A Day At The Park


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Summary: Jacob decides to go back and look for Christian, finding more than he bargained for.

Date: February 20, 2009

A Day at the Park

Rating: PG

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

Jacob sits on the same bench as when he witness the prophecy. It could be for any number of reasons; however, it is only for one reason. Though it may be indicative that he doesn't look at the sky this time, and instead watches the people. He masks this obvious breach of social propriety with sunglasses. Not the most brilliant of disguises, but he's not exactly trying to hide what he looks like. That, too, might be indicative. For now, with little other than the periodic shaking of his foot to the tune of some rhythm stuck in his head, he waits.

Christian can be seen approaching along the path as he had done the previous day, recounting the same trail he had tread upon with a different book in hand. This time the book itself looks to be standard literature though the title can't be seen from the way he holds it. Indeed, in all essence the man doesn't seem to take much notice to anyone around him as he does this, the park seeming to become a ritual for him as of late whether it be to calm the nerves or otherwise. "Interesting. Yes, interesting." He comments to himself idly, thumbing another of the glossed pages only to run his finger down across a mechanical diagram that he was observing. In all actuality, it seemed he may actually be working on something but only he could possibly know what that ws.

The sky darkens upon the fringes of late afternoon as the silver-touched lining of the heavy clouds hold heavy filled with saturation as the very air seems to thicken with moisture and the promise of rainfall. Though for now the park lies in a deeper quiessence as a few parent's watch over their children within the playground. A few ducks mingle within the flock of the rest nearby the pond. A few joggers can be seen making their way down the familiar path that Christian walks as they disappear behind the thickness of trees. The wind is still somewhat frigid as Tay makes her way within the confines of the park. The girl seems to have a somewhat lost look about her…as if she weren't actually there in the here and now, her eyes seeming to hold the expanse of antoher reality…that which could only be seen by her…at least for now. If it was one thing the young teen had to be careful about…it was what she wished for. The girl slowly makes her way on over to the pond as a few ducks and pidgeons part way for her. Her small hand reaches carefully into her right pocket as she takes a seat down on the grass and starts to throw a few bread crumbs that she'd managed to salvage towards the rest of the birds. Yet still that otherworldly look within her dark gaze lingers there out towards the distance as if she were watching someone….or something and waiting.

Richard is loitering in the park, enjoying the afternoon and people-watching, whistling cheerfully under his breath.

Lo and Behold, Jacob is enchanted to see that the very purpose of his coming here has come to fruition. Taylor's observation of the park unbeknownst, he slowly removes his glasses. No reason to stare at strangers. Ordinary, bothersome people with their tasks and jobs. Not when people like Christian come around. Of course, Jacob doesn't know this extraordinary stranger - and so he doesn't immediately approach. He only clears his throat gently, and rather indicatively, when Christian comes by. Should Christian look, Jacob has a mischievous grin on his features.

Christian's attention draws to the woman that had entered the park, his dark eyes following her as if to make sure she didn't walk into the water of the pond without realizing it before nodding slowly to himself when she sits down. The clearing of the young man's throat on the bench though breaks him from the sight, looking back to him with a soft hmmm? from the back of his throat. "Seems the city is smaller than I thought." The words are spoken with the faint neutrality to them that had come with them the last time he'd ran into him, the book lowered slowly and flipped closed in spite of where he had been. No marker to mark his page. "What is it that draws you to this park hm?" He asks slowly afterwards, his attention seeming split for the moment.

Something flickers to the side just beyond the shadows of the treeline where the jogging trail leads up to. The young girl by the pond quickly casts her gaze on over towards that area as a sudden and rather strong expression of fear as well as concern starts to overcome her. Her eyes focus for a brief moment upon the shadows there just beyond the tress. Oddly enough some few others take notice of the kid and where she looks off to, her gaze hard set upon the woods beyond as something shadowy seems to move there within. Tay's eyes dart on over to where Jacob and Christian stand/sit as her brow furrows deeper in thought. Possibly the girl seemed to wish to call in their direction that is until some sudden commotion over by the pond happens. THere's a sudden burst of several dozens of ducks flapping thier wings at once. A flock of them rather oddly burst out into flight as they quack loudly in fear. All that remains of them and where they once were is the small figure of Tay heading on over in Chris's direction…outstretched in her small hands is a dead pidgeon as a soft yet sorrowful look befalls across her young features. As she approaches she shakes her head continually as she states softly under her breath, "I didn't mean to…" HOlding the dead bird on up to Chris…as if he could possibly make it come back to life again. The soft, yet somewhat cute pout of her pink lips edges downwards into a faint frown as the girl looks on up to Chris and Jacob as if asking for either one to fix whatever situation had happend…as if they could.

The disturbance catches Richard's attention, and he turns his gaze toward the pond. His eyes widen a bit in recognition of the slight figure making her way towards the benches. He half-raises his hand, but aborts the wave, sensing her mood through her body language and uncomfortable with intervening.

Jacob looks as if he's about to say something to Christian, something he's rather pleased to say, but suddenly a large flock of birds erupt in fear. He looks towards the birds briefly, not noticing Taylor at first, then looks back to Christian suspiciously. "Does this come wif seekin' you out, mate?" Jacob's attention moves back to the birds, but the sudden appearance of a young lady with a dead bird, claiming not to have meant to … kill it? Jacob supposes. He looks back to Christian now with a sort of disturbed jadedness about the whole situation, "This sort of fing follows you aroun' don' it?" Nevermind that Jacob was also present at both occurrences. He now watches Taylor, to see mainly if a gospel chorus of voices came out of her like it did last.

Christian raises a brow when the birds erupt, a glimmer of something in his eyes visible as if he hadn't quite expected that to happen. When the girl approaches, he holds a hand out to her, his fingers pressing against her shoulder lightly as if to tell her he was there. "Put the bird down Taylor. Everything isn't the way you see it right now." He offers slowly, the words coming about with a surety to them as if he knew more about the situation…again, than a sane man would like to. "Now, it would be interesting if things like that followed me. Interesting indeed. Don't you think so hm??" The last question was meant for Jacob as he turns his attention away from the girl to him with a flicker of rocognition for the other man in the park that hadn't approached.

No, no strange chorus of voices errupt out of Tay's mouth, no seizures or white flashes of the irises…just a few shadows that seemed to dance across one's peripheral vision and dissappear as soon after. A sudden flock of birds errupting from the pond could've really been anything as birds tend to frighten rather easily. The only real odd thing might've been the young teen with that dead bird lying limp in her small hands. Though as Christain touches her shoulder, the youth furrows a brow a bit….her expression focused on Jacob for the moment then once more turning to look on up at Christian as she consoles her. His comment towards her seems to be recognizalbe by the kid as something that she understands…or is willing to simply accept. Things were not as how she perceieved them to be, and she was all the more happy to take that into consideration, especially since she seemed to know that Chris hadn't jut written her off, placated or simply humored her…and she was satisfied with that in and of itself. Carefully she palces the dead bird down as she goes to stand by Chris's side once more, though as her gaze drifts off every now and then she notices a familair face out within the park and gives a light wave to Richard.

Richard returns the wave from his spot leaning against a convenient tree. He watches the little group with shameless curiosity, though doesn't intrude on what seems to be a fairly private conversation.

Something about her dependancy of Christian to discern reality seems to bother Jacob. And in many situations when one gear is off so goes to watch - but it's often the right thing to have done, for the gear to go out. Gears sometimes go out due to heat expansion, but that is ultimately better than grinding the other gears down with its expanding size. Maybe this gear, this girl, has popped out of it's socket for a perfectly natural and very real threat that endangers the rest of the gears. Jacob looks sidelong at the young lady with a curiosity coupled by his innate Intuitive abilities. And as he considers the particular way Christian chooses to console her, jacob in a devil's advocacy standpoint, poses the observation, "That depends on what she's seein' now don'it?"

The words from the other man brings a raised brow from Christian as he turns his head when she goes to wave to the other, "Some people see things that aren't really there. It's a part of them, but I suppose it does depend on what you see hm?" His darker gaze drifts down towards the young woman who he had consoled a moment before, watching her as she waves to the other with the press of his lips. "What is it you saw Taylor?" He asks calmly, his head tilting slowly to the side as if to examine the young woman as he waits before letting his sights drift back to the man on the bench. "It's a part of her. In some semblence of a facet of what you and I are, you may understand that. Yes, I think you would. She is one of us as well."

Taylor frowns deeply as Chris gives out more information then she'd really like for others to know about. Casting her gaze back downwards at the dead bird there by her feet the kid simply shakes her head as her brow furrows and knits together. Her soft voice edges upon the verge of annoyed if not hinting towards a bit spiteful deeper within. The cast of her soft features edge downwards at the corners of her mouth as the soft petals of her full lips turn down into the aspect of her own dissaproval and frown. Answering back on up at Christian she simply responds underneath her own breath and in a quiet whisper, "Nothing…I saw nothing." Simply casting that part of the converstaion to the side quickly, or at least trying to do so. The bright intensity of her own midnight cobalt and violet gaze lingers there for a moment upon Jacob as the passion within her can most likely be seen just lying underneath her own high spirited and rebellious gaze. Every now and then she turns to look away and back downwards at the dead bird at her feet.

Finally getting bored with his people-watching, Richard moves to interact. He ambles over toward the little group, offering a greeting to the familiar face. "Hey, Taylor. Small world."

Jacob deadpans against Taylor's look, past her silent fury, and studies more than looks. The way the light reflects off her eyes, their color. He take it all in as long as she gives it to him. Then as she looks down to the dead bird, Jacob turns to Christian and sighs, "It appears as if she saw nothing." He considers whether she should be here when the meat of his subject matter is discussed - but if he's learned anything about the Universe in the past few days, it's that people are brought together. They don't just show up. That's when Richard just shows up… and Jacob, from the bench, decides to stand up. "Small world indeed," a little too small, he muses further, as he picks his bag up and puts it over his shoulder.

Christian lets his gaze drift back to the woman with a hum when the man says that before letting his shoulder shrug slowly, "After all, all of us are human hm?" A glance is cast towards the man as he slings the pack over his shoulder, one hand brushing across the back of his head slowly within the strands of dirty blonde hair only to let his gaze fall back to her. He takes a step away from the group then, his hand drifting away from her shoulder in pulling his book back out. The man seemed to be agitated, or at least partially as he flips it open again, "You know, I find it interesting that the average person thinks some things wrong. Everyone does have their own things about them only they can understand. Some things, even I cannot. No, not at all." With that, he moves as if to allow the man to leave if he was, the book having been opened again to a robotics model diagram that he'd been working with along his walk in.

Tay might've been crazy, but she wasn't stupid. Upon seeing Jacob's negative reaction to her, the kid looks between the two, Jacob and Christian as she shakes her head for a moment then puts on that facade of a casual smile once more as she states simply enough, "Think I'll just head on off for a walk…or something." A light shrug is given on up towards the two then quickly offers Chris a hug, at least showing some sort of affection towards him, even though he'd managed to give away one of her more deeper secrets…she was forgiving at least, even though it was more felt like a slap in the face, or a dagger in the back. As she starts to walk on off and away, she notices Richard come on up to say hello. Her soft features brigten when he does so as she greets him in kind, once more that pleasant expression befalling her gentle face as she continues to move away from the other two. "Nice to see you again Rick. How's things been going?" Her tone soft as usual and seemign to carry the hint of her own kindness and warth held deeper within as she speaks casually.

"Oh, as well as ever, I guess," Richard replies. "Saw you from my hiding spot and thougth it'd be only polite to say hi." He looks Taylor over with a vaguely concerned gaze, but simply replies, "And how are you doing? Been saving any more yokels from the gangbangers?" He grins mischeviously. "I managed to get my bike back, by the way."

As Taylor and Richard go off in conversation, Jacob ceases gathering his things together, and looks towards Christian with a steadying gaze. "That's the fing," he begins with a hushed tone. His british accent coming out strongly in these lowered phrases, "I could. Un'erstan' it… tha's my fing I jus'… make sense of 'ow fings work.." He looks over to Taylor and Richard, wiping his mouth with his wrist as he says, "I see a bird like her… like th'Oracle bird from yes'erday… an' 'eir brain, s'like it's got more gears in 'em, not less." He looks to Christian again, and takes one step closer, "Innit weird, you say she sees somefin', birds go nuts… we've got this dead bird 'ere…" He shakes his head, "I feel like I'll go mad if I don' get t'th'bottom of it all."

Christian gazes off after her when she walks away before shaking his head slowly to what the man says. The press of his lips together would signify something there as if he didn't quite believe what the man was saying, "No, she isn't like the woman yestarday. I am her guardian and would know this by now." He tilts his head slowly to gaze back at the man with a hint of surety in his dark eyes, "I have, more than enough experience with it, and it isn't of the mutant genome as the birds were my causing. You could say I wanted to see how she would react to it as a test. The results just weren't exactly right." When the young woman has drifted out of earshot with the other man he lets his gaze fall again, his lips pressing together faintly before rolling his shoulder slowly in a shrug as he looks back at him. Oddly enough, were the man to look in his eyes, they hold a mask of calm denying any sign of falsities in his words. "When I wish to, I can affect the hormonal levels in creatures and humans. Birds such as that can be scared rather easily."

Taylor seems to be out of earshot from the other two, though every now and then she looks back behind her shoulder to watch Jacob and Chris…her gaze seeming filled with a hint of concern there deeper within and the fear that perhaps Jacob might've caught a bit more on about her then she'd of liked him to. Turning back to look on up at Richard, a warm smile suddenly crosses across the full petals of her lips as she shakes her head at his comment, "Yeah well, at least I'm not dressed up on tight neon leathers or some godaweful spandex rescuing other's asses from getting monkey stomped where they ought not belong, heh. In any case, I'm doing fairly well actually…" Though once more that look is casted on over her shoulder and towards the other two talk with the dead pidgeon on the floor. Quickly turning her gaze down in front of her as she walks, she repeats once more with a faint nod, "…doing really good." Though from the tone of her voice it might've not appeared as such. Looking back on up to Richard once more she smiles warmly as the brightness of her youth seems to paint that soft, yet charming expression across her face, "I'm glad to hear that you got your bike back. I have to admit that it was really fun riding on it with you. The flames are just awesome."

Richard grins gently. "Well, thank you. If you ever get one of your own, I'll do the paint job myself. No charge." He chuckles. "I wore a spandex superhero costume for Halloween one year. My ex's idea. Took me almost a year to get my Man Card back. Oh, my buddies were merciless." He shakes his head, smiling at the memory. Catching Taylor's glances back at the two men, he lowers his voice. "You sure you're okay, kiddo?"

Jacob gets lost for a moment as he considers the posiibilities of what one might do with an ability of that magnitude - and as his consciousness returns to his eyes he guides them back towards Christian from who they drifted, and he muses aloud, "Tremendous discipline…" He clears his throat and shifts his weight from one leg to the other, "You seem to.." For a man with paranoia developed to the level that it has with Jacob, posing this question to a man who you don't even share first-name knowledge with is unheard of. "…know… much. I have a lot of questions…" He shakes his head now, the things he wants to say not coming out and the things that are coming out are not only irrelevant but the sort of questions a four year old would pose. Not an intuit near thirty years of age.

Christian eyes the other man for a few moments as he comments on his discipline before turning to take a seat on the bench he had been sitting on not even a few moments before. He raises one leg slowly to cross over the other as he lets the book rest in his lap, those eyes of his resting upon his own. "I know much about many things. Many things indeed. Whether it be about what you wish to know though, that can beg to differ." The older man turns his head slowly to gaze about the park, taking it in in its entirety as he realizes it's fairly empty considering the later time of the day now before adding soon after, "Knowledge is a powerful thing. Always has been, always will be. What is it you wish to ask hm?"

Taylor can't help but giggle at Richard's comment about the spandex issue. Looking back on over and up at him she smiles warmly as the edges of her full lips cast upwards in a bright and almost natural glow, "Heh, nice…well at least it wasn't you dressed up like a pirate in spandex. Then your friends would have to worry about you climbing someone's 'plank' and hoisting the 'sails' to 'come' aboard." A light wink is offered on up to him in jest as she goes to skidaddle to the side for a moment to avoid any playful hit or noggie that Rich might give her. At the mention of the paint job she quickly shakes her head, "I wouldn't want to use your talent like that though. You deserve to get money for that kind of stuff." A look back towards the other two causes her own visage as well as tone to seem a bit unsure of the situation, "I'll be alright…I think."

Richard laughs loudly at Taylor's string of puns. "Fortunate that there was no piracy involved," he confirms amiably. "And I'm not playing. Your first vehicle gets painted by me. You let anyone else do it, and I'll take offense, you hear?" He says, winking. At Taylor's less-than-enthusiastic declaration, he raises an eyebrow and follows her gaze. "You sure? Maybe once more, with feeling?"

Tyler moves through the park, his jacket pulled up around him. He has his eyes lowered and a lit cigarette in hand as he scans the area around him. His gaze falls upon those in the park today, giving them a cursory glance.

"Well obviously you know what I'm lookin' t'fin' out about," replies Jacob to the circumversion. Jacob blames himself though, for his inability to ask the right questions. He joins Christian on the bench, and places his bag upon his lap so that he can turn in to face Christian. "Do you… when you do what you do… is it like… a muscle thing?" Jacob's abilities have no external representation or effect, and so unfortunately he's unable to study his own powers to effectively understand where they come from.

Christian gazes out over the park with the slow sweep of his dark eyes, letting them slip across the two that were in conversation over pirates and paint jobs. Of course he couldn't quite hear that though. Soon enough he finds himself looking out towards the water of the pond as if to think about what the man had said. "Muscle? No, not a muscle thing. I see it as more of a perceptional ability though the bit of a 'push' required is needed from training your mind dependant upon the skills you use. What is it you do hm?"

Richard talks with Taylor for a few minutes, chatting lightly. When she has to leave, he watches her go, then turns his attention back to the men who'd held so much of her attention, drifting idly back in their direction.

Jacob listens intently to the answer, letting the man's eyes wonder away all they want. Jacob can't look away, he's intrigued at finally getting to ask about an ability that manifests outside of onesself. In the face of having to answer his own question - he responds simply and straightforwardly, "I don't really do anything… things make sense to me. I… I look at the inside of a watch and it's the same as a coloring book. With the right tools I can take anything apart and reconstruct it." His hand goes up to his head and he touches his scalp softly, adding, "Sometimes I get sensations in my minds like… as if I'm reconfiguring it each time I use my ability. But… It doesn't seem to really be something intentional on my part." He sniffs, and goes back to staring Christian down, "You say a push… like… you put your hands on a door and push, yeah? Do you fink it's like a brain thing, or like… is it your body that effects people? Hormones…" Jacob looks curiously to his God-send. "I never… would've thought of that…"

Christian nods slowly to the man's words as his fingers slip over each other, one leg shifting just a bit as he muses over the words. His gaze drifts back to the man's then, those dark eyes of his hinting on something deeper within them by the intensity of his gaze. "The body will have to do with part of it because the genome is a part of our DNA structure, or at least that is what i've come to believe. The longer you practice it and focus it, the more it evolves. Humans are afraid of us because of that, because we are the evolution. Human instinct." The last is punctuated calmly before raising one hand to brush his fingers across his watch, quite possibly thinking over what the man had said for a long time before adding afterwards. "By push, I mean concentration. When I use my power I concentrate on what it is i'm using it on, and I give it a push with my mind. In doing so, this can expend physical energy."

Tyler continues to move through the park, people watching mostly. He spots Jacob, thinking for a moment as he tries to remember where he recognizes the man from. He changes course and makes his way towards the man.

"My name's Jacob." This is rare, as with all the people he's met in his time so far, he's only given his true name to one other person. But something about knowledge being power… "Physical energy like…" he adds, moving on from the name game, "…do you fink it's like… measurable? 'ave you ever done tests? Setting you up with diodes and the like, a cat scan?" Jacob's intelligence and scientific knowledge slowly comes back to him and he starts posing more important questions. Cue the approaching random encounter: this time the man from the High Dive with Selene. He doesn't say anything but watches the man come nearer and nearer.

"And mine is Christian." The older man replies to him as he shifts forward to stand from the bench slowly. His book is swept aside at that to hold against the crook of his arm as he turns to regard the man on the bench with a hint of musing apprehension, "I've done so before, yes. I have. The scans showed some interesting readings though some of the information regarding it you could pick off of scientific research that's been done considering our kind's recent surge in population." A glance is cast back to the man who approaches, the faint curl of his lips regarding somewhat of a dangerous smile before adding. "I'm afraid I must be going for now. Should you wish to continue this talk…" He produces a business card from his pocket, an unknown logo on its surface and flicks it out to the man, "You may contact me here."

Jacob looks to the card and takes it, looking at the information with wide eyes as if he had one chance to memorize it before he shoves it into his pocket. He stands politely, rather british of him, to see Christian off. "Will do, that." As he begins to leave, Jacob sits back down, his brain slowly recovering it's solid state after such a shocking amount of information was just learned. If Tyler wants his attention, he's going to have to get it verbally, now.

Tyler remains silent for a moment as the man he is walking to speaks to the other man. His eyes turn to Christian for a moment as he gives Jacob his card. After a few moments, he looks back to Jacob and nods. "Hey. How'd the watch thing go?"

Jacob looks up at Tyler, the red sort of moisture therein indicated his being on the verge of tears just now. But if he was, the verge left was surpassed, for he just shakes his head and grins. Stars in his eyes. Wonder in his mind. After he clears his throat and swallows the subsequent emotion, he just offers to Tyler, "Was good. All done. Got th'bonus for workin' fast."

Tyler nods his head as he looks to Jacob. "That's good to hear." He says before he takes a drag from his cigarette. "I don't think I introduced myself when we first met. I'm Tyler." He says before he flicks the ash from his cigarette. "You're good with fixing watches, right?"

Jacob considers Tyler now, his skepticism growing as the magic moment passes. The introduction takes him off balance briefly, and he looks sidelong for a while, "Call me Decker," he begins. It's nothing personal, Jacob just likes to be able to volunteer his name on his own terms. "An' I can fix anythin', mate." He grins now, more of his personality returning to him every moment. Shifting himself to sit upright, he looks once more to Tyler and asks, "Why'sat? You got somefin' needs fixin?"

Tyler nods his head. "Yeah. I have my grandfather's pocket watch that needs fixing. It hasn't worked in ten years and I was wondering if you'd be able to fix it for me."

Jacob nods preliminarily, though he does seem to have questions, "An' you been takin' good care of it th'past ten years, yeah?" This seems important, for he leans forward, elbows on knees, and he asks again, "It's got all the parts? 'as th'inner chamber b'n opened?" He waits for the answer to all these questions, but it's obvious that if Tyler answers yes, then so will Jacob's answer be.

Tyler shrugs his shoulders slightly. "I've kept it in our safe, but I don't know if it's got all the stuff for it. It's been the same way that it was when my grandfather gave it to my father and so on, so I'd assume that it does."

Jacob nods, "Yeah I can fix it. Easy." He leans back against the bench, bringing his trenchcoat closer to his body. He looks off to the distance, where Christian walked off, and adds, "You have it wif ya or do you fancy you'll bring it t'my shop?" He looks to Tyler again, "I work at Peeble's on fifth ave."

Tyler smiles and nods his head. "No. I don't have it with me, but I can bring it by. I don't mean to ask ya like this and all. Just was a sort of the on the spot kinda thing." He says with a slight chuckle.

"Business is slow." is all Jacob says in reply. Times are rough, and if he was too vocal about his ability to fix anything, no doubt he'd end up in one of those white vans, chained up to the inside of a cell where he'd be forced to repair bomb after bomb, likely. To explain foreign technology. He sighs at the idea. "Peeble's repairs, on Fifth." He repeats.
Tyler nods his head. "Peeble's Repairs, on Fifth." He repeats. "Got it." He chuckles and smirks. "Thanks." He says to Jacob. Who knows what would happen if he got caught by one of them white vans. He offers the man a smile. "How much do you think it'd run/"

"I'll be able to tell y'better when I see it…" is all he can answer for now. Jacob keeps his sight on Tyler, for the moment assuming him to be human, and so he (no matter how wrongly) seems to have a sense of pity in regarding the man. As if he were some sort of cow trying to stand on its hind legs and pretend to be people.

Tyler nods his head. "Sounds fair enough. Any particular time I should swing by?" He asks him, dropping the cigarette to the ground and crushes it beneath his foot before he looks back up to the man.

"Nine to five," Jacob replies. "If you'll excuse me I…" unable to think of a lie at the exact moment, he just decides to give Tyler the bottom of the truth. "I got a lot to fink about, man."

Tyler smirks and nods. "No problem. I'll see you around." He says, offering the man a wave before he turns and heads back the way he was heading initially.

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