hate.

Though the flash of emotion is brief on her face before it returns to the eerie sense of calm and mania, the spider melding into her skin as if it were apart of her all along- disappearing. "Yes." She finally answers before she turns around and starts to walk off.

The man? Very dead.

In that moment Jacob feels he should've taken the spider, but how can one embrace such beautiful deadliness while someone's dying beside him? In any case, now that the man is dead and gone, his courage seems to come back to him, and he moves after the young lady without losing so much as a foot of his original lag behind. "Wait, let's talk more," he says in her direction, trying hard to hide the despair in his tone. He's not sure what he would even say to her, but he wasn't willing to let her walk away just yet. Meanwhile, the constant pressure on his lower back reminds him that he's got other means to stop someone. 'That's ridiculous' he thinks to himself, 'You're not gonna shoot her…'

"Why are you so interested?" The girl questions with a scoff in her tone, but she abruptly stops, whirling around to face him. Her body is rigid, a sense of anger, perhaps, or annoyance, but she is completely focused on him. Perhaps it is the scene going on, or perhaps it is something else… but the people on the street? They go inside. Immediately.

The neons and dim lights of the brothels start to dim into nothingness making the street disappear into a void of pitch black with no light of hope of the distant, better city in either direction. Black despair with her as the center and him apart of it. "Do I seem interesting to you? Are you not afraid?"

Jacob senses an in, and his head tilts to the side as if entering a new passage of thought. The voice of his manipulative logic emerges, and he utters softly, "You're more than interesting… you're a goddess among mortals. You're ascendent." He continues to approach her, although slowly, and he offers as he does so, "How can I be afraid of someone like myself? We're like family, you see.." He holds out a hand, unsure of what he intends her to do with it. It just seems the thing to do, as if his mind was encouraging him to make flesh contact with her. Like that would solve everything. Still, he wouldn't be able to articulate exactly what he wants…

"I am a demon amongst mortals, and I will exact what means of vengeance for my existence as I deem fit." The girl responds, her lips curling in distaste. Either she is simply displeased, or he took a route she didn't approve of.

As he reaches for her, she shrinks back a step, frowning. "Don't.. touch me." She hisses, but her voice changes and amplifies. The darkness that surrounds them thickens into something of velvet, but ripples- threatening to move and overtake… or give vertigo. Though her voice in itself shifts to something one could only describe as demonic. You've seen the horror movies…

As Jacob feels the darkness loom over him, he reaches forward with his arm and attempts to fasten his grip upon her as his head sway. Whatever happened to him, he wasn't letting her slip away. But why? What did he want? With vertigo twisting his perception and threatening to overcome him altogether, he reaches behind him and places a grip on the gun, leaving it there for now, with his other hand trying to grip onto her. Meanwhile, his abilities go into hyperdrive attempting to repair his mind it falls victim to this new and unencountered ability. It's proving harder than other mental assaults to throw off, but at least he's not clawing at his face.

Not clawing his face, but Jacob likely hasn't come across a mutant of this girl's caliber before. She is strong, unequally so. That much is clear. Or at least, it appears that way. As soon as he grabs her arm, there is a high pitched, ear shattering scream that resonates, yet her mouth does not move.

The ground disappears despite the blackness around and there is suddenly a pit of fire spitting lava that is rapidly rising… the illusion of falling to your death- yet she appears so calm. Her hair and clothes ripple and toss as if she were falling as well, however.

Jacob screams himself as the wail overtakes the area, but it's the ground giving way out from underneath him that kicks in his survival instinct. As if controlled by the mind that seeks to preserve itself, the gun is drawn from the back of his pants. His conscious mind focuses on tightening his grip on the arm, as he holding onto her will help him when they land within the burning inferno below them. He's not entirely sure of the rest of him, but all he knows is that at some point, the gun makes contact with a surface. He's not sure if it's his own head, the ground, the girl, something in his imagination - but he pulls the trigger with another scream, hoping to end the nightmare.

The gun finds the girl's chest, Jacob's other hand still tightly bound around her arm. Though as the gun fires… reality whirls back into existence at lightspeed.

The scream, the darkness, the falling… everything stops abruptly and the scene is nothing like before. In reality: Jacob stands in an alley off of the redlight district, and the whores are milling about like usual. They don't even flinch as the gun is fired. When Jacob peers out into the street- there is no dead man there, either. But the girl? She looks as she did in the illusions. The nightmare. The white eyes and everything. But the pale girl is now nothing more than dead- her frail body not able to sustain the injury of the shot to the chest.

As he comes to reality, Jacob feels the way one does when returning from … say, Salvia. He remembers everything that lead up to the incident, where as while the incident was taking place he was certain it was happening to everyone. He panics, his grip never leaving the girl's arm. Seeing that he hasn't garnered attention yet, he scoops her into his arms, gun still in hand, and he scuttles into a nearby Alleyway where he unceremoniously drops her body and decides to spend a moment in quiet recomposition.

Deep breaths stop the vomiting as it sinks in that he's killed a fourth human being. This one didn't deserve it though, he thinks. "Well if she would've just stayed still… we could've talked," he says in argument to his own thoughts. To the body he turns, and as if trying to keep himself feeling on the tough side, he rolls her onto her back with his foot.

He kneels over her now, looking into those ghoulish empty eyes, and he utters. "I wanted to know how you did it…" He lowers a hand and brushes some of her black hair from her porcelain face. "Why," he says, becoming slightly angry — the grip on his hand tightening around her head as he repeats, "Why didn't you just stay still?" His grip becomes furiously tight and without thinking he lifts her head and slams it onto the ground.

The head slams into the ground with the sickly crunch of bone and flesh. And the wetness of blood on the back of her head. Otherwise- the girl is very dead and very still- only responsive to his nudges and whims. As for the rest of the occupants of the area? They ignore him.

Recovering from his rage, Jacob now notices that he's given her quite the irreparable skull fracture…

Something comes over him, and he leans down, turning her over to get a better look at the wound…

After making it slightly bigger with the barrel of his gun… he goes to work figuring out exactly how she does that thing she does…

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