A Meeting Of Minds


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Summary: Jacob is approached by Kailin at Purgatory, and comes to find he's got some potential opposition — even from Mutants.

Date: May 13, 2009

A Meeting of Minds

Rating: PG-13


The upper walls are blue, with white billowing clouds dotting the lower walls. The floors themselves are also white. The room itself is large, with a long bar, tended by two bartenders. Everything in the room seems to be in very mild whites and blues. Even the stage itself is white with blue poles.

Depending on who's got the room tonight, ladies or gentlemen, the dancers on stage tend to dress in outfits meant to be the 'good' side of sexual. Nurse's uniforms… Angel costumes… anything of that nature. The bartenders dress the same way.

The room tonight is filled with female entertainers for any and all that want that type of entertainment. Kailin sits towards the back of the room in one of the booths all by himself, a bottle of champagne and a glass next to him. Despite being a large figure he looks quite isolated in the booth all by himself while many of the others are filled with people. Every now and then an entertainer will make her way to his booth, but he quickly waves them away with a polite smile and a shake of his head. Instead, he seems content to watch the dancers on stage and drink by himself.

Jacob, in a rare fit of boredom, finds himself in Heaven one night when attempting to escape the true purgatory that is his daytime existence. Though not required of those who show, he has complied with the theme, and wears a black t-shit with the image of white wings on the back. An ash wednesday smear on his forehead. White jeans. He sits in a bar chair, tilted backwards with one foot resting on the edge of the stage to support his reclined position. As a dancer draws near, Jacob seems to pull out a dollar bill from his pocket, and slide it into the Nurse's presented thong string. He leans back, and grins. As the dancer moves to another john, and Jacob's attention moves elsewhere - the bill he placed in her G-String seems to fade into a green piece of construction paper. But no sooner than it happens, it's hidden by another, real bill.

Kailin stands from his booth, leaving his bottle of champagne bottle where it is, still about half full. He makes his way towards the stages, tossing down several $20 bills on several stages, opting not to slide them into clothing. With a move pass Jacob he gives the man a look, then to the nurse, and back to Jacob. "What was that?" He motions towards the nurse and takes a few more bills sliding them in her direction. "You're cheating strippers out of money? That's not cool. What's the point of that?"

Assuming the stranger is only speaking loud enough for the two of them, Jacob just looks over to him momentarily. He sizes up the other, larger man, and then turns his attention back to the strippers. With a sniff he gives a gentle shrug and offers, "I don't know what you're talking about." He speaks in the quieter tone one uses when keeping a conversation more private, but he by no means ignores the man. He clears his throat, and pulls out a dollar from his pocket. A real dollar. It's not a twenty, but he's not a wealthy man. He leans forward and places it atop one of the twenties, before returning to his chair. The dollar doesn't change.

Kailin turns back towards the man with a raise of his brow. "Huh?" He slides his hands into his pockets, casually standing next to the Jacob as he passes along more money. "I could have sworn that I saw you pass along something that wasn't quite money…" He shrugs his suited shoulders. "Honest mistake? I guess that's possible. I don't know. I guess its better than giving something that's counterfeit." He pauses a moment, smiling to a passing waitress with a polite nod. "I just like this place. I don't want to see any of the girls getting shortchanged. They work hard for their money."

As Kailin finishes his tale of morality, the Nurse turns upsidedown on a pole and gives all the enlookers a glimpse of her dental floss, so to speak. Jacob tilts his head in thought during the event, and grins as he replies to Kailin, "That they do." Without looking over, he reaches behind him and slides another bar chair over for the dude to sit in the front row, should he choose to. "That they do indeed."

Kailin takes a hand from his pocket waving it slightly as he declines the seat. "No thank you. I'll stand for now. Need to stretch my legs." He seems to just stand in the middle of the place like he belongs there, despite being quite out of place. "Who are you anyway? I haven't seen you in here much before. And as this is pretty much my office, I think I probably would have." He sticks out a hand to stop a waitress and orders a soda with a $20 tossed onto her serving tray. "Thanks."

"Decker," replies Jacob, giving him not a fake name, just not the one on his certificate. It's true to him. As he goes on, the accent previously hidden by his taciturn responses seems to come out moreso, "Spen' mos' my time at Trinity, bu' I don' like th'Deejay tonigh'." He sneers slightly, even as he watches the Nurse finish up her dance with a complicated ground procedure. Something about his look speaks that there's more than just dislike towards the DJ he mentioned, but it's the sort of look that speaks of a long story, too. He folds his arms over his chest and says, "Your office eh?" He snickers, thinking about where he works, and offers, "Nice view, mate."

"Trinity? I'm not familiar with it." Kailin shakes his head towards Jacob and shrugs lightly. "I don't know much about this city. I just moved here. And I haven't bothered to learn my way around. I like this place, so I just stayed here. During the day its very quiet and the views are great. With all the mutants popping up everywhere its safer to stay inside somewhere. You're liable to end up some innocent bystander smeared on the sidewalk by someone's wayword freakshow." He watches a new dancer take a stage. "Besides, I think it will be hard to actually get tired of this place. Such a thing just wouldn't be practical…"

Jacob nods as he listens to the story, keeping his attention where it was due of course. His eyes, however, draw thin at the mention of the freakshow. His inner pride bursts to life, and try as he might wish to hold it inside, he fails only at looking out of the corner of his eyes at his conversational partner. The kind of probing look that, to those who know him, signify the beginning of his ability kicking in. As his mind goes to work analyzing the system Kailin, the human parts of Jacob keep in conversation, "Places like these are 'otbeds, mate. Or a' leas', Trinny is." He seems to be referring to Trinity by Trinny. "'alf th'reason I go is t'see wot trouble 'ose mutates'll pu' on. Maybe more'n 'alf th'reason." He grins, raising his beer to his lips for the first time during his conversation.

"Well, I'm more than happy to keep my distance. There's nothing about trouble that interests me. That's for people… not like me." Kailin shakes his head with a chuckle. "With all the mutants thinking they can just live in the open, they're gonna start thinking they can use their powers in any way they want too." He slides his hand back into their pocket. "Its stupid and idiotic. Who is to say these mutants are mature enough to use their powers responsibly. Mostly from what I have heard - they are not."

Jacob chooses not to slip into anger now, but he seems to understand something about the system that is the human that is his conversational partner. And with that new understanding, comes a new way of engaging. Jacob tilts his head slightly and offers in a philosophical responsive tone, "They're jus' children, mate. Children 'o sudden'y looked up, an' 'ey can see a big wide worl'. 'ey got 'ands an' feet, an' all 'ey wanna do is explore, mate." He turns towards Kailin and gives a friendly, sympathetic, sort of sad sigh. "We jus' wanna proctect ourselves, when it's them we should be worried abou'. Instead o'babyproofin' th'house. Someone oughta teach 'em 'ow t'be grown up." He seems to be indicating in some way that someone in the room is supposed to do this.

Kailin nods to Jacob and says, "Children is the right word for it. But just because they don't know what they are doing doesn't give them the right to do it. If they can't control their stuff, they should keep it locked up tight." He sighs lightly and says, "I don't have anything against mutants, but I just can't stand when some twit decides he wants to puff up his chest cause his DNA got twisted into knots. Its annoying and sad." He shrugs at that and takes his drink from the waitress with a nod of thanks. "If a mutant steps out of line, they deserve whatever they get. You don't get a free pass just because you're different. That's the kind of thinking that causes all the mess in the first place."

"I completely agree mate," replies Jacob, with all the earnestness of someone who truly believes what they're saying. "'course," he says, speeding up the tone of his voice just a tad bit, "'ey gotta practice somewhere righ'?" He looks over towards Kailin, and before the man might actually have a chance to put two and two together, hopefully, Jacob goes on, "Wha's yer name, mate? On'y fair, I tol' you mine." He pauses for only a moment, and then admits, "Well, I tol' you somefin' t'call me by, anyway."

"Kailin Knight." He gives a nod towards Jacob as he says it, not interested in trying to hide his identity. "So they need somewhere to practice? Isn't that just what the Anti-Mutant Movement is trying to do? Round them all up and give them someplace safe to practice? Safe for themselves and safe for the rest of society?" He makes a motion to the door, indicating the outside world. "The few bad apples ruin it for the bunch, but what's the alternative? Let them wreck cities and kill people in the meantime and give an 'oops'?" He shakes his head slightly. "Its all a big mess and I feel sorry for the people with powers that are affected by it, but mutants do have a choice not to use their powers. Just live like normal people and work hard to get ahead in life. Become a doctor. Buy a private island. Go crazy with your powers there where you don't have to bother other people with them."

Jacob lets the man go on. It seems to amuse him. He sips from the beer and nods appreciatively, filing away the various ideas and arguments, until finally, he replies simply be leaning over and saying, "Wot par' of 'Anti-' sounds safe, mate?" He gives a bit of a skeptical shrug and leans back into his chair, sipping his beer again. "Know wot I fink? I fink…" and he looks over to Kailin now, "Mister Knight." He looks back towards the dancers, "I fink we ain' begun t'see wot th'wors' of it is. I fink ou' 'ere… one of 'ose mates 'o's practicin' on the streets, one day 'e's gonna do somefin' 'at'll change everyfin' about 'ow we approach 'em. I jus' 'ope I'm there t'see it, mate." He looks once more towards Kailin and shrugs, "Jus' enjoy th'ride, mate. Don' worry so much."
Kailin has reconnected.

Kailin shakes his head and says, "Its not really in my nature to sit back and let other people dictate my future based on their stupidity. So unfortunately, I do worry about it. Not much of the ride is enjoyable. That's the problem. Its just crap, crap, and more crap with these mutants." He he sets his drink down on the edge of one of the tables, half-finished. "And like you said, it is only going to get worse. That won't be pleasant. There might be some mutants very unpleasantly surprised when they try to use their new toys and find out they aren't necessisarily on the top of the food chain."

"You mean like the 'leaf blowin' ninja', mate?" offers Jacob in a sort of jest that just begs to lighten the mood. He joins in with a bit of the applaud at the end of the nurse's dance, and additionally when the Angel arrives. He watches her go into her routine as he side towards Kailin, "Look mate. Jus' keep outta th'fray, don' get involved, an' I'm sure no trouble will find ya, mate. You'll be safe you jus' keep 'angin' ou' 'ere." He thinks about this for a bit and then nods, but all the while he seems to be playing at something that's never been said. Perhaps hinted towards. "I'll make sure t'come tell y'all about it, eh?"

"Somehow, I don't think that staying out of it is going to help the situation." Kelavianska rolls his eyes, more at the situation than anything. "But I'll do my own thing and that'll have to be enough. I'm sure you'll do yours. You seem to enjoy it all, which is also not a surprise…" He seems about to say something else, but doesn't. He pauses, watching a dancer for a few more moments and then says, "In any event, I'll let you get back to it. You have a nice night." He takes a step back and turns, heading over to another empty booth and motioning to the waitress to order with a half-empty bottle of champagne still sitting on a table three booths over.

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